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Free Alternative to Slido | Pricing and Feature Comparison | 2024 Reveals


Anh Vu 02 May, 2024 13 min read

Why do you click on 'Free Alternative To Slido' article instead of 'Slido'? Are you unsatisfied with their features, the price is too high or do you just want to extend your options?

We have tried over a dozen options, and here's our answer!

Slido is one of the best free polling apps, the Q&A and polling platform that enhances communication and increases meeting interaction. Presenters can crowdsource questions and run live polls and surveys for insights from the audience. But does it have a better alternative?

About Slido App

When was Slido created?2012
Maximum how many people can join in a paid plan?200 - 5,000
Is there such a thing as Slido Powerpoint Mac?Yes
Minimum Price of Slido?12.5USD per month
Is Slido Free Trial available?Yes
How much is Slido team plan?From $50/ month (For 2 people)
Overview about Alternative to Slido

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Looking for a better engagement tool?

Add more funs with best live poll, quizzes and games, all available on AhaSlides presentations, ready to share with your crowd!

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Slido vs AhaSlides

Live polls✅ Yes✅ Yes
Q&A✅ Yes✅ Yes
Q&A moderation✅ Free❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Polls✅ Unlimited for Free Users❌ 3 Slido voting session for free users
Poll chart types✅ Bar, Pie, Donut❌ Bar chart
Image polls✅ Unlimited for Free Users❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Quizzes✅ Unlimited for Free Users❌ 1 per event for Free Users
Content slides (text, images, lists)✅ Yes❌ No
Import from PowerPoint/PDF✅ Yes❌ No
Data exports❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Collaborative editing✅ Yes✅ Yes
Request participant info✅ Yes❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Presenter's pacing✅ Free❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Embed YouTube videos✅ Unlimited for Free Users❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Customised theme✅ Free❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Customised branding✅ Upgrade from $15.95 p/m❌ Upgrade from $300 p/y
Max. participants10,000 per event5,000 per event
Zoom integration✅ Yes✅ Yes
Compare with Slido Pricing and PlansFrom $60 p/ year
Educational plans available
From $69 / one-time
From $96 p/ year
No monthly plans
Educational plans available
Comparison Between Slido and AhaSlides (The Slido Alternative)
Gather Annonymous Feedbacks with AhaSlides

What Is Slido and How Does It Work?

What is Slido? Slido's interface (for presenters)

However, Slido provides only limited question types and lacks customisation, which may hinder users from running a fully engaging presentation. Users also have to switch back and forth between Slido and other presentation software (such as Microsoft PowerPoint), causing interruption to the flow of the presentation.

is Slido free? Of course Not! Slido pricing is very unwelcoming for users with a small budget. Using Slido with full features for just a single event will cost you a surprising amount!

Sign up for free, to verify that AhaSlides is the best alternative to Slido!

Showcase of AhaSlides' features - The interactive polling apps - The Best Free Alternative to Slido

Among Slido Competitors, AhaSlides stands out to be the fully integrated presentation software, with every tool to create a dynamic and inclusive presentation for your audience! Apart from moderated live question and answer (Q&A) sessions, use of online poll maker, and you can also set up rating scale, word cloud and online quiz creator, which create a seamless experience for your audience.

Q&A slide on AhaSlides, ones of the best free alternatives to Slido
AhaSlides' Q&A Slide -Best Free Alternative to Slido

With its wide array of features and intuitive interface, AhaSlides is suitable for all types of events, whether you are a professional, an educator, or just creating an icebreaker with your buddies! It offers many more features for free compared to Slido, and upgrades for professional use start at significantly lower prices with, monthly, and annual plans.

Tips To Engage

How to use Slido in Powerpoint (Slido ppt)?

You will have to install the Slido add-in, create a Slido account, then on your PowerPoint presentation., choose the 'Sldio' button and re-login. With this surface, you can create your content and choose the types of interactive slides you'd like, then insert the interactive element into your desired slide. Then, you can present as usual! So you could say that Slido For Mac Powerpoint is available.

