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Spring Trivia



Linh Tran

Spring Trivia

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What does the term “vernal” mean?

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What bird is often associated with Spring in North America?

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What is the name of the condition that is marked by an excessive fondness for flowers?

5 -

The Japanese welcome spring by organizing significant viewings of what flower?

6 -

Spring allergies are intensified because of what?

7 -

In Roman mythology, she is known as the goddess of spring? 

8 -

On the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, the sun rises directly over what part of the globe?

9 -

In the UK, what do you call the vegetable that is known as scallions in the USA? 

10 -

Was Spring always referred to as spring? 

11 -

What is another term for the spring equinox?

12 -

Which season follows spring?

13 -

Which ancient building was constructed facing the direction where the sun rises on the first day of spring? 

14 -

The season of spring ends on what day? 

15 -

What does the word “equinox” mean? 

16 -

What happens to the day and night during the vernal equinox?

17 -

During spring, why is the day longer than the night?

18 -

What is the official name for the first day of spring?

19 -

When the Northern Hemisphere experiences spring, what season does the Southern Hemisphere experience? 

20 -

Is this true or false? Tornadoes are more prevalent in the spring. 

21 -

In the Southern Hemisphere, which month marks the start of spring?

22 -

Is spring the year’s first, second, third, or fourth season? 

23 -

When does Spring officially begin? 

24 -

According to legend, if a groundhog does not see his shadow when he emerges from his hole on Groundhog Day, Spring will arrive (late or early)? 

25 -

In China, the start of spring corresponds with what Chinese annual celebration? 

26 -

What are the four seasons? 

27 -

28 -

How many months are in the spring season?

29 -

What is the first month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere?

30 -

3: What even do people do in the English city of Gloucester during spring?

31 -

What is considered to be the first flower of spring?

32 -

 When does spring begin in the southern hemisphere?

33 -

In Greek mythology, who is Persephone?

34 -

Which spring flower is also a symbol of the country of Wales?

35 -

Hay Fever is an allergy to what springtime occurrence?

36 -

What vegetable can also be called a spring onion?

37 -

38 -

Lambs can walk within an hour of being born?

39 -

How many bees are in a typical colony?

40 -

Ducklings start to emerge in spring, but how long are the eggs incubated for before they hatch?

41 -

Baby badgers will leave their homes for the first time in spring. What is the proper name for this home?

42 -

Where do Mandarin ducks usually nest?

43 -

 Why do birds sing so much in the spring?

44 -

45 -

How many hours of sunshine were logged during the sunniest spring ever recorded?

46 -

 According to a Danish study, babies born in spring are more likely to develop what mental health condition?

47 -

In the North Pole, what starts alongside spring?

48 -

In China, the coming of spring coincides with what celebration?

49 -

 What is the first day of spring known as?

50 -

What do children do more in spring than any other season?

51 -

According to the National Association of Realtors, spring is the most popular season for doing what?

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