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AhaSlides in 2022 - Recap our Newest Features!


Lawrence Haywood 18 February, 2022 2 min read

It's been a year of furious development at AhaSlides - and that's just the way we like it!

We've continued our mission to help teachers, trainers, team leaders and trivia nuts make presentations more joyful and engaging, and have got a big new set of tools to make it happen.

Check out AhaSlides' 12 newest features in 1-minute 👇

AhaSlides' 12 New Features in 2022

New Slide Types

  1. Spinner Wheel - Fill in the entries and press the randomised spin button. Great for prize giveaways and random participant selection.
  2. Match Pairs - A quiz slide type where players must match a set of prompts with a set of answers.
  3. Correct Order - A quiz slide type where players must put randomised statements in the correct order.
  4. Brainstorm - Participants submit their ideas to a quesrtion and then vote for their favourite ideas from the group.

New Features

  1. Template Library - 30+ presentations for instant download. Change anything you like or use them as they are!
  2. More Reactions - Added the 'laugh', 'wow' and 'cry' emojis.
  3. Self-Paced - Quizzes can be played without the need for a host.
  4. Quiz Background Music - Lobby music and leaderboard music to add drama to a quiz.
  5. Presentation Report - A full report on hosted presentations, including engagement rate, correct answer rate and more.
  6. Profanity Filter - A way to automatically block out English-language swear words submited by a participant.
  7. Live Quiz Chat - A mini chat window for players and presenter to send messages to each other on the quiz lobby screen.
  8. See Results on Phone - Results from polls and quizzes are shown on participants' phones as well as the presenter's screen.