AhaSlides is offering the same solution, but with many more features to uncover! Check out how to set up AhaSlides - An Extension For PowerPoint today!

Kahoot vs Slido, which one is better?

Determining which platform, Kahoot! or Slido, is "better" depends entirely on specific needs and goals. You should choose Kahoot! if you need a user-friendly and engagng platform for quizzes and polls.

Kahoot! works better with educational audiences, who'd like to gamify the learning experience. Kahoot! is very limited, as it works if you only need basic features and have a small audience.

Slido is next-level when it comes to audience insights and interaction options. You gotta be a real whiz to unlock its full potential, though!

Check out best comparison Slido vs Kahoot - Top 24+ Similar Alternatives to Kahoot! now with AhaSlides

A seminar powered by AhaSlides in Germany (photo courtesy of WPR Communication) -The Best Free Alternative to Slido

List of 50 Best Alternatives to Slido | Free and Paid

Slido is no longer the ultimate tool for engaging teams during boring meetings or training. You can find better alternatives to Slido with more fancy features and better pricing. Technology changes daily, so don't forget to update your bucket list with the latest trends and tools with AI-powered assistance. To help you save time on searching and researching, we've combined a (quite) complete list of the top 50+ free alternatives to Slido. Many of them are totally free, or their free plan offers all the essentials that are capable of catering to your needs.

No.Slido AlternativesBest Features and IntegrationReputationAI-SupportedFree Plan
1AhaSlidesWord Clouds, Live Polls, Quizzes, Q&A, Spinner Wheel, and Brainstorming.

Integration: MS Teams, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Hopin, YouTube

2M+ Users and 300K+ organizations
✅ AI Silde generator✅All the essentials.
Up to 7 live participants

Discount: 67% Off (Yearly Plan) - Cheap Edu Plan
2Live PollsMultiple choice, open text, word cloud, survey, Q&A, quizzes.

Integration: Google Workspace
N/A✅ Yes✅1 poll for free, no limit to the number of participants.

Discount: 57% Off (Yearly Plan)
3SurveyMonkeyOnline polls, NPS survey, anonymous responses option

Integration: 175+ data and API
300K+ organizationsN/A❌ No

Discount: 25% Off (Yearly Plan)
4Pigeonhole Live Q&As, Chats, and Reactions, Timezone Support

Integration: 13+ audience web apps: MS Team, Zoom, Webex, and more
N/A✅ AI translation✅Up to 100 participants
1 Survey, polls and Q&A
5Wooclap21+ Question formats, World Cloud, Label image, Framework (brand-new feature)

Integration: LMS, PowerPoint, Zoom, MS Teams,
50M+ users✅ Yes✅Maximum of 2 questions

Discount: Edu plan (30% cheaper)
6Beekast15 interactive activities (Word cloud, Survey, MCQ, Matrix, Prioritization, Metaphor, and more) 

Integration: MS Teams, Zoo, GG Classroom, Jitsi Meet, and more
2M+ Users and 1.5K+ Companies❌No✅Up to 3 participants

Discount: 30% Off (Yearly plan)
7MentimeterInformative Q&A, Word Cloud, Live polls, Quizzes, Forms, and Profanity filter.

Integration: PowerPoint, Hopin, MS Teams, and Zoom
600M Voters✅AI-Powered Response Grouping✅50 participants per month
8GlisserAudience lottery, gamification, Live Polling & Poll Library, Word Cloud, Waiting Rooms.

Integration: CRM
5K Events
2.5M Attendees
❌No✅Store 5 presentations
Max 100 attendees

Discount: 60% Off (yearly plan)
9Poll EverywhereOnline polling, surveys, Q&As, quizzes, Word Cloud

Integration: 7+ Apps, Poll Everywhere app for mobiles
4M+ Users❌No✅25 max audience size
10Pitch100+ expert-made templates.

