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Video: How to Use AhaSlides’ Q&A Feature – Tutorial

Video: How to Use AhaSlides’ Q&A Feature – Tutorial

Mark Barnes 09 Nov 2020 < 1

The Q&A feature of AhaSlides online presentation software is a great way to keep the question and answer section of your presentation in check. It has a lot of great features. For example, users can connect to your presentation through their mobile phones. They can also ask a question at any time rather than waiting until the end. But that’s not all! They can also upvote the important questions.

For you, the presenter, managing a question and answer session has never been easier. AhaSlides lets you pin important questions and mark questions as answered when you’re done. It also keeps a record of the questions asked so that they can be used to improve your presentation afterwards. Watch the tutorial below to learn more about it, including how to use it.

Want a Q&A segment that breaks the ice at your remote team meeting? You’ll find a great example in one of our top 10 virtual ice breakers!

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Add a Q&A feature to your presentation
  • Collect answer from your audience
  • Collate and sort audience questions
  • Manage your question and answer session to achieve maximum efficiency

At AhaSlides we have loads of ways to spruce up your presentation and get your audience involved and interacting. From Q&A slides to Word Clouds and of course the ability to poll your audience. There are plenty of possibilities awaiting you.

Why not give it a go right now? Open a free AhaSlides account today!

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