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AhaSlides Live Word Cloud Generator adds sparks to your presentations, feedback and brainstorming sessions, live workshops and virtual events.

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Interactive word cloud generator | Best for brainstorming, surveys and feedback!

What is a Word Cloud?

AhaSlides live word cloud generator (or word cluster creator) is a visually striking way to gather community opinions simultaneously, online and offline! This is the easiest way to support professionals, educators and organisers to host their events effectively.

No. entries added to AhaSlides Word CloudUnlimited
Can free users use our word cloud?Yes
Can I hide inappropriate entries?Yes
Is anonymous word cloud available?Yes
How many words can I submit to the word cloud creator?Unlimited
Overview of AhaSlides live word cloud

Try The Word Cluster Creator Right Here

Simply enter your ideas, then click 'Generate' to see the word cluster creator in action (the real-time word cloud) 🚀. You can download the image (JPG), or save your cloud to a free AhaSlides account to use later!

Create a Free Word Cloud with AhaSlides🚀

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  1. 1
    Create a free AhaSlides Account

    Sign up here 👉 AhaSlides and get instant access to polls, quizzes, word cloud and many more.

  2. 2
    Make a word cloud

    Create a new presentation and select the 'Word Cloud' slide.

  3. 3
    Set up your live word cloud

    Write your word cloud question and image (optional). Play with the customisation a bit to make it pop.

  4. 4
    Invite participants to join

    Share your presentation's unique QR or join code with your audience. They can use their phones to join your live word cloud. They can type in text, phrases, words...

  5. 5
    Watch the responses roll in!

    As participants submit their ideas, your word cloud will start to take shape as a beautiful cluster of texts.

Why Use Live Word Cloud Generator?

Want to liven up your next event or meeting with a creative icebreaker? Word Clouds are the perfect tool to get lively discussion flowing.

Word clouds can also be called tag clouds, word collage makers or word bubble generators. These are displayed as 1-2 word responses that instantly appear in a colourful visual collage, with more popular answers displayed in larger sizes.

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AhaSlides Word Cloud Uses | The Alternative to Google Word Cloud

For Training & Education

Teachers won’t need an entire LMS system when a live word cloud generator can help facilitate fun, interactive classes and online learning. Word cloud is the best tool to improve students’ vocabulary during class activities!

AhaSlides word cloud is also the simplest way to get feedback from trainers and coaches and to gather points of view from large crowds in a couple of minutes. This free online word cloud generator comes in handy when presenters don’t have time for private conversations but still need opinions to improve their next event presentation.

Check out: Word cloud examples or how to set up Zoom word cloud

Tooltips for Educators: Random noun generator, adjective generator, how to generate thesaurus and random English words

Live Word Cloud Generator

At Work

Word cloud is the simplest way to get feedback from colleagues at work in a matter of minutes. Our real-time AhaSlides word cloud is a handy Google word cloud alternative for when a meeting is on a tight schedule and you need to brainstorm and collect ideas from each attendee. You can check their contributions on the spot or save them for later. 

This helps connect with remote staff, ask people about their thoughts on work plans, break the ice, describe an issue, propose their holiday plans or simply ask what they should have for lunch!

Gatherings - Live Word Cloud Generator

For Events and Gatherings

Live word cloud generator – a simple event formatted tool, is widely used among communities to host quizzes and games during special occasions or public holidays and on weekends, hangouts and small gatherings. Transform your typical or boring event into an interactive and exciting one!

AhaSlides Word Cloud Comparison

See our comparison of all the best free word cloud generators!

AhaSlidesMentimeterSlido WordCloudPoll EverywhereKahoot!MonkeyLearn
Limit per EventNone25NoneNone (with paid account)Cannot host event
SettingsMultiple submissions,
Profanity filter,
Hide submissions,
Stop submissions,
Time limit.
Multiple submissions,
Stop submissions,
Hide submissions.
Multiple submissions, Profanity filter, Character limit.Multiple submissions,
Change answer.
Time limit.One-time submission, self-pace
Customisable Background?Paid onlyImage and font only for free.Colour Only
Customisable Join Code?
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Word Cloud Key Features

Alternative Text
Easy to Use

All your participants need to do is submit their ideas on their devices, and watch the Word Cloud form!

Limit Time

Timebox your participants' submissions within a certain time with the Time Limit feature.

Hide Results

Add elements of surprise by hiding the word cloud entries until everyone has answered.

Filter Profanity

With this feature, all inappropriate words won't appear on the word cloud, letting you present with ease.

Clean Visual

AhaSlides Word Cloud is presented with style! You can also customise the background colour, add your own image and even adjust background visibility to meet your expectations.

Add Audio

Jazz up your word cloud with some music! Add a catchy tune to your word clouds that play from your laptop and your participants’ phones while submissions are - excuse the pun - floating in!

Word Cloud

Hold an Interactive Word Cloud with your Audience.

Make your word cloud interactive with real-time responses from your audience! All they need is a phone to make any hangout, meeting or lesson more engaging!

🚀 To the clouds ☁️

Try Free Word Cloud Templates!

Need a guide to generate word cloud online? Easy-to-use word cluster templates are ready for you. Click below to add them to your presentation or access our Template Library👈

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save the word cloud as a PDF file?

On this page, you can save it as a PNG image. To save the word cloud as a PDF, please add it to AhaSlides, then on the 'Results' tab, choose the PDF option.

Can I add a time limit for audience responses?

Absolutely! On AhaSlides, you'll find an option named 'limit time to answer' in the settings of your live word cloud slide. Just check the box and write down the time limit you want to set (between 5 seconds and 20 minutes).

Can people submit responses when I'm not there?

They certainly can. Audience-paced word clouds can be a super insightful tool as a word cloud surveys, and you can set one up easily on AhaSlides. Click the 'Settings' tab, then 'Who takes the lead' and select 'Self-paced'. Your audience can join your presentation and progress at their own pace.

Can I build a word cloud in PowerPoint?

Yes, we do. Check out how to set it up in this article: PowerPoint extension or PowerPoint word cloud. At the moment, making a word cloud in Google Slides isn't yet available!

How many people can submit their answers to my word cloud?

The limit depends on your plans, AhaSlides allows up to 10,000 participants to join a live presentation. For the free plan, you can have up to 7 people. Find a suitable plan in our AhaSlides pricing.