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Save Big with our New Educational Plans!

Save Big with our New Educational Plans!


Lawrence Haywood 08 Dec 2022 2 min read

Teachers, we hope you’ve had an amazing summer! ☀️

AhaSlides has been getting ready to welcome you back to the classroom.

We’ve been reviewing and refitting our educational plans to help teachers get the most out of the platform, all for a price that’s just as affordable for private tutors as it is for school administrators.

New Annual Billing

As of July 2021, all edu plans on AhaSlides will be billed annually rather than monthly.

This is to better align with the fact that the vast majority of teachers work in annual rounds of 2 semesters or 3 terms, rather than on a month-by-month basis.

Price Change

Good news on the price front!

The cost of one annual edu plan is now 33% of the cost of 12 monthly edu plans. That means that a full year of AhaSlides now costs the same as a single term in a 3-term school year on the old plan.

Check out table below for a comparison (updated December 2022):

Old Plan (per Month)New Plan (per Month)Old Plan (per Year)New Plan (per Year)
Edu Small$1.95$2.95$23.40$35.40
Edu Medium$3.45$5.45$41.40$65.40
Edu Large$7.65Same$91.80Same

💡 You can check out the full pricing system for all edu plans on our pricing page. Remember to click the ‘Edu’ tab on the right-hand side.

Comparisons with Alternative Software

We think the new Edu plan pricing stacks up pretty well. We’ve now got one of the most affordable educational plans for teachers across class engagement software.

Check out how our new price compares with the annual plans of other popular class engagement software, Kahoot!, Slido and Mentimeter.

Smallest plan$36$72$120$35.40
Medium plan$72$120$300$65.40
Largest plan$108$720Custom$91.80

💡 Looking for a plan for multiple teachers at your school? Speak to our enterprise team for special deals!

Cool! Are there any new features?

Yep. We’ve added a bunch of teacher-friendly, student-friendly features to make your classroom (and homework) as engaging as possible. All of these features are available across all plans.

  1. Audience-Paced Quiz – Make homework fun by assigning your class a quiz! Students can now complete a quiz in their own time, without the need for a presenter or other participants. They can see how they fare on the class leaderboard at the end, or not, if you’d rather keep that for teacher’s eyes only.
  2. Profanity Filter – Share your screen without fear. The profanity filter is an automatic function that blocks incoming swear words from your participants on any slide that requires typed responses.
  3. Brainstorming – Give students the freedom of thought. Our newest slide type lets you ask a question to which students submit their responses. Afterwards, they see all the responses and vote for the ones they like best, with the winner being revealed at the end.

and coming soon…

  1. Reports – Measure the progress. You’ll soon be able to see an in-browser report of your students’ interactions and correct answers to your slides, along with any questions they found difficult.
  2. Match Pairs – A new quiz slide type that gives students a bunch of prompts and a bunch of answers. Students match items in the two sets to earn points.
Alternative Text

All teachers deserve engagement.

Head to the pricing page and read more about what you get with each Edu plan on AhaSlides.

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Edu Plan FAQ

If you've still got questions, you may find the answer here. If not, click the blue chat bubble in the bottom corner of your screen to chat with our team!

It is only possible to pay for the new Edu plans on an annual basis. While the price for the Edu Small plan may be listed as $1.95 per month, the cost is charged at its annual rate, $23.40, at the time you take out the plan.
AhaSlides' Edu plans have special rates for teachers, students, and nonprofit organisations. If you are not from one of these groups, then unfortunately you will not be able to sign up to an Edu plan.
While the majority of AhaSlides' features are available on the free plan, this plan is limited to a maximum of 7 live participants. If you have more students in your class, you may want to opt for a paid Edu plan, each of which offers a different limit depending on the size of the plan.

Please check out the pricing page for more information.