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The Eagle huntress



Сара Моллақанағат

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How are you feeling now?

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The Eagle Huntress

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Read the text and translate it

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Answer the questions in your own 1) Why was Aisholpan's dream of becoming an eagle hunter unusual? 2) How did Otto Bel find out about Aisholpan? 3) What challenges did the crew of The Eagle Huntress face?

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Read the text and match the sentences to the gaps

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I like films that are based on .. stories and real events.

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They used drones to film the .......shots in The Eagle Huntress.

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He always watches the .. credits because he likes to find out the names of the actors..

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Her latest fiml was highly-....... by critics.

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You often need a(n) ..... will as wel as talent to succeed ni the film industry.

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Form compound nouns

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How well did you understand today's lesson?

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Сіз үшін сабақ қандай жағдайда қызықты өтеді?

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