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Easy Halloween Quiz



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Get ready for spook-fest! This 20-question Halloween quiz is a bunch of multiple choice questions about Halloween and its traditions. Fun for everyone!


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1 -

Welcome to the Halloween Quiz!

2 -

Round 1: General Howl-edge

3 -

Halloween was started by which group of people?

4 -

What's this popular American candy called?

5 -

What's the most popular Halloween costume for kids in 2021?

6 -

In 1000 AD, which religion adapted Halloween to fit their own customs?

7 -

What's this zoomed-in Halloween image?

8 -

The scores so far...

9 -

Which of these types of candy is the most popular in the USA during Halloween?

10 -

What's this activity called?

11 -

Which flag represents the country where Halloween started?

12 -

Which famous artist has been carved into this Jack-o-Lantern?

13 -

Select all the Halloween icons you see in this image

14 -

15 -

Round 2: Halloween Movies

16 -

Which of these images is from The Nightmare Before Christmas?

17 -

What's the name of this house?

18 -

Which of these is Wednesday Addams from the 2019 Addams Family movie?

19 -

What is the name of this Halloween movie from 2007?

20 -

In the 1966 classic 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown', which character explains the tale of the Great Pumpkin?

21 -

22 -

Round 3: Celebrity Trick or Treat

23 -

Who's dressed as Beetlejuice?

24 -

Who's dressed as Harley Quinn?

25 -

Who's dressed as The Joker?

26 -

Who's dressed as Pennywise?

27 -

Which couple is dressed as Tim Burton characters?

28 -

Final Leaderboard!

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