Referral Programme – Terms and Conditions

Users participating in the AhaSlides Referral Programme (hereinafter “the Programme”) can earn credit by referring friends to sign up to AhaSlides. Through participation in the Programme, Referring Users agree to the terms and conditions below, which form part of the greater AhaSlides Terms and Conditions.

How to Earn Credits

Referring Users earn +5.00 USD worth of credits if they successfully refer a friend, who is not a current AhaSlides user, through a unique referral link. The Referred Friend will receive a One-time (Small) plan by signing up through the link. The Programme is completed when a Referred Friend completes the following steps:

  1. The Referred Friend clicks the referral link and creates an account with AhaSlides. This account will be subject to the regular AhaSlides Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Referred Friend activates the One-time (Small) plan by hosting an event with more than 7 live participants.

Upon the Programme’s completion, the Referring User’s balance will automatically be credited with +5.00 USD worth of credits. Credits have no monetary value, are non-transferable and may only be used for purchasing or upgrading AhaSlides’ plans.

Referring Users will be able to earn a maximum of 100 USD worth of credits (via 20 referrals) in the Programme. Referring Users will still be able to refer friends and gift them a One-time (Small) plan, but the Referring User will not receive +5.00 USD worth of credits once the plan is activated.

A Referring User who believes they are capable of referring more than 20 friends can contact AhaSlides at to discuss further options.

Referral Link Distribution

Referring Users may only participate in the Programme if making referrals for personal and non-commercial purposes. All Referred Friends must be eligible to create a legitimate AhaSlides account and must be known to the Referring User. AhaSlides reserves the right to cancel a Referring User’s account if discovering evidence of spamming (including spam emailing and texting or messaging unknown people using automated systems or bots) has been used to distribute referral links.

Multiple Referrals

Only one Referring User is eligible to receive credits for the creation of an account by a Referred Friend. A Referred Friend may only sign up through one single link. If a Referred Friend receives multiple links, the Referring User will be determined by the single referral link used to create the AhaSlides account.

Combination with Other Programmes

This Programme may not be combined with other AhaSlides referral programmes, promotions, or incentives.

Termination and Changes

AhaSlides reserves the right to do the following:

Any amendments to these terms or the Programme itself are effective immediately upon publication. Referring Users’ and Referred Friends’ continuing participation in the Programme following an amendment will constitute consent to any amendment made by AhaSlides.