Random Team Generator | 2024 Random Group Maker Reveals

Random Team Generator
Random Team Generator

Tired of the same old teams bringing the same old energy? Is it hard to make random teams? Spice things up with the Random Team Generator!

You don’t have to be the random team assigner, as this group randomizer tool will help you to avoid the awkwardness! This team randomizer takes the guesswork out of mixing up your groups.

With a single click, this team maker automatically creates random configurations for your next brainstorming session, live quiz sessions, team building activities for work.

Why Use The Random Team Generator?

Letting members form their own teams could mean unproductivity at work, dawdling in class, or worse, absolute chaos for both.

Save yourself the trouble and get the best out of everyone with the best random group maker out there – AhaSlides!

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How many teams can you randomise with Random Team Generator?Unlimited
How many names can you put in the AhaSlides group randomiser?Unlimited
When can you use AhaSlides Random Team Generator?Any occasions
Can I add this generator to my AhaSlides Account?Not yet, but coming soon
Overview of AhaSlides Random Team Generator

💡 This team picker is not yet available on AhaSlides app.
If you’d like to embed into a presentation, please let us know!

You can also use this team maker as the random partner generator (aka two team randomizer); simply add ‘2’ to the number of teams, then all of your members, and the tool will automatically separate people into 2 teams randomly! Grab more tips to use random order generator

How to Use the Random Team Generator

Name mixer for teams, choose the members, decide the number of teams and generate! That’s how you create random teams using the random team generator. Quick and easy!

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  1. 1
    Entering Names

    Write the name in the box on the left side, then, press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard. This will confirm the name and move you one line down, where you can write the next member’s name.
    Keep doing this until you have written all the names for your random groups.
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  2. 2
    Entering Number of Teams

    At the bottom-left corner of the random team generator, you’ll see a numbered box. Here you can enter the number of teams that you want the names to be split into.
    Once you’re done, press the blue ‘Generate’ button.

  3. 3
    See the Results

    You’ll see all the names you submitted divided randomly across the number of teams you chose.

how to use AhaSlides' random team generator

What is a Random Group Maker?

A random group maker, also called a random team generator, is a tool that automates the process of randomly assigning people to groups.

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Random Team Generator

3+ Reasons to Use a Team Randomiser

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#1 – Better Ideas

You’d be surprised at the kind of ideas your team or class can come up with when they’re taken outside their familiar setting.

There’s even an idiom for it: growth and comfort never coexist.

If you let your crew form their own teams, they’ll choose their friends and will settle into a comfortable session. Like-minded minds like this don’t contribute much to growth; you need to make sure each team is diverse in terms of personality and ideas.

That way, each idea will have to pass through several different checkpoints before it arrives as a fully-formed and actionable plan.

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#2 – Better Team Building

Every organisation and school has cliques. That’s just the way it is.

Friends gather together and, quite often, don’t really socialise outside. It’s a natural human instinct, but it’s also a big block on progress in your team.

One of the many benefits of using a random team maker is to build your team in the long run.

People in randomised teams would have to socialise with peers that they wouldn’t usually talk to. Even one session is enough to lay the foundations of a coherent and collaborative team.

Repeat this every week, and before you know it, you’ve broken the cliques and formed a unified and productive team.

#3 – Better Motivation

When it’s so hard to keep your employees motivated for their work, a randomizer for teams can be a surprising aid in two different ways.

  1. Adds fairness – We’re less likely to do our work with gusto when we feel the scales are tipped against us. A random group sorter helps balance teams and gives you a better chance of avoiding bias.
  2. Validation from others – Comments from friends are nice, but it’s sort of a given most of the time. If you contribute to a team of people you don’t know well, you’ll get a lot of love from new places, which can be extremely motivating.

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Random Team Generator For Classroom

#1 – In a Play

Creating a play with content around the lesson will get students to collaborate, communicate, brainstorm ideas, perform together, and have new experiences with the learning content. You can do it with pretty much any learning material in any subject.

First, divide students into small groups using the random team generator. Then ask them to work together to build a scenario based on the topic they have learned and demonstrate it in action.

For example, if you were discussing the solar system with students, ask them to role-play the planets and create a story around the characters. Students can come up with characters that have distinctive personalities such as “The Sun is always angry”, “The Moon is gentle”, “The Earth is happy”, etc.

Similarly, for Literature, you may ask your students to turn a story or literary work into a play or a skit.

Group discussion creates a lively and comfortable atmosphere for learning. Learners get a sense of freedom and autonomy towards their learning, thereby promoting their positivity, initiative, and creativity.

#2 – In a Debate

Debating is an effective way to encourage students to participate in large groups without fear of losing control, and it works very well in social studies and even science. Debates can arise spontaneously from classroom materials but are best done with a plan.

