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Cabot Riga O2C

20 questions about various topics

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1. How many slices of pizza are eaten in the United States every second?

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‍2. What animal hibernates the longest?

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3.Since WWII, British battle tanks include what beverage equipment?

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4.How many colors are in the rainbow?

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5.How can you tell the age of a horse?

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6. What country is said to have the best quality tap water?

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7. In 2022, what was the most profitable company in the world?

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8. How many miles is a full marathon?

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9. Who is the most translated author of all time?

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10. What is the name of the largest technology company in South Korea?

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11. What is the top-selling product at Walmart?

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12.What type of race is Le Mans?

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13. What is the only food that never goes bad?

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14. What’s the smallest country in the world?

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15. What European country is said to have invented hot dogs?

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16. Which continent has the largest freshwater resources?

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17.What country has a unicorn as its national animal?

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18. Where was the world’s first speeding ticket issued?

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19.What is the name of the traditional Argentinian dance?

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19.What is the name of the traditional Argentinian dance?

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20. How many floors does the Eiffel Tower have?

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