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Izz Darwish

Come test your mathematics skills for chapter 4 form 4

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Given that: 𝜉 = {𝑥: 15 ≤ 𝑥 < 40}, 𝐽 = { 𝑥 ∶ multiple of 5}, 𝐾 = {𝑥: factor of 100}

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Diagram below shows a Venn diagram that shows the relationship between set A, set B and set C.

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Diagram below shows a Venn diagram that shows the number of students who own cars and motorcycles in a college. Given the universal set, U = M U N, set M = {student who owns a car} and set N = {student who owns a motorcycle}. A total of 66 students own cars and 27 students own motorcycles.

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List all the subset of {2,7}.

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Diagram below shows a relationship between set P,Q and R.

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Diagram 13 shows a Venn diagram with the universal set, set A, set B and set C.

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Given that universal set ξ = {x : 3 < x ≤ 16, x is an integer}, Set A = {4, 11, 13, 16}, Set B = {x : x is an odd number} and Set C = {x : x is a multiple of 3}. The elements of the set (A υ C)’ ∩ B are

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Given the universal set U={x:11≤x<21, x is an integer}; and set R = {x:x is a number such that the sum of its two digits is an even number}, find R'.

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