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AhaSlides’ Idea Board let ideas collide, merge and take shape. Our fluid, frictionless brainstorming platform sparks collaboration like nobody’s business.

AhaSlides idea board

Real-time collaboration

Doesn’t matter where your team are, our easy-to-use tool will let ideas flow and minds connect.

Anonymous voting

Let participants submit ideas anonymously or with their names/emails/avatars, everything’s possible!

Idea tracking

Like an idea? Our upvoting feature will make prioritising and decision-making a breeze~

How AhaSlides’ Idea Board Work

In just 3 easy steps, participants can throw open the floodgates of ideas, discuss, and vote on the best ones.
Networked minds discover what one alone may never find.

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  1. 1

    Present the question, then ask everyone to submit their thoughts on the Idea Board.

  2. 2
    Use different brainstorm techniques

    There are several techniques you could use to make your idea generation process more effective, including tips to brain write, use of SWOT analysis examples, 6 thinking hats, nominal group technique. and affinity diagram

  3. 3

    Let everyone browse through the ideas and upvote the best/craziest/weirdest ones💡

  4. 4
    See results

    Participants’ ideas are ranked based on their popularity. Choose what to prioritise.

Uses for Idea Board

See how our brainstorming software can unleash untapped inspiration across every situation👇

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In the Classroom

Guide adventures in thinking beyond what textbooks allow. Encourage students’ participation during lesson planning, essay brainstorming, project brainstorming, or coming up with discussion questions.

Remote/Hybrid Meetings

Jot down sparks, and weave ideas live among global teams, whether sitting in the office or cosying up at a coffee shop. Learn to set up virtual brainstorm today!

Training sessions

Engage trainees and push progress two steps further through breakout brainstorming and discussion activities.

Community engagement

Crowdsource ideas from participants through open brainstorming on themes/issues. Solutions can be built upon the shoulders of others’ sparks.

Product development

Build bonds while breaking new ground via shared visioning. Everyone has a voice in the process.

Family/social planning

Dream up vacation ideas, birthday celebrations, or housing renovations with your members. The more the merrier.

Try Our Brainstorming Templates!

Combine AhaSlides’ idea board with other powerful tools like live word clouds and random team generators. This dynamic approach will spark creativity, capture ideas visually, and help form diverse teams for even richer discussions.

Whether it’s an idea board for a retrospective, or a group brainstorming session to help students spark their ideas, we’ve got some cool templates for you to try. Click below to check them out or access our Template Library👈

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