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AhaSlides' AI Online Quiz Creator brings sheer joy to any lesson, workshop or social event. Get huge smiles and sky-rocket engagement by using our quiz maker platform, and save heaps of time using our AI quiz generator!

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How to make a live quiz with AhaSlides

Finally, a way to turn tedious lessons into lively learning showdowns!

Said everyone who has used AhaSlides.

AhaSlides Live Quizzes Features

AhaSlides correct order quiz feature

6 Interactive Quizzes

Explore diverse quiz types from Multiple-Choice to Correct Order or Type Answers.

Play as Teams

Let players compete against others as teams. Teamwork makes the dream work.

AI Generated Quiz

Our latest artificial intelligence feature lets you convert any text into multiple-choice quizzes and visually appealing content slides.

AhaSlides leaderboard quiz feature

Streaks and Leaderboards

Engage participants for good with AhaSlides gamified quizzes - winning streaks, leaderboard, timer, countdowns, music, and more🏃

Overview of AhaSlides Online Quiz Creator

How long should a quiz be?10 questions max
Most common quiz type?Multiple Choice Questions
What is the best online quiz maker?Try AhaSlides quiz website for synchronous and asynchronous quizzes
Overview of Online Quiz Creator

What is an Online Quiz Creator?

An online quiz creator, or a live quiz, is any quiz presented by a host and played by players in real-time.

Think of some of your favourite game shows. Jeopardy, The Chase, Who wants to be a Millionaire? – they’re all examples of live quiz shows that share the same super basic format: the host asks the question, and the player answers the question.

But live quizzes aren’t just the domain of big-budget TV shows. Nowadays, you can create online quizzes using interactive platforms like AhaSlides that perk up any audience, bring people together, test knowledge, and make any event memorable.

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How to Create Online Quizzes

It only takes four simple steps to create online quizzes with AhaSlides custom quiz maker and present them whether at meetings or classes👇

How to make a live quiz with AhaSlides
  1. 1
    Sign up for a free AhaSlides account

    A free account on AhaSlides lets you create and host exciting live quizzes for up to seven players.

  2. 2
    Create a quiz

    Choose any quiz type in the 'Quiz and type' section (double check if they let you set points or not!).

  3. 3
    Set up your questions

    Write the questions and answer options, then play around with the settings to fit your style.

  4. 4
    Invite your audience

    Hit 'Present' and let participants enter via your QR code if you're presenting live.
    Put on 'Self-paced' and share the invitation link if you want people to do your test in their own time.

Or Generate Quizzes in Seconds with AhaSlides AI Quiz Generator

Paste any text, prompts or words into AhaSlides' AI quiz generator and let the bot generate multiple-choice quizzes, tests, short answers, content and everything in between for you.

AhaSlides AI quiz generator generates multiple choice quiz question
AhaSlides AI online quiz creator

Alternative Text

Make Your Own Quiz and Host it Live.

Free quizzes whenever and wherever you need them. Spark smiles, elicit engagement!

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Online Quiz Creator Features


Have players work together. Choose from three different team scoring modes.

Spinner Wheel

Pick at random with the spinner wheel! Great for bonus rounds and icebreakers.

Add Audio

Make a quiz with songs or any trivia with audio. Embed the audio clips to play it on the players’ phones.


Give your players a do-at-home quiz to complete in their own time.

Quiz Hints

Sprinkle hints if your quiz questions are hard and let players conquer the leaderboard.

Shuffle Options

Don't want anyone to copy each other? Randomising the quiz might be a good idea.


Let players show their love through fun emoji reactions.

Profanity Filter

Automatically block swear words submitted by players.


Beautify your slides with your own images and GIFs, or ours.

on line quiz creator

AI Test Maker

Make a quiz with ease using AhaSlides AI test maker, free for everyone.


See real-time insights of engagement rate, correct answers and tough questions of your quiz in one place.

Custom Link

Make the quiz yours by choosing a unique custom join code for your players.

Pssst, we’re more than a tool to create online quizzes… 💡 AhaSlides is a live engagement platform for any situation. Along with quiz features, we’ve got a whole bunch of others for polling, rating, brainstorming and more fun stuff to engage your audience.

Reference: Benefits of Using Quizzes

Our Partners Across the Globe

AhaSlides helped me a lot in allowing me to host a virtual pub quiz the way I was planning. I'll be using AhaSlides for 100% of my online games.

