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How to Join a Mentimeter Presentation? Is There a Better Alternative?

How to Join a Mentimeter Presentation? Is There a Better Alternative?


Lindsie Nguyen 04 Apr 2023 4 min read

In this blog post, we will cover how to join a Mentimeter Presentation in just a minute!

What Is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is an app that allows users to create presentations and receive real-time feedback in classes, meetings, conferences, and other group activities. Users can get feedback through polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As and other interactive features included in the presentation.

How to Join a Mentimeter Presentation and Why It Can Go Wrong

Mentimeter offers two methods for the participants to join its presentation.

Entering a 6-digit Code

When a user creates a presentation, they will receive an arbitrary 6-digit code on the top of the screen. The audience can use this code to access to the presentation. 

Mentimeter entrance display on your smartphone. But is there a better way to join a presentation?
Mentimeter entrance display on your smartphone

However, this numeric code only last for 4 hours. When you leave the presentation for 4 hours then come back, its access code will change. Thus it’s impossible to maintain the same code for your presentation over time. Good luck telling your audience on social media or printing it out on your event tickets and leaflets in advance!

Using a QR Code

Unlike the 6-digit code, the QR code is permanent. The audience can access the presentation any time by scanning the QR code.

Mentimeter QR code. But is there a better way to join a presentation?
How to join a Mentimeter presentation

However, it is perhaps a surprising fact to many of us that in many Western countries, using QR codes is still uncommon. Your audience may struggle to scan a QR code with their smartphones.

Another problem with the QR code is its distance limit. In a larger room where the audience sit over 5 meters (or 16 feet) away from the screen, they may not be able to scan the QR code at all (unless you have a giant cinema screen!)

For those who want to get into the technical detail of it, below is the formula to workout the size of the QR code based on the scanning distance:

QR Code Size Formula. It is good to measure Mentimeter QR code
QR Code Size Formula (source:

Anyway, the short answer is: you should not rely on the QR code is the only method for your participants to join in.

Is There a Better Alternative to the Mentimeter Way?

Yes, of course. Introducing AhaSlides.

AhaSlides is a fully integrated presentation platform that provides a set of interactive tools needed to create an engaging and instructive experience for your audience.

Conference event powered by AhaSlides
A conference powered by AhaSlides (photo courtesy of Joy Asawasripongtorn)

Customisable Access Code

AhaSlides gives you a better way to join its presentation: you can choose a short, memorable “access code” yourself. The audience can then join your presentation by typing in into their phone.

Creating your own access code easily with AhaSlides

This access code never changes. You can safely print it out or include it in your social media post. Such a simple solution to the Mentimeter problem!

AhaSlides – the best free alternative to Mentimeter

Better Subscription Plans

AhaSlides’s plans are much more affordable than Mentimeter. It also offers great flexibility with one-time and monthly plans, while Mentimeter only accepts annual subscriptions.

For a detailed comparison between the two interactive presentation software, please go here.

Better Engagement Tools

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What People Have Said About AhaSlides…

“I just had two successful presentations (e-workshop) using AhaSlides – client was very satisfied, impressed and loved the tool ”

Sarah Pujoh – United Kingdom

“Use AhaSlides monthly for my team’s meeting. Very intuitive with minimal learning. Love the quiz feature. Break the ice and really get the meeting going. Amazing customer service. Highly recommended!”

Unakan Sriroj from FoodPanda – Thailand

“10/10 for AhaSlides at my presentation today – workshop with about 25 people and a combo of polls and open questions and slides. Worked like a charm and everyone saying how awesome the product was. Also made the event run much more quickly. Thank you! ” 

Ken Burgin from Silver Chef group – Australia

Great program! We use it at Christelijk Jongerencentrum ‘De Pomp’ to stay connected to our youth! Thanks!” 

Bart Schutte – The Netherlands


AhaSlides is an interactive presentation software which provides features like live polls, charts, fun quizzes, and Q&A session. It is flexible, intuitive, and easy to use with no learning time. Try AhaSlides Today for Free!

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