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How Does a Live Q&A Work?

Very simply, actually!

With AhaSlides you can create a Q&A slide with a single click. Your audience join your Q&A on their phones and type in their burning questions, all of which show up on your device for you to address one-by-one.

Best of all, you can embed your Q&A directly within your presentation. Your audience can send you questions throughout and you can answer them whenever the time is right!

Make your Live Q&A for Free!

A live Q&A slide on the AhaSlides presentation editor


Create your Q&A Slide

Sign up for free, and with a new presentation, select a Q&A slide then hit 'Present'.


Invite your Audience

Click the top bar to reveal your unique join code and QR code for your audience. They enter or scan the code with their phones and can start submitting their questions.

A QR code and join code for a presentation on AhaSlides
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Answer Away!

See all questions arranged by time or most upvoted. Address them one-by-one, mark them as answered and pin the most pertinent.

The Complete Q&A Package

Check out the 6 top features of AhaSlides' live Q&A tool. Any questions?

Ask Anywhere

To ask a question, your audience need nothing but what's in their pockets.

Moderation Mode

Send someone 'backstage' to approve or deny questions before they show.

Allow Anonymity

Get more questions by allowing participants to submit anonymously.


Add backgrounds, fonts and audio to play while everyone's thinking!

Profanity Filter

Automatically block out those words you don't want there!

Take it home

Export all the questions you get from your presentation to Excel.

Hand holding a phone showing the Q&A feature on AhaSlides

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Uses for a Live Q&A

Broadly speaking, a live Q&A is part of a larger picture. That picture can be a meeting, a webinar, a lesson, or any event in which you want to give information and clear up any misunderstandings through question and answer…

At Work...

Team Meetings

You're really not the only one to have felt lost in a team meeting. With plans being made and remade, while stats, quotes, and graph upon graph are pulled up in between, it's hard to keep everyone on the same page. A live question and answer after each important point can really help all team members stay afloat.

Townhall Meeting

Naturally, when you gather a whole company together for a townhall meeting (or all-hands meeting), there should be plenty of questions coming your way. Any company with more than a handful of employees may struggle to keep on top of this, but a live Q&A tool can keep things beautifully ordered.

For Education...


There are lots of ways to test understanding of a topic. Tests, assignments and extended projects are all great in the long-run, but for a quick way to dispel any minconceptions before students leave the class, a 5-minute Q&A at the end of each lesson can make a world of difference.

Training and Development

It's no secret why the sound advice of most training sessions falls on deaf ears. If an audience are going to be in their chairs for hours on end, they're going to need some interaction. A Q&A gives them that, as well as the chance to ask questions to the trainer that haven't been covered so far.


Ask me Anything (AMA)

Vloggers, celebrities, company CEOs; you can find some really interesting people on Reddit inviting readers to ask them anything. It's a format that's taken off across not just social media, but in vlogs, podcasts, and even amongst best friends. An online Q&A platform can set a solid AMA from a sloppy one.

Virtual Events

It's a remote world nowadays. We've got a new, digital way to work, learn, hangout and gather together in spaces. No matter where your event is happening, get an online Q&A tool that lets anyone submit a question at any time from wherever they are in the world.

Presenter and audience screens during a live Q&A on AhaSlides

Answer Everyone

Don't miss a beat, or a question, with AhaSlides' free live Q&A tool. Set up in seconds!

Make your Q&A

Q&A Tips

No matter how clearly you can explain your ideas, there’s always at least one question in the crowd. Here are some quick tips to deal with Q&A queries properly…

Make it Anonymous

People are often afraid to speak up, so allow them to submit anonymously. You'll get heaps of questions!

Give Plenty of Time

Marketing guru Guy Kawasaki believes that in an hour-long presentation your Q&A should take up 40 minutes.

Prepare Some Questions

Get the ball rolling with some pre-approved questions. Don't just choose ones that make you look good!

Collect Throughout

Don't let your audience forget a question. Q&A tools let them submit whenever they have something to ask.

Get Moderated

Keep troubling questions at bay with a moderator, who approves and denies questions before you see them.

Have a good Heading

The right heading to your Q&A gets everyone thinking and talking. Try out something a little unexpected.

Benefits of a Live Q&A

  • Keep it Engaging – A live Q&A session is just one way in which you can make your presentation interactive. Interactivity, the stats say, make your presentation more engaging and more memorable.
  • Total Clarity – It goes without saying that you want your presentation to be as understandable as possible. For any of the parts that your audience didn’t get, they know they have the safety net of a Q&A to get full clarity on your points.
  • Be 100% Open For those doing a townhall meeting or an ask me anything, a Q&A offers the chance to humanise yourself and your message. It shows you are open to questions you haven’t prepared for.
  • More Digestible – You may be surprised at how much clearer your message is when it’s delivered in the bite-sized format of a Q&A. Not everyone likes slides and visuals, some people just love to listen.
  • Highly Relatable – These are the questions that your audience want answered. If you want to leave them satisfied, there’s no better way than answering questions put forward by the crowd.

These days we are all doing more online and I've found AhaSlides to be especially helpful with making workshops engaging and interactive.

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