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Build a network with your team and work together towards total engagement with AhaSlides Business presentations. Create, share and host professional and eye-catching corporate presentations with full access to Pro features at a discounted rate, all in the name of better engagement and bigger growth.

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How AhaSlides for Business works for YOU

Team management on AhaSlides

Team Management

As team admin you invite, upgrade, remove or change the roles of team members on AhaSlides. Team members can easily share content and collaborate on company presentations. Learn more about company presentations here.

Flexible licences on AhaSlides

Flexible Licences

Grant access to the people you want. From small teams to full-site licences; the cost per licence goes down as your team scales up, increasing cost efficiency for your business.

All-access on AhaSlides


Every feature on AhaSlides is yours and your team’s. Unlock all customisation options, branding and the largest audience sizes to create outstanding corporate presentations.

Relationship manager on AhaSlides

Relationship Manager

You’ll have a dedicated relationship manager to take you right through onboarding. Get set up simply and sharply.

Prioritised support on AhaSlides

Prioritised Support

You’re always the top ticket for our award-winning CS team. Get all your questions answered rapidly and efficiently through live chat and email, no being left on hold or phone queues to sit through.

Simple payment on AhaSlides

Simple Payment

Streamlined process to allow for quick payment for group billing. Need an invoice or vendor document for your company’s internal process? We’ve got you covered!

White label on AhaSlides

White Label

Get a special account without AhaSlides’ Business branding. Engage audiences with 100% of your own branding on business presentations. Or include no branding at all, the choice is yours!

Additional security on AhaSlides

Additional Security

All data, no matter the size, is kept safe in our system at all times. Secure what matters in your business through customised control and Single Sign-on (SSO) for your whole organisation.

GDPR and data protection on AhaSlides

GDPR and Data Protection

Ensure the privacy of your users’ data with a partner committed to GDPR, as well as all other relevant laws and regulations. Read our Security Policy and Privacy Policy.

What we Offer – Our Business Applications

Team Meetings

Create exciting virtual team meetings with AhaSlides. Engage your team with a live survey for instant feedback on how things are going with your business, any concerns the team may have, and any new ideas that colleagues think of. This not only creates opportunities for new ideas, but makes your team feel listened to and cared for.

Team Building Sessions

Even virtually, you can create meaningful team building activities to get your team participating and working better with each other. 

An online quiz can be a great way to have everyone involved, or use our spinner wheel feature for an ice breaker game such as Never Have I Ever. These team building exercises can be used as a social activity or during work hours as a break to get the team re-energised.

Project Kickoff

Get your team prepared with a well organised kickoff meeting for your next project. Introduce everyone to the project and get them settled with popular ice-breakers. Use live polls and Q&As to efficiently compile everyone’s ideas and opinions, leading to an effective goal creation strategy. Then, assign all your tasks and get started.

You can also use AhaSlides business to check in periodically to see how everyone is getting on, and if you’re all still on the same page.

Sales Proposal/Pitch Deck

Create unique and bespoke sales proposals with eye catching business presentations. Include your branding and edit to suit your audience. Make sure your pitch gets noticed with memorable features such as polling, Q&A and brainstorming, then complete the captivation with highly visual slides.

Brainstorming Ideas

Use good old fashioned brainstorming, with a modern twist, to get ideas flowing. Start with an icebreaker or game to get your team energised and their brains active. The closer the team feels to each other the more likely they are to share their own ideas.

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