Integration: 10+ apps (Unsplash, Giphy, Vimeo, Loom, and more)
125K+ workspaces✅AI draft✅Unlimited presentations
Up to 10 guests
❌ No analytics link

Discount: Save 15% with yearly
11DirectPollOnline Polls: single-choice and multiple-choice questions, Cockpit-Link

Integration: N/A
N/A❌No✅Totally Free
12MiroVoting, Interactive presentation mode, whiteboarding and mind map
with 2500+ templates.

Integration: 100+ apps
60M+ Users
200K+ Organizations
✅AI-powered mind mapping✅3 editable boards

Discount: Save 20% yearly
12QuestionPro20+ professional survey themes. NPS survey, Multilingual surveys
52+ Question formats

Integration: 23+ apps
2.5M+ Users✅QxBot✅200 Respons per survey
30 Question types

Discount: No monthly plan, Free for Non-profit institutes.
14MuralVoting, Sticky notes, Mapping and diagramming

Integration: 43+ apps
60M+ users✅Mural AI + Microsoft 365 Copilot✅3 whiteboards
No Private Rooms

Discount: 17% Off (yearly)
15MeetingPusleReal-time polling, Ideation, Live Raffles & Quizzes

Integration: 6+ apps
100+ companies❌No✅Free trial
25 attendees
10 polls per meeting

Discount: No monthly plan
16ThoughtExchangeQualitative surveys, pre-made templates 
100+ languages support

Integration: Slack, Microsoft Teams, Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar
N/A✅AI-powered analysis❌ No
✅ Custom price
17CrowdpurrFun Team & Survivor Trivia Formats, Bingo, Lotteries, and Tournament modes, 1000+ customizable templates

Integration: Webex
N/A✅AI quiz generator✅20 Participants Per Experience
15 Questions Per Experience

Discount: 50% Off (yearly)
18Crowd Mics by biampMobile real-time polling, multiple choice, and type answer options. Using ATOM to host the event.

Integration: Zoom, MS Teams, and GG Classroom
N/A❌ No❌ No
19VevoxAnonymous Q&A, Word Cloud, Inclusive Quizzes, and Surveys

Integration: MS Teams, PowerPoint, LMS,
N/A✅AI-powered question generator ✅up to 100 users
20Echo360Engaging slides and gamification, anonymity feedback, and live polls, 15,000 approved assessment questions

Integration: LMS platforms
2M+ learners
1.2K Higher Education institutions
✅EchoPoll AI❌ No
21PlickerLow-tech, four-option flashcards (A, B, C, D), and instant feedback

Integration: ❌ No
N/A❌ No✅Unlimited students
Sets with 5 Questions

Discount: Up to 50% off for group orders.
22StreamAliveInteractive slides, quick polls, real-time responses, Word Cloud, Spinner Wheel, Emoji Everywhere, and Magic Maps.

Integration: GG Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams.
N/A✅ChatGPT 3.5✅Limited storage for slides
2 Users maximum

Discount: Save 50% annually
23QuizizzHigh-quality, interactive content with Real-time insights. Whiteboard, quizzes, spinner wheel, leaderboard, power-ups.

Integration: LMS
10M+ users✅ Yes✅Storage for up to 20 activities
24TypeformPower and beautiful forms, follow-up questions, feedback, lead generation, orders, surveys, research, and quizzes.

Integration: 10+ apps
125K+ organizations❌ No❌ No
Unlimited surveys and questions
100 responses/mo included (basic plan)

Discount: Save 16% annually
25JotformMobile responsiveness, sync data with other forms, drop-off analysis and premium themes.

Integration: CRM
5M+ users❌ No✅ 5 Forms
100 monthly submissions

Discount: Save up to 20% yearly
26SurveyLabResponsive surveys for all devices, automatic email notifications, survey filters, and Custom redirects.

Integration: CRM, SFA, Portal, eShop, mailing
N/A❌ No❌ No
14-day trial
1000 responses/month (starter plan)

Discount: 2 months free (yearly plan)
27SurveyLegend20 question types, 70+ meticulously designed themes, Logic and branching, and White label surveys.

