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72 Hot Takes Game Questions for Spicy Opinions

72 Hot Takes Game Questions for Spicy Opinions

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Leah Nguyen 25 Jul 2023 7 min read

Hot takes are perfect if you want to stir up the air and head to some heated debates with your friends, family, or coworkers.

But what exactly is the hot takes game and how to craft the right question that ignites fun chaos?

We have rounded up the 72 spiciest questions for every common topic. Dive in to explore👇

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What is a Hot Take?

A hot take is an opinion designed to spark debate.

Hot takes are controversial by nature. They go against the grain of popular opinion, pushing the boundaries of acceptability.

But that’s what makes them fun – they invite discussion and disagreement.

What is a Hot Take? - Hot Takes Game
What is a Hot Take? – Hot Takes Game (Image credit: Youtube)

Hot takes are usually about topics most people can relate to – entertainment, sports, food we all enjoy.

They often throw an unconventional, eyebrow-raising twist on a familiar subject to get a reaction.

The more widespread the topic, the more likely people will chime in with their two cents. So try to avoid overly niche hot takes that only a select few will “get”.

Keep your audience in mind when crafting hot takes – tailor them to folks’ interests, senses of humour and personal opinions.

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Hot Takes Game

Brand Hot Takes Game

1. Apple products are overpriced and overhyped.

2. Teslas are cool but impractical for most people.

3. Starbucks coffee tastes like water.

4. Netflix’s good content has been in decline for years.

5. Shein treats their workers terribly and harms the environment.

6. Nike’s shoes fall apart too quickly for the price.

7. Toyota makes the most mediocre cars.

8. Gucci’s designs have gotten wacky and lost their appeal.

9. McDonald’s fries are way better than Burger King’s.

10. Uber provides better services than Lyft.

11. Google’s products have gotten bloated and confused over the years.

Brand Hot Takes Game
Brand Hot Takes Game

Animal Hot Takes Game

12. Cats are selfish and aloof – dogs are much more loving pets.

13. Pandas are overrated – they’re lazy and barely seem interested in reproducing to save their own species.

14. Koalas are dumb and boring – they mainly just sleep all day.

15. Snakes make great pets, people are just irrationally afraid of them.

16. Rats actually make fantastic pets but get an undeserved bad reputation.

17. Dolphins are jerks – they bully other animals for fun and enjoy torturing their prey.

18. Horses are overrated – they’re expensive to maintain and don’t actually do that much.

19. Elephants are too big – they cause too much damage just by existing.

20. Mosquitoes should go extinct because they don’t make any difference to the ecosystem.

21. Gorillas are over-lionised – chimpanzees are actually the more intelligent great ape.

22. Dogs get way more attention and admiration than they deserve.

23. Parrots are annoying – they’re loud and destructive but people still keep them as pets.

Animal Hot Takes Game
Animal Hot Takes Game

Entertainment Hot Takes Game

24. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are style over substance and mostly boring.

25. Beyonce is hugely overrated – her music is okay at best.

26. The Game of Thrones series is better than Breaking Bad.

27. Friends was never that funny – it’s overhyped because of nostalgia.

28. The Lord of the Rings trilogy dragged on way too long.

29. The Kardashian show is actually entertaining and should produce more seasons.

30. The Beatles are massively overrated – their music sounds dated now.

31. Social media has been terrible for creativity and art – it encourages shallow content.

32. Leonardo DiCaprio is a good actor, but he’s not as great as people claim.

33. Most Anime animations are terrible.

34. Overwatch > World of Warcraft.

35. Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap.

