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July 2022 Updates


Lawrence Haywood 23 September, 2022 2 min read

Take a look back at a summer of improvement on AhaSlides!

We spent our second scorching month of the season working on usability. We’ve made the platform easier to use for both presenters and participants, so that both could navigate their meetings and lessons without needing to worry about the tech.

You can see all the updates from July 2022 in the video below. Check below it for more info!

The Updates

  • Onsite template library – Grab templates directly from the AhaSlides homepage. Check out the full library and see descriptions of each AhaSlides-created template before downloading them directly to your account.
  • The new ‘Content’ Slide – The new slide that gives you freedom. Create blocks of text and image and edit the colour, size and shape of your content. Everything’s completely customisable, moveable and works directly on the canvas.
  • Undo and redo – Reverse mistakes with Ctrl + Z and bring things back with Ctrl + Shift + Z.
  • Live preview content slides – See the changes you make to your content slide in the slide’s thumbnail in the left column. This makes a presentation full of content slides easier to manage.
  • Copy link while presenting – In presentation mode you can copy the URL join link with a single click and paste it for your audience.
  • Get a copy of the slides – The new option to automatically ‘approve slide requests’ gives your wonderful work to your participants. All they do is make a request and get the link to your slides in their email.