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Core Celebration 2024



Sam Schubkegel


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1 -

What snack was NOT served at Union this past year?

2 -

3 -

Arrange these events in correct order (from the start of the night to the end).

4 -

5 -

What's the address for The Warehouse?

6 -

7 -

Which Union logo is on the sweatshirts?

8 -

9 -

What color are the snack cups at Union (the outside)?

10 -

11 -

What's Union's catchphrase?

12 -

13 -

What do we call the marketing materials that go in bathrooms?

14 -

15 -

Which winter events did we do with Union this past year? Select all that apply.

16 -

17 -

How many worship songs do we start with every Tuesday?

18 -

19 -

Match the scripture with its reference. Double the time = double points!

20 -

21 -

Arrange the events in correct order (from the start of the ministry year to the last).

22 -

23 -

What does Clique Coffee call their hot chocolate?

24 -

25 -

What opportunities were available each Tuesday for Union Core? Select all the apply. 

26 -

27 -

What do we call that 5-minute period during the teaching where we talk with the people around us about the teaching content so far?

28 -

29 -

Where is the key kept that unlocks the Union storage closet?

30 -

31 -

How many Tuesdays did Union gather together over the last ministry year (from Kickoff on Sept 12 to Taco Fiasco)? 

32 -

33 -

How many live plants are in the warehouse?

34 -

35 -

What was the theme at Fall Retreat this past year?

36 -

37 -

Select both the youngest and oldest ages of people on Union Core.

38 -

39 -

What word describes the desired intensity of the fires at Union?

40 -

41 -

What sport is to be played on the courts attached to The Hut?

42 -

43 -

How many pizza's are ordered every Tuesday?

44 -

45 -

Does Sam use self tanner?

46 -

Does Brad dye his beard?

47 -

Does Rachel talk like a corporate grandma (she's a hoot and a half)?

48 -

Who ate the most gummy bears this past year?

49 -

Who's most likely to be seen barefoot on a Tuesday night at The Warehouse?

50 -

Who's most likely to bring a football to beach night?

51 -

Who's the best carpool buddy?

52 -

Who's most likely to show up to the Union Core Retreat on the wrong weekend?

53 -

Who's most likely to eat 5+ corn dogs at Food Trucks?

54 -

Who volunteered for prayer team the most?

55 -

Who still doesn't know where the banners are kept?

56 -

Who has the best handwriting for name tags?

57 -

Who soaked up the spotlight on the microphone the most throughout the year?

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