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Extensió per a PowerPoint | Com configurar-se amb AhaSlides el 2024

Extensió per a PowerPoint | Com configurar-se amb AhaSlides el 2024


Jane Ng 15 2024 abril 6 min llegit

Ever felt like your PowerPoint slides could use a little more oomph? Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you! The AhaSlides 2024 extension for PowerPoint is here to make your presentations a whole lot more interactive and fun.

  • 📌 That’s right, AhaSlides is now available as an extension for PowerPoint (PPT extension), featuring dynamic new tools:
    • viu Enquesta: Collect audience opinions in real-time.
    • Word Cloud: Visualize responses for instant insights.
    • Q & A: Open the floor for questions and discussions.
    • Roda giratòria: Add a touch of surprise and fun.
    • Pick Answer: Test knowledge with engaging quizzes.
    • Pick Image: Gauge preferences with visual choices.
    • Tauler: Fuel friendly competition.
    • i més!

Let’s see what we can do:

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Can I Import PowerPoint slides directly into AhaSlides?
Can I Import AhaSlides into PowerPoint?Sí, fes una ullada com utilitzar ara!
How many AhaSlides slides can I add to PowerPoint?Il · limitat
Overview of Extension for Powerpoint – PowerPoint extension

Consells per a una millor implicació

Here are some inspirations and ideas to help you become more professional daily.

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🚀 Als núvols ☁️

Transform Your PowerPoint Presentations with AhaSlides Add-in

Unlock the full potential of your presentations with the new AhaSlides extension for PowerPoint. Seamlessly integrate polls, dynamic word clouds, and more directly within your slides.

Què és l'extensió de powerpoint? AhaSlides Polls ja està disponible com una de les millors extensions per a PowerPoint!

It’s the perfect way to:

  • Capture Audience Feedback: Get real-time insights
  • Spark Lively Discussions: Facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas.
  • Keep Everyone Engaged: Maintain energy levels throughout your presentation.
Tips to Gather Annonymous Feedback with AhaSlides

Key Features Available in AhaSlides for PowerPoint 2016

1/ Enquestes en viu

Gather instant audience insights and drive participation with enquestes en temps real embedded in your slides.

Extension For PowerPoint – AhaSlides Live Polls Feature

2/ Word Cloud

Turn ideas into eye-catching visuals. Transform your audience’s words into a captivating visual display with núvol de paraules. See the most common responses gain prominence, revealing trends and patterns for powerful insights and impactful storytelling.

paraules angleses aleatòries

3/ Q & A

Create a dedicated space for questions and answers, empowering participants to seek clarification and explore ideas. The optional anonymous mode encourages even the most hesitant to engage.

4/ Spinner Wheel

Inject a dose of fun and spontaneity! Use the roda giratòria for random selections, topic generation, or even surprise rewards.

Powerpoint de la roda giratòria

5/ Pick Answer

Challenge your audience with multiple-choice questions embedded directly into your slides. Test knowledge, spark friendly competition, and gather opinions with engaging multiple-choice quizzes woven into your slides.

AhaSlides qüestionari/trivia d'Acció de Gràcies

6/ Pick Image

Elevate visual engagement and gain valuable insights by letting your audience choose their favorite images.

7/ Leaderboard

Câu đố trực tuyến dành cho sinh viên: Đây là cách tạo của bạn miễn phí vào năm 2022

Fuel excitement and boost participation with a live leaderboard that showcases top performers. This is perfect for gamifying your presentations and motivating your audience to participate more actively.

Enhanced Features for PowerPoint 2019 and Above

Design AhaSlides elements right in PowerPoint – no switching apps (For PowerPoint 2019 and Above)

If you use PowerPoint 2019 or newer, you’ll enjoy a fully integrated AhaSlides experience with característiques i plantilles for effortless creation, editing, and presentation of interactive elements. This seamless integration offers:

  • Seamless Creation and Editing: Design and modify AhaSlides elements directly within PowerPoint – no need to juggle applications.
  • Experiència d'usuari millorada: Experience a smoother, more intuitive workflow that lets you focus on your presentation’s content, not technical setup.

How to Make the Most Out of AhaSlides in PowerPoint

1/ Extension For PowerPoint 2016

Seguiu els senzills passos següents i obtindreu una combinació perfecta de presentació:

  • Obriu PowerPoint i feu clic a Insereix pestanya, seguida de Obteniu complements. Després, cerca AhaSlides and clic Add.
  • Login al teu compte d'AhaSlides i crea'l diapositives a la pestanya AhaSlides.
  • After creating a slide, choose to Afegeix a PowerPoint botó, doncs Copiar the link just created.
  • Tornant a la presentació, Enganxar the link, and it will be automatically uploaded.
  • Només queda convidar el vostre públic a votar enviant-los el vostre codi QR únic!
Extension for PowerPoint – Quiz PowerPoint

2/ Extension For PowerPoint 2019 and Above

Similar to the 2016 version, you’ll first need to install the AhaSlides add-in to your PowerPoint ribbon. You must log in to your AhaSlides account or sign up if you haven’t done so already.

Once the add-in is installed, you no longer need to embed each interactive element into your slides. Instead, you can directly create and design interactive polls, word clouds, Q&A sessions, and more, right within your PowerPoint slides. This seamless integration allows for a smoother setup and a more streamlined presentation experience.

3/ Importa les diapositives de PowerPoint directament a AhaSlides

A més d'utilitzar la nova extensió per a PowerPoint, podeu importar diapositives de PowerPoint directament a AhaSlides. La vostra presentació només ha d'estar en un fitxer PDF, PPT o PPTX. Fins a 50 MB i capacitat de 100 diapositives.

Bonus – Tips for Creating an Effective Poll

Designing a great poll goes beyond the mechanics. Here’s how to ensure your polls genuinely capture your audience’s attention:

  1. Keep it Conversational: Use simple, friendly language that makes your questions easy to understand like you’re having a conversation with a friend.
  2. Focus on Facts: Stick to neutral, objective questions. Save complex opinions or personal topics for surveys where more detailed answers are expected.
  3. Offer Clear Choices: Limit options to 4 or less (including an “Other” option). Too many choices can overwhelm participants.
  4. Aim for Objectivity: Avoid leading or biased questions. You want honest insights, not skewed results.
Extensió per a PowerPoint - Consells per crear una enquesta efectiva - support Microsoft


  • Less Engaging: “Which of these features is most important to you?”
  • More Engaging: “What’s the one feature you can’t live without?”

Remember, an engaging poll encourages participation and provides valuable feedback!


AhaSlides is a flexible and intuitive presentation software with no learning time. It allows you to add links, videos, live quizzes, and much more to your presentation with ease. Don’t forget we’re here to make your presentations better, more interactive, and engage a wider audience.