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Bronchiolitis Inbal Koren



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In Bronchiolitis, children do not respond to Salbutamol because:

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A 2 m old baby - BF is going ok. sats are 93% RA . RR is 62, moserate subcostal recession. What is the indication to admit?

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What is right about Rhinovirus and Bronchiolitis?

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What is the age definition for Bronchiolitis?

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Bronchiolitis in neonates: What is not a reason for admission?

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To whom wouldn't you do Chest X ray as part of the evaluation of Bronchiolitis?

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A 10 m old , Bronchiolitis, on HFNC. Which of the following is false?

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What is not considered high risk for Bronchiolitis?

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How can't we help a baby with Bronchiolitis?

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According to recent Australian RCT : Early HFNC is superior to rescueHFNC in preventing ICU admissions.

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Which of the below wasn't part of the conventional treatment for Bronchiolitis?

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NG hydration is superior to IV hydration for admitted patients with Bronchiolitis

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What shouldn't parent expect as a profile of Bronchiolitis after discharge?

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For > 12 m with atopic history , trial of Salbutamol is reasonable

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How to differentiate Bacterial pneuminia from Bronchiolitis? What is incorrect?

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When is it importent to do the Respiratory panel swab?

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According to recent Canadian study: Desaturation during sleep post discharge correlates with increase in representation to hospital

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What is not an indication for high flow?

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According to the PREDICT guidelines: what is incorrect about Oxygen in Bronchiolitis?

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"Snot study" is the upcoming research of nasal suctioning in Bronchiolitis

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NICE criteria for discharge- which sentence is incorrect?

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Intermittent sats monitoring is an option when no need for oxygen for 2 hours

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What is not a contraindication to HFNC?

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What is incorrect about HFNC treatment?

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