Entertainment Hot Takes Game
Entertainment Hot Takes Game

Food Hot Takes Game

36. Margherita pizza is the OG pizza.

37. Sushi is overhyped. Raw fish shouldn’t be considered a delicacy.

38. Vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate ice cream.

39. Bacon is the most overrated food. It’s literally just salty fat.

40. French fries are inferior to waffle fries.

41. Avocados are tasteless and their popularity is bizarre.

42. Kale is inedible rabbit food, not actually healthy.

43. Durian smells and tastes bad.

44. Nutella is just sugary hazelnut paste.

45. Hot dogs over burgers any day.

46. Cheese is tasteless and doesn’t add value to the dish.

47. A Keto diet is better than any diet.

Food Hot Takes Game
Food Hot Takes Game

Fashion Hot Takes Game

48. Skinny jeans squeeze your genitals for no good reason – baggy jeans are more comfortable.

49. Tattoos have lost all meaning – now they’re just cliche body decorations.

50. Designer handbags are a waste of money – a $20 one works just as well.

51. H&M is the best fast-fashion brand.

52. Skinny jeans don’t look flattering on men.

53. Wolf-cut hairstyles are cliché and boring.

54. No style is original anymore.

58. Crocs are essentials and everyone should get a pair.

59. False eyelashes look tacky on women.

60. Oversized clothing looks not as good as clothing that actually fits.

61. Nose ring doesn’t look good on anyone.

Fashion Hot Takes Game
Fashion Hot Takes Game

Pop Culture Hot Takes Game

62. Socially conscious “woke” culture has gone too far and become a parody of itself.

63. Modern feminists only want to take men down, they don’t want to cohabit.

64. Celebrities who get into politics should keep their opinions to themselves.

65. Award shows are completely out of touch and meaningless.

66. Veganism is unsustainable and most “vegans” still consume animal products.

67. Self-care culture often devolves into self-indulgence.

68. Pretty privilege is real and should be omitted.

69. Vintage decorating trends make people’s homes look cluttered and tacky.

70. The words “unpopular opinion” are overused.

71. Henry Cavill has not done anything besides he’s vaguely British and conventionally handsome.

72. People are abusing mental illnesses as an excuse for everything.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a hot take?

A hot take is a purposely controversial or exaggerated opinion meant to provoke debate. It goes against mainstream views on a familiar topic to create buzz and attention.

While extreme, a good hot take contains enough truth to make people consider the other side, even as they disagree. The point is to generate thought and discussion, not just offend.

Some characteristics:

  • Attacks a popular view on a relatable topic
  • Exaggerated and hyperbolic to grab attention
  • Rooted in some valid criticism
  • Aims to provoke debate, not convince

How do you play the hot takes game?

#1 – Gather a group of 4-8 people who want to have an entertaining discussion. The more lively and opinionated the group, the better.

#2 – Choose a topic or category to start with. Popular options include food, entertainment, celebrities, pop culture trends, sports, etc.

#3 – One person starts by sharing a hot take on that topic. It should be an intentionally provocative or contrary opinion meant to generate debate.

#4 – The rest of the group then responds by either arguing against the hot take, providing a counterexample, or sharing a related hot take of their own.

#5 – The person who shared the original hot take then has a chance to defend their position before passing it to the next person.

#6 – The next person then offers a hot take on the same or a new topic. The discussion continues in the same way – share, debate, defend, pass.

#7 – Keep going, ideally landing on 5-10 total hot takes within 30-60 minutes as people build off each other’s arguments and examples.

#8 – Try to keep the discussion lighthearted and good-natured. While the hot takes are meant to be provocative, avoid actual nastiness or personal attacks.

Optional: Tally up points for the “spiciest” hot takes that generate the most debate. Award bonuses for those that go most against the group’s consensus views.

How many people can play the hot takes game?

The hot takes game can work well with a variety of group sizes:

Small Groups (4 – 6 people):
• Each person gets a chance to share multiple hot takes.
• There is plenty of time for debate and in-depth discussion of each take.
• Generally leads to a more thoughtful and substantive discussion.

Medium Groups (6 – 10 people):
• Each person only gets 1 – 2 chances to share hot takes.
• There is less time for debating each individual take.
• Generates a fast-paced debate with many different viewpoints.

Large Groups (10+ people):
• Each person only has 1 chance to share a hot take.
• Debate and discussion are more broad and free-flowing.
• Works best if the group already knows each other well.