Refer-a-Teacher Programme – Terms and Conditions

Users participating in the AhaSlides Refer-a-Teacher Programme (hereinafter “the Programme”) can earn plan extensions by referring acquaintances (hereinafter “Referees”) to sign up to AhaSlides. Through participation in the Programme, referring users (hereinafter “Referrers”) agree to the terms and conditions below, which form part of the greater AhaSlides Terms and Conditions.


Referrers earn a +1 month extension to their current AhaSlides plan whenever they successfully refer a Referee, who is not a current AhaSlides user, through a unique referral link. Upon the Referee clicking the referral link and sucessfully signing up to AhaSlides on a free account (subject to the regular AhaSlides Terms and Conditions) the following process will happen:

  1. The Referrer will earn a +1 month extension of their current AhaSlides plan.
  2. The Referee will have their free plan upgraded to a 1-month Essential plan on AhaSlides.

If the Referee then uses their Essential plan to host a presentation of 4 or more participants, then the Referrer will receive $5 AhaSlides credit. Credit can be used to purchase plans and upgrades.

The Programme will run from 2nd October to 2nd November 2023.

Referral Limit

The Referrer has a limit of 8 Referees, and therefore a limit of +8 months on their current AhaSlides plan and $40 AhaSlides credit. The Referrer can continue to use their link past this 8-referee limit, but they will not receive any benefit from it.

Referral Link Distribution

Referrers may only participate in the Programme if making referrals for personal and non-commercial purposes. All Referees must be eligible to create a legitimate AhaSlides account and must be known to the Referrer. AhaSlides reserves the right to cancel the Referrer’s account if discovering evidence of spamming (including spam emailing and texting or messaging unknown people using automated systems or bots) or fake account creation has been used to claim the benefits of the Programme.

Combination with Other Programmes

This Programme may not be combined with other AhaSlides referral programmes, promotions, or incentives.

Termination and Changes

AhaSlides reserves the right to do the following:

Any amendments to these terms or the Programme itself are effective immediately upon publication. Referrers and Referees continuing participation in the Programme following an amendment will constitute consent to any amendment made by AhaSlides.