Best Live Word Cloud Generator in 2023

What is Word Cloud?

WordClouds is a simple way to gather community opinions simultaneously, online and offline! This is the easiest way to support professionals, educators and organisers to host their events effectively.

WordCloud is the best way to break the ice, organise games, gather feedback and enjoy real-time interaction with your crowds!

Frequently Asked Questions: What people normally ask about Word Cloud?

WordClouds can also be referred to as tag clouds, word collage makers or word bubble generators, displayed as a visual web of short responses just from 1-2 words to a question.

The more popular a particular answer is, the bigger it appears in the word clouds generator.

Word cloud rating the features students want in their teachers
WordCloud is a great way to gauge your audience’s expectations.

Check out AhaSlides Online Word Cloud

Check out how AhaSlides brings the community together with a free AhaSlides Online WordCloud in four simple steps:

  1. Input your ideas
  2. Click ‘Generate’ to see your thoughts on a Cloud
  3. Click ‘Reset’ then ‘OK’ to reset your Cloud
  4. Download your Cloud as an image (JPG)
  5. Or Save your Cloud to a free AhaSlides account to use later!

Or, you can learn how to create a WordCloud in a free AhaSlides online account!

AhaSlides Word Cloud – The Overview

No. entries added to word cloudUnlimited
Can free users use word cloud?Yes
Can save Word Cloud in free mode?Yes
Share Word Cloud with friends?Yes, up to 7 people can edit the cloud
Can I hide inappropriate entries?Yes
Ready-to-use templates?Yes, they’re free for all users. Check out Free Templates
Is anonymous submission available?Yes, the anonymous mode is available on AhaSlides
Use Word Cloud with others features?Yes, you can use Word Cloud with Spinner Wheel, Polls, and Quiz in single slides
Create an AhaSlides account

How to Use AhaSlides Word Cloud

Here’s how you can create a wordcloud free (or a word collage) and set up your live interactive best free word cloud generator for 100% free.

1. Create an AhaSlides account

Create a presentation with your first interactive wordcloud! Click here to sign up for an AhaSlides account!

2. Create a wordcloud

Click ‘new presentation’ and select ‘Word Cloud’.

3. Set up your live wordcloud

Write your word cloud question. Customise with any of the 6 settings on the slide.

4. Style your live wordcloud

In the ‘background’ tab, change the text colour and overlay.

5. Invite participants to join

Share your presentation’s unique QR or join code with your audience. They use their phones to join your live word cloud.

6. Watch the responses roll in!

Participants send their entries into your live wordcloud, which are updated in real-time on the screen.

When to Use Live Word Cloud Generator?

make up a word generator

For Training & Educating

Teachers don’t need entire LMS systems when a live word cloud generator can help facilitate fun, interactive classes and online learning. WordCloud is the best tool to improve students’ vocabulary during class activities!

WordClouds is the simplest way to get feedback from trainers and coaches and to gather points of view from large crowds in a couple of minutes. WordCloud comes in handy when presenters don’t have time for private conversations but still need opinions to improve their next event presentation.

at work word cloud

At Work

WordClouds is the simplest way to get feedback from trainers and coaches and to gather points of view from large crowds in a couple of minutes. Word Cloud comes in handy when presenters don’t have time for private conversations but still need opinions to improve their next event presentation.

This is helpful to connect remote staff. to ask people about their thoughts on work plans, to break the ice, to describe an issue, to propose their holiday plans or simply what they should have for lunch!

community using live word cloud generator

For Events and Gatherings

Live word cloud generator – a simple event formatted tool, is widely used among communities to host quizzes and games during special occasions or public holidays and on weekends, hangouts and small gatherings.

Alternative Text

Start in seconds.

Learn how to set up a proper online word cloud, ready to share with your crowd!

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Our Partner Across the Globe

I love that students can answer anonymously on AhaSlides, so we do silly poll questions and serious questions. It was great for Zoom learning and also in person!

