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True or False Quiz

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Lightning is seen before it’s heard because light travels faster than sound.

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Mercury’s atmosphere is made up of Carbon Dioxide.

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Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

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The skull is the strongest bone in the human body.

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It’s impossible to sneeze while your eyes are open.

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Tomatoes are fruit.

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Scallops can’t see.

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Bananas are berries.

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A snail can sleep for up to 1 month at a time.

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Your nose produces almost one litre of mucus a day.

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The construction of the Eiffel tower was completed on March 31, 1887.

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Vatican City is a country.

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Melbourne is the capital of Australia.

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Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.

21 -

Cleopatra was of Egyptian descent.

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In Arizona, USA, you can get sentenced for cutting down a cactus.

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In Tuszyn, Poland, Winnie the Pooh is banned from children’s playgrounds.

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Being scared of clouds is called Coulrophobia.

27 -

Google was initially called BackRub.

28 -

A coconut is a nut.

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Time's up!

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