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Duy Lê

Study as learn

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1 -

What is______ father’s job?

2 -

Listen to____ carefully

3 -

Xuka and Nobita love .......... dogs so much

4 -

5 -

Ơn giời ! Bảng xếp hạng trong truyền thuyết đây gòi

6 -

.......... uncle is a doctor. He is a nice person.

7 -

................ are playing football.

8 -

Xuka gives ......... a present.

9 -

Ơn giời ! Bảng xếp hạng trong truyền thuyết đây gòi

10 -


11 -

12 -

13 -

Xuka .......... ( not/ do ) her homework at the weekend. She visits her grandparents.

14 -

Their clothes and my clothes is different. My clothes are newer than ...........

15 -

16 -

Those students’ school bags ......... very heavy.

17 -

She usually washes ......... face when she gets up

18 -

19 -

This is my book and ........ are your books.

20 -

This is a dog and ........ is a cat.

21 -

This is a dog and ........ is a cat.

22 -

23 -

The women ’s bikes are new but ......... bikes are old.

24 -

Music is ............. subject.

25 -

26 -

The fish ......... in a small pond.

27 -

Where ........ Anna come from ?

28 -

29 -

....... garden is so beautiful.

30 -

He is riding ......... motorbike.

31 -

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