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Rachel R.
Dean of Social Studies

AhaSlides WordClouds has helped me a lot in my presentations and with my team. The biggest thing is that I've been happy with the interaction between me and my audience

Alternative Text
Elmer S.
Process Manager

I liked that AhaSlides was easy to use and the options for questions were great. I was able to use it for a virtual retreat and it worked wonders. I loved that I was able to edit my background.

Alternative Text
Karol C.
Admin Assistant

Benefits of Using Word Cloud

word map generator - word cloud
word cloud

For centuries, shapes and colours have been the easiest way to trigger creative potential and activate thoughts, problem-solving ideas, and many other skills.  

  • To avoid people looking at their phones for no reason. Instead, they have something fun to do during event break time. 
  • To collaborate and work for cross teams
  • To brainstorm, generate and exchange ideas
  • Q&A sessions, online surveys in informative sessions on specific topics for work and education
  • A simple event-formatted tool required no time to set up and easy access to everyone!
  • AhaSlides Word Cloud is now integrated with Zoom and PowerPoint, as the presenter can install AhaSlides Word Cloud within minutes before events!

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Live Word Cloud Examples

Here, we asked 23 participants in a virtual meeting the question ‘Which city are you tuning in from?‘ 

Of all 23 responses, the most popular response is ‘Birmingham’, so it is the biggest word and sits in the centre of the cloud.

The next most popular responses are smaller. ‘Aberdeen’, ‘Leeds’, ‘Edinburgh’, ‘Liverpool’ and ‘London’ appear at the same size because all five responses were submitted the same number of times.

Check out 101 more word cloud examples!

a live word cloud asking participants which city they are tuning in from

Difference between AhaSlides Word Cloud with Others

When it comes to looking for tools that help us in our tasks, there is no shortage of them online. The same is valid for generating word clouds. A myriad of tools available will make it easier for you to create the wordcloud that suits your preferences.

The Key of AhaSlides Word Cloud is that you can use many other essential features with WordClouds to improve your presentation session, naming as Spinner wheel, Live polls, Q&A sessions or simple multiple-choice quizzes!

Then, you can import your informative PowerPoint slides to complete a whole interactive, fun and engaging presentation, rather than presenting the old boring slides when you fear that people will fall asleep while you’re still talking! 

All those beautiful ideas will be saved to a free online account; you can discover the full features of AhaSlides, where your slides can be shared with up to 7 people freely!

Below we’ve compared five of the most popular live word cloud generators and word collage makers around. These tools are also known as word bubble generators and word collage makers.

See our comparison of all the best collaborative word cloud tools!

AhaSlidesMentimeterSlidoPoll EverywhereKahoot!
Limit per EventNone25NoneNone (with paid account)
SettingsMultiple submissions,
Profanity filter,
Hide submissions,
Stop submissions,
Time limit.
Multiple submissions,
Stop submissions,
Hide submissions.
Multiple submissions, Profanity filter, Character limit.Multiple submissions,
Change answer.
Time limit.
Customisable Background?Paid onlyImage and font only for free.
Customisable Join Code?

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8 Key Features of AhaSlides Word Cloud

1. Easy Use – Works on PowerPoint Slides

Integrated with other essential tools in one online free account!

2. Set a time limit

To make it more interesting, you can choose a time limit and participants have to submit their words within that period of time.

3. Hide results

To avoid copying or bias, you can hide results while participants are still submitting their answers. The word cloud won’t appear until everyone has sent their entries.

4. Lock submissions

Some presenters want to have a few minutes to introduce the question, context or purpose of the word cloud before participants send their answers. In that case, try lock submissions. Once you’re done introducing the question, you can open the submissions.

5. Allow participants to submit more than once

Once the answers are submitted, participants can’t change or add anything, but they can send more words if you’ve turned on this setting.

