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Lunar New Year Quiz



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This Lunar New Year quiz (or Chinese New Year quiz) tests players' knowledge of Asian culture. It's also a great way to teach fun facts about Lunar New Year.

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1 -

Lunar New Year Quiz!

2 -

Round 1: The Zodiac

3 -

Which 3 are NOT animals of the Chinese zodiac?

4 -

The lunar year starting January 2023 is the year of the what?

5 -

The 5 elements of the Chinese zodiac are water, wood, earth, fire and... what?

6 -

In some cultures, what zodiac animal replaces the goat?

7 -

If 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, what is the order of the following 4 years?

8 -

9 -

Round 2: New Year Traditions

10 -

In most countries, it is traditional to remove bad luck before Lunar New Year by doing what?

11 -

Which of these coloured envelopes would you expect to see at Lunar New Year?

12 -

Match the country to the name of its Lunar New Year

13 -

Lunar New Year in China typically lasts how many days?

14 -

The final day of the Lunar New Year in China is known as Shangyuan Festival, which is the festival of what?

15 -

16 -

Round 3: New Year Food

17 -

Which country or territory celebrates Lunar New Year with 'bánh chưng'?

18 -

Which country or territory celebrates Lunar New Year with 'tteokguk'?

19 -

Which country or territory celebrates Lunar New Year with 'ul boov'?

20 -

Which country or territory celebrates Lunar New Year with 'guthuk'?

21 -

Which country or territory celebrates Lunar New Year with 'jiǎo zi'?

22 -

23 -

Round 4: New Year Legends and Gods

24 -

The heavenly emperor who rules over Lunar New Year is named after which gemstone?

25 -

According to Chinese legend, how were the 12 zodiac animals first decided?

26 -

In China, which of these is used to scare off the legendary beast 'Nian' on the day of the new year?

27 -

It's traditional to leave 'zào táng' out in the house in order to appease which god?

28 -

The 7th day of the Lunar New Year is 'ren ri' (人日). Legend says it's the birthday of which creature?

29 -

Final scores coming up!

30 -

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