Everything you need to engage your audience is here. And it’s super easy to use.

Involve your participants with live polls. Crowdsource the best questions and ideas from your audience. Excite your class with some quiz competition. There are so many great things you can do with AhaSlides.

Create interactive questions and slides in minutes

Add polls, open-ended questions, word clouds, Q&A sessions, preformatted slides and more to your presentations using AhaSlides’ simple, intuitive interface. AhaSlides is carefully designed so that it looks and feels just like the presentation software you are already familiar with, so there won’t be any learning curve at all.

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Get them all onboard in one simple step

Invite your audience to join your AhaSlides presentation by giving them a customisable link, or by quickly scanning a QR code. Once your audience have joined in on their phones, they will always be on the same slide as what’s being shown on the big screen.
They can answer questions, cast votes, submit their own questions or ideas, send encouraging reactions, and be really involved. Their smartphones, once being a source of distraction, are now a powerful tool for you to capture their full attention.

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Host fun quiz competitions (that can get pretty serious too)

Use AhaSlides’ Quiz question type to add some excitement to your presentation. With a ticking clock, bonus points, leaderboard, and gaming visual effects, the competition can get pretty serious too. Rest assured your audience will have a memorable time.

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Q&A Sessions

Make your presentation a truly two-way experience with Q&A sessions. Let your audience ask you questions in a way that keeps every query organised and logged for future reference.

Participants can write named or anonymous questions to you at any point during your presentation. On a Q&A slide, all questions are displayed and each participant can upvote any question they want you to answer. You can arrange the questions and mark them as ‘answered’ or ‘pinned’ for later.

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…And so much more!

Customise the theme and colours. Add your own logo. Create captivating word clouds. Google Slides support. Participant data analytics. Multiple language support. We are adding more features every week to make AhaSlides even better for you!

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Get on board and see it all for yourself!

It's amazing to see how one-sided lectures transform into two way conversations with just a few simple interactive questions. AhaSlides makes my job so much easier!

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