If you are a teacher or a professor, your first step should be to describe the context and explain why you will be holding the debate. Then, decide on two sides (or more) to participate in the debate and group the students into teams based on each point of view using the random group generator.

As the debate moderator, you can decide how many people are on each team and can ask questions to stimulate the teams to debate.

Besides, you can use conflicting ideas and opinions from the debate to guide your lecture, review lecture concepts to close the session or create a continuation of your next lessons.

#3 – Funny Team Names

Funny Team Names is an entertaining activity that still stimulates students’ creativity, communication, and teamwork.

This game is very simple, you just need to divide the class into random groups with a Random Team Generator. Then, let the groups name their own teams. After the discussion, representatives of each group will give a presentation about the meaning of their group’s name. The group with the best and most creative name is the winner.

To make the naming part more challenging, you can require the name to follow some specific requirements. For example, the name should be five words and have the word “blue” in it. This extra challenge allows them to think critically and creatively. 

Random Team Generator For Business

#1 – Ice-Breaking Activities

Ice-breaking activities help old and new employees get to know each other, which leads to better ideas, results and morale at work. Ice-breaking activities are great for organisations with remote or hybrid employees and they reduce loneliness and burnout while improving collaboration.

Many ice-breaking activities are done in teams, which means a group creator can be helpful in forming teams where members work with colleagues whom they don’t usually interact with.

More Fun Tips For Business Meetings:

#2 – Team Building Activities

Random Group Creator! One of the best ways to build a strong connection between colleagues is to give them the opportunity to leave the familiar, comfortable setting of their regular office team by sorting them into groups with colleagues whom they don’t usually work with. By meeting without the overfamiliarity between members at work, colleagues form stronger bonds and develop a better understanding of each other’s strengths and abilities. 

Team building activities can range from small, 5-minute activities at the start of meetings to full week-long trips together as a company, but all of them require a group randomiser to provide the diverse team setups.

Alternative to Random Team Generator, you also can use the spinning wheel PowerPoint, as it’s (1) compatible with your current Interactive PowerPoint Slides and (2) AhaSlides Spinner Wheel is very creative and easy to use, which could attract audience attention effectively!

Random Team Generator For Fun

#1 – Games Night

AhaSlides Generator – To randomize names into groups fast, especially when you’re organising family games night! Random team generator is also quite useful for parties or games with a few friends. Random teams help partygoers mingle and also add a touch of suspense and surprise when the names are drawn. Are you going to be in the same team with your ex? Or maybe your mom? 

Here are some random group game suggestions for your party night:

  • Beer Pong (Adults only, of course): There’s nothing more exciting than making random teams, testing pitching skills as well and drinking in between! Check out: Eggg and spoon race!
  • Drop A Hint: This game can be played by at least two teams. One person on each team gives a clue for the other members to guess. The team that has the most correct guesses is the winner.
  • Lego Building: This is a game not only suitable for adult teams but also for children. At least two teams will have to compete on the best Lego works, such as buildings, cars, or robots within a certain amount of time. The team with the most votes for their magnum opus wins. 

#2 – In Sports

One of the biggest headaches when playing sports, especially those with collective competition, is probably dividing the team, right? With a random team generator, you can avoid all the drama and keep skill levels pretty much even between the teams.

You can use a name sorter for teams with sports like football, tug of war, rugby, etc.

In addition, you can let people find team names for sports, which is also a fun part of the event. Check out 410+ Best Ideas for 2024 funny fantasy football names

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of randomising team members?

To ensure fairness and bring diversity to all teams.

How can you randomise the team in a traditional way?

Choose a number as that number should no. of teams you wish to form. Then tell people to start counting repeatedly, until you’ve run out of people. For example, 20 people want to be split into 5 groups, then each person should count from 1 to 5, then repeat again and again (A total of 4 times) until everyone is assigned to a team!

What happens if my teams are uneven?

You’ll have uneven teams! If the number of players is not perfectly divisible by the number of teams, it’s impossible to have even teams.

Who can randomise teams in large groups of people?

Anyone, as you can simply put people’s names into this generator, then it would self-generate to the team, with the number of teams chosen by you!

What’s the maximum number of teams?

You can split your members into 30 teams max. Check out: Random number generator with names

Is it really random?

Yep, 100%. If you try it a few times, you’ll get different results every time. Sounds pretty random to me.

Key Takeaways

With the team randomiser tool above, you can start making serious improvements to your teams at work, school or just for a bit of fun.

It’s not just a tool to save you time, it can also improve teamwork, company or class morale, and in the long run, even a turnover at your company.

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