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Péter B.
Founder of Quizland

We use AhaSlides to run a bi-weekly quiz, which is a great way to stay in contact. We've never had issues, even with 100+ players.

Alternative Text
Edwin N.
Talent Program Manager

AhaSlides is definitely an easy quiz maker. We use this for our weekly quiz in our pub - it works really well! I love the versatile user options for quizzes and the quick customer service.

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Kevin K.

Free Online Quiz Templates

Save heaps of time and effort by using our free templates. Sign up for free and get access to thousands of quiz templates across general knowledge, pop music, film & TV and more!

3 Ways to Host a Live Quiz

Host a live quiz online with AhaSlides



Host your live AhaSlides quiz over Zoom or any video call platform. Share your screen with the participants and take them through each question as they answer on their phones.



Host your quiz in person. With simple set-up and access through an invitation link or a QR code, your audience can play AhaSlides quizzes with ease!

Host a live quiz offline with AhaSlides
Host a hybrid quiz with AhaSlides



There are no boundaries You can host AhaSlides quizzes for both in-person and remote players, as long as they have a phone and internet connection.

When to Use AhaSlides Live Quiz

No matter the subject, the best live quiz software breaks up monotony with colour and chilled competition.

AhaSlides Quiz for Educators

Lack of student engagement is the real epidemic in every school. While there's no simple solution, educators can amp up engagement a notch with interactive quizzes from AhaSlides.

Transfrom lessons from dry to delightful by diving into daily digestible quizzes.

Give them chill homework with our self-paced test maker, which everyone can access from the comfort of the couch.

With our snapshot report, you can assess students' understanding and know where they fall.

See more: Research on how AhaSlides boosts students' in-class participation rate.

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Online Quiz Creator at Work

AhaSlides Quiz for Work

Are business meetings becoming monotonous? You might just need to create online quizzes to liven up those boring meetings.

With AhaSlides, you can make a free live quiz that you can use as a team-building exercise, group game, or icebreaker.

Start projects the fun way with a kickoff meeting quiz or start your presentation (even if it’s on PowerPoint!) with a bit of trivia to get the ball rolling.

Before the meeting is adjourned, AhaSlides’ live quiz feature can also be used to carry out a poll or collect feedback instantly from your team.

AhaSlides Quiz or Community & Friends

Spending time with friends is fun on its own. Strengthen your bond with a friendship quiz or test your compatibility with a personality test.

You can create online quizzes for free with AhaSlides! Bring out some excitement at any social event, such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, baby showers, and even casual hangouts by becoming the game master.

AhaSlides trivia maker lets you test your friends’ knowledge about films, TV series, pop culture, history, music, general trivia, and more!

Start making your free quizzes now and let the good times roll in your next gathering!

AhaSlides Quiz for Special Days

It doesn’t matter if it’s a live or virtual celebration this year because AhaSlides is the ultimate gift that will spark the joy of this magical season.

Spread the holiday cheer at home or in the workplace by creating your own quizzes using AhaSlides.

Fire up the competitiveness and playfulness of your family, officemates, or friends with a quiz about Christmas movies, music/jingles, or holiday traditions from around the world.

Customise your quiz to include multiple-choice or image-based questions. You can add in some festive graphics and background music to get in on the holiday spirit!

AhaSlides is free to use and is made simple with our themed templates. You can create online quizzes inspired by other seasons in our template library, such as Thanksgiving and Halloween.

💡 Curious about your options? Check out how AhaSlides stacks up against similar quiz software like Kahoot, Mentimeter, Slido, Google Forms and Poll Everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common rules for a quiz?

Most quizzes have a set time limit for completion. This prevents over-thinking and adds suspense. Answers are typically scored as correct, incorrect or partially correct depending on the question type and number of answer choices.

What is the typical quiz format?

The quiz format can be filled with the fill in the blank, multiple-choice, type answers, match pairs and correct orders.

What are the best quiz topics?

Funny Questions, Geography, History, Modern Technology, Movies, Books & TV Shows and Guess The Song Music Quiz.

What is the most common quiz-scoring method?

One point per correct answer: This is the simplest approach, where the total score equals the number of correct responses. It focuses on rewarding knowledge without punishing guesses.