Our Story

Our team was founded in 2019 with one mission: we want to make public speaking an engaging and fun experience for both the presenter and the audience.

At AhaSlides, we love going to tech events and hangouts. At one of those events, we noticed this: as people talked about a lot of new, exciting, ever-changing technologies, the way they delivered the messages had always been the same. It usually consisted of some static slides, please-raise-your-hands polling, and a microphone that takes ages to pass around.

We thought, why don't we utilise the audience's smartphones to connect them more to the speaker on stage? And the big display should promote live interactions instead of showing pre-made and stagnant content!

We immediately rushed back to our studio and started to build AhaSlides. It has been an incredible journey ever since.

Our Mission

From Day 1, we have set out a few key criteria we want to achieve with AhaSlides. They are:

It has to be really easy to use for everyone.

The core features should be free and will forever stay free.

This is a tool to win back attention and eliminate distraction.

Most important of all, the presenter is the star of the show, not the software.

Events daily

Audience daily

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