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Screen Sharing an AhaSlides Presentation with Zoom

Vincent Pham 22 Sep 2020 2 min read

As more companies transfer their structure to remote working, videoconferencing platform Zoom is on the rise to fulfill their needs. Coupled with AhaSlides, the two apps help connecting professionals and encourage them to engage and interact in meetings.

Using AhaSlides with Zoom is simple. Here’s how.

Screen Sharing an AhaSlides Presentation with Zoom

3. Start or join a Zoom meeting.

4. Click Share Screen button in Zoom meeting controls.

5. Select the browser that AhaSlides is open in then click Share.

Note: If you share the wrong screen, you can click New Share in the Zoom controls to change the screen.

6. While sharing your screen, switch AhaSlides to present mode by clicking Present on the top right corner.

7. Participants can use the access code or scan the QR code on a second device to join the presentation.


  • Do a dry run before going live to remove any difficulties you may encounter.
  • Close all other tabs apart from AhaSlides and Zoom to improve loading speed.
  • Have a QR code slide at the beginning so that your participants can easily scan and join the presentation

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