Integration: Google Sheets, Mailchimp, & Salesforce
N/A❌ No✅ 1000 responses/survey
6 pictures per survey

Discount: 25% off (yearly)
28FormstackMobile-friendly forms, smart lists, conditional logic, & electronic signature

Integration: 260+ apps
25K+ users❌ No❌ No Free plan
Starting plan:
20 Digital Forms
1,000 Submissions Per Form

Discount: 2 months free (annually)
29PollfishA/B testing, templates, advanced filtering, survey Scheduling, and Complete team onboarding.

Integration: 140,000+ app/website partners
250+ million
✅ Yes✅14 advanced question types
3 screening questions
30PollyQ&A + suggestion box, Meeting feedback workflows, Trivia and Hot Takes, Daily stand-ups, and Free templates.

Integration: Slack, MS Teams
1M+ users✅ Yes✅25 monthly responses per creator
31ParticiPollVoting in 9 languages, Multiple choice polls, Word Cloud, Live audience comments, and Branded voting page (Enterprise plan)

Integration: PowerPoint
N/A❌No❌ No
7-day trial, limited to 5 votes per poll
32EngagenowInteractive presentation with live Q&A, quizzes and polls, logic jumps, built-in links, and personal archive.

Integration: PowerPoint
N/A❌No✅100 responses per month
100 event participants

Discount: 40% off (annually)
33Simple PollSlack culture games with polls and surveys, custom emojis and real-time results.

Integration: Slack
N/A❌No✅100 responses, 30 polls &10 surveys per month.

Discount: save 20% annually
34HowspacePolls, Pulse survey, Word Cloud, Mind mapping, free templates, and peer feedback.

Integration: MS Teams
N/A✅ Yes✅Limited widgets
Discount: save 17% annually (business plan)
35Kahoot!Game-based learning site with 20+ question formats, quizzes, polls, World Cloud, Drop-pin, and Brainstorming.

Integration: MS Teams, PowerPoint, and Canvas
9M+ users✅AI question generator❌No
Max. players 20 per Kahoot
Limited question types

Discount: Save 35% annually
36SurveyOl20+ question types, 200+ free templates, Email and SMS invitations, Sentiment analysis

Integration: Hubspot
N/A✅ChatGPT✅ Unlimited surveys, questions, and responses

Discount: 43% saving (yearly)
37Slides with FriendsReady-to-play slides with live Word Cloud, trivia games, quizzes, and real-time polls.
Epic games: Pass the Mic, Soundboards, and Jackbox style games.

Integration: Zoom,
N/A❌No✅ Host up 10 pp
10 interaction types

Discount: Save 50% yearly
38ChatFoxFun icebreakers for inclusive and stress-free team shoutouts, one-on-one feedback, birthday surprises, and onboarding.

Integration: Slack
N/A❌No✅ 26 Activities / Month
Limited features
39Qualtric XMProfessional quantitative and qualitative surveys, intelligent stats, and 360 Development.

Integration: 100+ apps
16K+ brands✅AI-guided manager assist❌No
40Zoho Survey25 question types, personalized themes, buy responses, and professional 250+ survey templates.

Integration: Zoho apps, CRM, 9+ apps
1M+ users❌No✅10 Questions / 100 Responses / Survey

Discount: Save 30% yearly
41OneAskEvent votings, polls, surveys, 30+ present themes, Crowdsource questions

Integration: Zoom,
N/A❌No 100% free
Unlimited features
42GimkitA live learning game show with a unique leaderboard system. Players can earn virtual currency ("Gimkit bucks") and do shopping with them. Host live games with a free public kit.

Integration: Google Classroom
90K+ users❌No Unlimited access to featured game modes

Discount: Group pricing
43SlideLizardInteractive polls, Q&A, slide sharing, custom feedback form. Detect outdated slides. Windows support only.

