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Pub Quiz Template #1



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40 pub quiz questions, readymade for the ultimate trivia night. Players grab their phones and play along live! The rounds are flags, music, sports and animals.

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1 -

Welcome to Pub Quiz #1!

2 -

Round 1 - Flags 🎌

3 -

Which flag is the official flag of New Zealand?

4 -

Which flag does this crest belong to?

5 -

What's the name of the iconic building on the Cambodian flag?

6 -

This flag features the largest star of any country. Which country is it?

7 -

Whose flag is this?

8 -

The flag of which country is the only one in the world that isn't a rectangle or square?

9 -

Which is the only U.S state with a flag containing the Union Jack?

10 -

What colour is missing in Brunei's flag?

11 -

Which of these countries has the MOST stars on its flag?

12 -

With 12 different colours, this flag is the most colourful in the world. Which country is it?

13 -

Let's see those first round scores!

14 -

15 -

Round 2 - Music 🎵

16 -

Which of these popular boy bands was named after a colour?

17 -

Which of these The Killers albums featured their massive hit, 'Mr. Brightside'?

18 -

Which woman has won 24 musical grammy awards, the most in history?

19 -

Which one of these men is Daniel Beddingfield, brother of Natasha Beddingfield?

20 -

Which of these is Ian McCulloch, lead singer of Echo and the Bunnymen?

21 -

What is the name of this song?

22 -

What is the name of this song?

23 -

What is the name of this song?

24 -

What is the name of this song?

25 -

What is the name of this song?

26 -

Here are the scores after round 2...

27 -

28 -

Round 3 - Sports ⚽

29 -

In pool, what is the number on the black ball?

30 -

Which tennis player won the Monte Carlo Masters for 8 years in a row?

31 -

Who won the 2020 Super Bowl, their first such title in 50 years?

32 -

Which footballer currently holds the record for the highest number of assists in the English Premier League?

33 -

Which of these cities hosted the 2000 Olympic Games?

34 -

Edgbaston is a cricket ground in which English city?

35 -

Which national team has a 100% record in finals of the Rugby World Cup?

36 -

Including the players and referees, how many people are on the ice during an ice hockey match?

37 -

At what age did Chinese golfer Tianlang Guan make his first appearance in The Master's Tournament?

38 -

Which of these is Armand Duplantis, current world record holder in the pole vault?

39 -

Round 3 scores coming up!

40 -

41 -

Round 4 - The Animal Kingdom 🦊

42 -

Which of these is NOT an animal of the Chinese Zodiac?

43 -

What two animals make up the Australian coat of arms?

44 -

When cooked, which animal becomes 'fugu', a delicacy in Japan?

45 -

'Apiculture' relates to the raising of which animals?

46 -

Which one of these wild cats is an ocelot?

47 -

Someone with 'musophobia' suffers from a fear of which animal?

48 -

'Entomology' is the study of what classification of animals?

49 -

Which animal has the longest tongue in relation to its body length?

50 -

Which bird is making this sound?

51 -

What's the name of this flightless parrot that lives in New Zealand?

52 -

Final scores incoming!

53 -

Final Scores

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