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The Best Free Alternative to Slido in 2022

The Best Free Alternative to Slido in 2022


Lindsie Nguyen 28 Nov 2022 4 min read

Searching for an audience engagement software that’s the best free alternative to Slido? We have tried over a dozen alternatives, and here’s our answer.

Slido is one of the best polling software, the Q&A and polling platform that enhances communication and increases meeting interaction. Presenters can crowdsource questions and run live polls and surveys for insights from the audience.

What is Slido? Slido’s interface (for presenters)

However, Slido provides only limited questions types and lacks customisation, which may hinder users from running a fully engaging presentation. Users also have to switch back and forth between Slido and other presentation software (such as Microsoft PowerPoint), causing interruption to the flow of the presentation.

is Slido free? Of course Not! Slido pricing is very unwelcoming for users with a small budget. Using Slido with full features for just a single event will cost you a surprising amount!

Let’s dive into why AhaSlides is the best alternative to Slido…

Showcase of AhaSlides’ features – The interactive polling apps – The Best Free Alternative to Slido

AhaSlides is a fully integrated presentation software, with every tool to create a dynamic and inclusive presentation for your audience! Apart from moderated Q&A and polling options, you can set up brainstorms, scale ratings, word clouds and live quizzes, which create a seamless experience for your audience.

Q&A slide on AhaSlides, ones of the best free alternatives to Slido
AhaSlides’ Q&A slide- The Best Free Alternative to Slido

With its wide array of features and intuitive interface, AhaSlides is suitable for all types of events, whether you are a professional, an educator, or are just creating an icebreaker with your buddies! It offers many more features for free compared to Slido, and upgrade for professional use starts at significantly lower prices with one-time, monthly, and annual plans.

More Funs with AhaSlides

Comparison Between Slido and AhaSlides: What Is The Better Choice?

AhaSlides Slido
Live polls ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Q&A ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Q&A moderation ✅ Free ❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Polls ✅ Unlimited for Free Users ❌ 3 polls per event for Free Users
Poll chart types ✅ Bar, Pie, Donut ❌ Bar chart
Image polls ✅ Unlimited for Free Users ❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Quizzes ✅ Unlimited for Free Users ❌ 1 per event for Free Users
Content slides (text, images, lists) ✅ Yes ❌ No
Import from PowerPoint/PDF ✅ Yes ❌ No
Data exports ✅ Upgrade from $6.95 one-time ❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Collaborative editing ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Request participant info ✅ Yes ❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Presenter’s pacing ✅ Free ❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Embed YouTube videos ✅ Unlimited for Free Users ❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Customised theme ✅ Free ❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Customised branding ✅ Upgrade from $15.95 p/m ❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Max. participants 10,000 per event 5,000 per event
Zoom integration ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Plans & Pricing From $2.95 / one-time
From $60 p/ year
One-time plans available
Monthly plans available
Educational plans available
From $69 / one-time
From $96 p/ year
No monthly plans
Educational plans available

What Event Organisers around the World Think

“AhaSlides added real value to our web lessons. Now, our audience can interact with the teacher, ask questions and give instant feedback. Moreover, the product team has been always very helpful and attentive. Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!”

André Corleta from Me Salva! Brazil

A seminar powered by AhaSlides in Germany (photo courtesy of WPR Communication) – The Best Free Alternative to Slido

“We used AhaSlides in an international conference in Berlin. 160 participants and a perfect performance of the software. Online support was fantastic. Thank you! ⭐️”

Norbert Breuer from WPR Communication Germany

“10/10 for AhaSlides at my presentation today – workshop with about 25 people and a combo of polls and open questions and slides. Worked like a charm and everyone saying how awesome the product was. Also made the event run much more quickly. Thank you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

Ken Burgin from Silver Chef group Australia

“Thank you AhaSlides! Used this morning at MQ Data Science meeting, with approx 80 people and it worked perfectly. People loved the live animated graphs and open text ‘noticeboard’ and we collected some really interesting data, in a quick and efficient way.”

Iona Beange from The University of Edinburgh United Kingdom

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The Best Free Alternative to Slido – Key Takeaway

Among the many alternatives to Slido in 2022, AhaSlides stands out as a worthy candidate, as the best free alternative to Slido. Having plenty useful features, more flexibility and integration, a simpler interface, and fairly generous pricing plans, AhaSlides is the all-in-one presentation software you need to shine on stage.

More on the AhaSlides Alternatives

Beside being the best free alternative to Slido, these are software which AhaSlides could completely replace.

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