Host Free Live Q&A

Facilitate two-way discussions on the fly with AhaSlides' easy-to-use live Q&A platform. Audiences can:

  • ask questions anonymously
  • upvote questions
  • submit questions live or at any time

Supercharge your presentations with AhaSlides! Combine our free Live Q&A tool with other interactive features like interactive word cloud, AhaSlides free spinner, free poll creator, and quizzes to keep your audience interactive and excited throughout your presentation.

What is a Live Q&A?

Live Q&A (live question and answer) sessions bring presentations and online events to life! This interactive format fosters real-time engagement between presenters and audiences. Imagine a virtual question-and-answer session happening during webinars, meetings, or online presentations – that's the power of Live Q&A!

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Doing Live Q&As tests their knowledge and shows what topics people most want to learn about. It makes the whole experience way more fun, engaging and memorable for all.

3 Reasons to Use Live Q&A

Host a live quiz online with AhaSlides


Watch the engagement soar

• Turn your presentation into a two-way conversation. Let your audience participate by asking and upvoting questions in real-time.
Interactive presentations mean improving retention by 65%⬆️


Ensure mirrored-like clarity

Eliminate confusion immediately. Oh snap, did someone not follow along? No worries - our Q&A platform bans information loss with instant remedies. Poof! All confused looks vanish in a flash.

Host a live quiz offline with AhaSlides
Host a hybrid quiz with AhaSlides


Harvest helpful insights

• Uncover issues or gaps you didn't see coming. Live Q&A surfaces the real questions your audience wants to discuss.
• Optimise future presentations based on direct feedback. Learn what resonated and what needs more work - straight from the source.
Data-driven decisions - Track anonymised questions, answers and upvotes to improve rapidly.

How to run a Q&A session with ahaslides

Run an Effective Q&A in 3 Steps

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  1. 1
    Create your Q&A Slide

    Create a new presentation after signing up, select a Q&A slide, then hit 'Present'.

  2. 2
    Invite your Audience

    Let the audience join your Q&A session via a QR code or link.

  3. 3
    Answer Away!

    Respond to the questions individually, mark them as answered, and pin the most relevant.

  4. 4

The Complete Q&A Package

Let's check out the 6 top features of AhaSlides' live Q&A tool. Any questions?

Ask Anywhere

To ask a question, the participants need nothing but their phones and an internet connection.

Moderation Mode

Someone can manage the questions using AhaSlides’ moderation mode. Assign a person to approve or deny questions before they appear on the Q&A slide.

Allow Anonymity

Allowing audience members to submit anonymous questions will help to eliminate prejudices and the fear of expressing thoughts or concerns.


Make your Q&A slide stand out by adding colorful backdrops, eye-catching fonts, and audio while people are busy coming up with questions.

Upvote questions

Participants can upvote the questions they want to address first

Take it home

Export all the questions you have received from your presentation to an Excel sheet.

Hand holding a phone showing the Q&A feature on AhaSlides

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And More Features with Our Q&A Platform...

AhaSlides q&a powerpoint slide (PPT slide) add-on

AhaSlides - PowerPoint integration

Ask Q&A questions conveniently with PowerPoint's AhaSlides add-in. Present with touches of interactivities that engage the crowd in minutes.

Uses for a Live Q&A

Whether it's a virtual classroom, webinar, or company all-hands meeting, AhaSlides makes interactive questioning a breeze. Gain engagement, gauge understanding, and address concerns in real-time.

AWS used AhaSlides Live Q&A platform in one of their events

For Work...

Team Meetings

Spice up your boring status updates with a quick game of questions. Keep teams engaged and build connections.

Townhall Meeting

Gather the company for a townhall (or all-hands) meeting. A Q&A ensures everyone has a voice even in a huge crowd.

For Education...


For a quick way to dispel any misconceptions before students leave the class, a short Q&A at the end of each lesson can make a difference in their learning.

Training and Development

Break up a long afternoon with real-time queries. Spot gaps and tailor advice to needs. Direct feedback leads to robust growth.

Online & Hybrid Meetings...

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

AMA is a format that’s taken off not just on social media but in vlogs, podcasts, and even amongst best friends. An online Q&A platform can set a solid AMA from a sloppy one.

Virtual Events

When remote, live interaction is key. Connect global audiences with questions. Respond to queries at any time from anywhere in the world!

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Answer Everyone.

Don't miss a beat, or a question, with AhaSlides' free live Q&A tool. Set up in seconds!

Make your Q&A ☁️

See AhaSlides' Live Q&A in Action

These days we are all doing more online and I've found AhaSlides to be especially helpful with making workshops engaging and interactive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tool can I use to ask anonymous questions?

AhaSlides, MonkeySurvey, Slido, Mentimeter…

What is live question and answer?

Live question and answers (Or Live Q&A Session) is the way to gather all questions together and allow every audience member to ask and get responses immediately.

Why do you need to use AhaSlides Live Q&A Tool?

Make it anonymous anytime, give plenty of time for the audience to answer, help you to prepare some questions to stir the crowd, collect data throughout the presentation without missing any point and moderate all your questions and answers.

Why should you ask questions of your audience during a presentation?

Asking questions of your audience fosters active participation, gives you valuable feedback, and boosts retention of your message. It makes the presentation much more dynamic and impactful compared to just lecturing without any back-and-forth discussion.

What are some Q&A questions to ask?

- What achievement are you most proud of?
- What's one thing you've always wanted to do but haven't yet?
- What are your future goals/aspirations?
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