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40 general knowledge quiz questions with answers for you to test your friends, colleagues or guests. Players join with their phones and play along live!


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1 -

Quiz Time!

2 -

Round 1: Music

3 -

Which is the best-selling boy band of all time?

4 -

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest was held in which city?

5 -

Which song stayed at number 1 for the longest time in the 80s?

6 -

The 2001 debut album of Alicia Keys was called 'Songs In…'

7 -

'New World Symphony', also known as Symphony no.9, was written by which composer?

8 -

What's the name of this song by Beyoncé?

9 -

Which phone company used this song from Francisco Tárrega as their iconic ringtone?

10 -

What's the name of this song by Duran Duran?

11 -

This song from Lazlo Bane was the theme song for which comedy TV show?

12 -

This song, called Groovin' High, was a hit for which legendary jazz trumpeter?

13 -

Leaderboard after round 1

14 -

Round 2: Geography

15 -

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of which country?

16 -

What are the 3 capital cities of South Africa?

17 -

What's the highest mountain in Europe?

18 -

The Mekong River passes through how many countries?

19 -

The Māori are the indigenous residents of which country?

20 -

What's the name of this iconic statue in Brazil?

21 -

Which of these famous buildings is Hagia Sophia?

22 -

Which of these is the flag of Peru?

23 -

Which of these is the flag of Singapore?

24 -

Which of these country outlines is Denmark?

25 -

Leaderboard after round 2

26 -

Round 3: Film & TV

27 -

What was Pixar's first feature-length movie?

28 -

Who plays the main character Cady Heron in the 2004 hit movie Mean Girls?

29 -

Which of these Will Ferrell characters is Mugatu?

30 -

Peter Capaldi plays which fiery politician in the British comedy The Thick of It?

31 -

What was the first film to be shown when cinemas opened in Saudi Arabia for the first time since 1983?

32 -

Which of these is NOT a film from the prolific anime studio Studio Ghibli?

33 -

Which actor or actress has won the most Oscars?

34 -

Which famous U.S gameshow uses this buzzer sound?

35 -

What's the name of the Harry Potter spell that makes things levitate?

36 -

In which U.S state is the mega hit show Breaking Bad set?

37 -

Leaderboard after round 3

38 -

Round 4: General Knowledge

39 -

Coloboma is a condition affecting which organs?

40 -

Select all 5 members of the Scooby Doo gang

41 -

How many white squares are there on a chessboard?

42 -

Which of these Australian animals is a cassowary?

43 -

Queen Victoria belonged to which ruling house of the British monarchy?

44 -

Which of these planets is Neptune?

45 -

Which Tolstoy novel begins 'All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way'?

46 -

'The Jazz' are a basketball team from which U.S state?

47 -

The periodic symbol 'Sn' represents which element?

48 -

Brazil is the biggest producer of coffee in the world. Which country is the second biggest?

49 -

Let's see the final scores...

50 -

Final scores!

51 -

Thanks for playing, guys!

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