Integration: PowerPoint, MS Teams, Live-Streaming apps
N/A✅AI slides generator✅Unlimited Attendees
Unlimited polls
100 slides cloud storage
44VotemoQ&As, on-the-go Word Cloud, Live Emojis, Feedback Polls, and Paid Polls.

Integration: 50+ apps
N/A❌No✅ Up to 50 participants
Limited features
45ClassPointGamified quizzes with 8 question types, Word Cloud, inclusive live Q&A sessions, and anonymous submissions.

Integration: PowerPoint
500K+ users✅AI quiz generator✅Max 25 class size
5 Question types
46LatticeDivesve survey formats: Pulse, onboarding & exit, eNPS with real-time feedback, and 500+ curated templates.

Integration: Zenefits, Deel and 20+ apps
3.7K users✅AI–powered insights❌No
4715FiveEngagement surveys with best-practice templates from in-house experts and customizable performance reviews.

Integration: 7+ apps
N/A✅AI Synthesized Feedback Insights❌No
48Swift DigitalA dedicated survey tool with 15 question types, signature panels, and branded themes.

Integration: 6+ apps, CRM, and Email platforms
Request a demo plan from the sales team.
49SocrativeQuizzes, exit tickets, Quick Questions, Gamified-based trivia with leaderboard.

3M+❌No✅Up to 5 quizzes, 50 students

Discount: Save 25% with promo code.
50ClasstimeInteractive quizzes with game-design elements, 10 tech-enabled question styles, 50,000 standards-aligned questions, and math notion support.

Integration: Google Classroom, MS Teams
1.95K subscribers❌No✅Free templates
Core features
Up to 40 students simultaneously
An overview of alternatives to Slido

What Global Event Organisers Think

“AhaSlides added real value to our web lessons. Now, our audience can interact with the teacher, ask questions and give instant feedback. Moreover, the product team has been always very helpful and attentive. Thanks, guys, and keep up the good work!”

André Corleta from Me Salva! - Brazil

"We used AhaSlides at an international conference in Berlin. 160 participants and a perfect performance of the software. Online support was fantastic. Thank you! ⭐️"

Norbert Breuer from WPR Communication - Germany

“10/10 for AhaSlides at my presentation today - workshop with about 25 people and a combo of polls and open questions and slides. Worked like a charm and everyone said how awesome the product was. Also made the event run much more quickly. Thank you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻”

Ken Burgin from Silver Chef group - Australia

“Thank you AhaSlides! Used this morning at the MQ Data Science meeting, with approx 80 people and it worked perfectly. People loved the live animated graphs and open text 'noticeboard' and we collected some really interesting data, in a quick and efficient way.”

Iona Beange from The University of Edinburgh - United Kingdom

Learn more about the reasons why we should include multimedia presentations in class!

Key Takeaways

Among the many alternatives to Slido, updated in 2024, AhaSlides stands out as a worthy candidate as the best free alternative to Slido. Having plenty of useful features, more flexibility and integration, a simpler interface, and fairly generous pricing plans, AhaSlides is the all-in-one presentation software you need to shine on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Slido?

Slido is a live Q&A platform helping presenters to engage with the audience better, by making creative formatted questions, as the best way to gain insights, and also to encourage audience reactions and engagement across seminars and events.

What Are Free Slido Alternatives?

AhaSlides, Kahoot!, Quizizz, Crowdpurr, Vevox, Mentimeter, Poll Everywhere and Glisser

What Is Slido Cost?

The Engage plan starts from 12$ per month, as it's included everything in Basic plan, along with seat for 1 user, with option to add more users, Up to 200 participants per event, Unlimited polls, Image polls along with Slido surveys.

Which One Is Better? Slido Vs Poll Everywhere?

Each of them has a distinguish strength and weakness. Therefore, you should choose Slido if you need high audience engagement, host significant virtual events, also want more advanced Q&A features with a user-friendly interface. Poll Everywhere is best for large varieties in question types, you could focus on assessments and feedback, requires platform integrations, and prefer a generous free plan.