6. Profanity filter

It’s hard to keep track of all answers and remove all unwanted words before they’re shown on the big screen. The profanity filter can help automatically hide inappropriate words on the cloud.

7. Change Background

AhaSlides provide you with six different themes that are ready for use. Otherwise, you can change the background colour, add your own image and can even adjust background visibility to meet your expectation.

Check out: Word Cloud with Images

8. Add audio

Jazz up your wordcloud with some music! Add a catchy tune to your wordclouds that plays from your laptop and your participants’ phones while submissions are flying in!

Tell your Story with AhaSlides Ideas & Topics

Need help figuring out what to ask your crowd? Let AhaSlides help you! Besides providing an essential tool, AhaSlides understand that sometimes, even a professional might need help to get his crowd engaged better.

picture of AhaSlides icebreaker word cloud

How's everyone feeling today?

At work, you might feel the random team generator works to divide people into teams for activities or idea generation process on specific business topics!

What would you like to discuss today?

For Education, teachers may way to help students generate thesaurus on important related-topic words and random English words for random noun generator or adjective generators!

picture of AhaSlides icebreaker word cloud
picture of AhaSlides word cloud for classes

A word that ends in...

This is also the best way to learn English slang words to help newbies to blend in with large groups and new communities.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, there is no limit, you can submit as many words as you want.
No, you can only download it as a PNG image or save it as a slide on AhaSlides. If you want to create a PDF, please take screenshots and merge them into 1 PDF file.
When you put in a paragraph without separating the words in it, the word cloud only recognises the first few words in each sentence and generates a word cloud containing them. If you want to find the popularity of words in long texts, the only way is to separate the words with a comma, semicolon or new line.
The limit depends on your plans, AhaSlides allow up to 10,000 participants to join a live presentation. For the free plan, the maximum number is 7. You can find out more about our pricing.
Actually, on AhaSlides, there are 2 ways that you can control the kinds of responses you get from your audience. With the profanity filter  you can block English-language swear words from being inputted by your audience (the filter will replace the blocked words with asterisks). If there are audience responses that you do not want to show, you can manually delete them after they're submitted. Simply hover over the word that you want to delete and click it.
You can read more about the profanity filter here.
You can! If you check the table above, you can see that AhaSlides is the only live word cloud generator that lets you customise the styling of your background. Even on the free plan, you can change the font, text colour, background colour, background image and background visibility. You subscribe to a paid plan, you can even add audio to your cloud that plays while your audience is responding.
Absolutely! On AhaSlides you'll find an option named 'limit time to answer' in the settings of your live word cloud slide. Just check the box and write down the time limit you want to set (between 5 seconds and 20 minutes).
Once you're done with a word collage on AhaSlides, you can re-use the same slide at a later event without the old audience responses. To do this, simply click the 'results' tab in the top toolbar and click the button labelled 'clear data'. This will erase all audience responses, but leave all of your content untouched. You can read more about erasing audience responses
They certainly can. Audience-paced word clouds can be a super insightful tool for surveys, and you can set one up easily on AhaSlides. Simply click the 'settings' tab, then 'who takes the lead' and select 'audience'. This way, your audience can join your presentation and progress at their own pace, without you needing to be there.
On AhaSlides' free plan, a maximum of 7 live participants can enter words into your word cloud. Bear in mind that if you run an 'audience-paced' word cloud, you can have more than this, as this limit only applies to live participants. If you need to host a tag cloud for more than 7 live participants, please check out AhaSlides pricing plans.
Unfortunately, no. While you can install a PowerPoint plug-in to create word clouds from the text in your presentation, there's no option to create a live word cloud and invite your audience to submit the responses themselves. However, we have a full guide on how to make a PowerPoint word cloud for free, using AhaSlides.

Word Cloud

Hold an Interactive Word Cloud with your Audience.

Make your word cloud interactive with real-time responses from your audience! All they need is a phone to make any hangout, meeting or lesson more engaging!

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