2024 Updated | Online Quiz Makers | 5 Free Online Quiz Platform to Energize the Crowd


Lawrence Haywood 10 May, 2024 11 min read

Are you looking for quiz-making sites? It's hard to imagine any event, situation, or small part of a person's life can't be improved with an AhaSlides free quiz platform.

Be the one to make that happen, make your own quiz game with these top 5 free online quiz makers.


TopOnline Quiz Makers for EngagementAhaSlides
Top Alternative to KahootGimKit Live
TopOnline Quiz Makers for StudentsQuizizz
TopOnline Quiz Makers Community UseTriviaMaker
TopOnline Quiz Makers ExaminationProprofs
Overview of Online Quiz Makers

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. AhaSlides
  3. GimKit Live
  4. Quizizz
  5. TriviaMaker
  6. ProProfs

Tips for Better Engagement

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Looking for More Fun During Gatherings?

Gather your team members by a fun quiz on AhaSlides. Sign up to take free quiz from AhaSlides template library!

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#1 - AhaSlides

AhaSlides is one of the best online quiz makers, the interactive software for raising engagement pretty much anywhere you need it. Its substantial quiz features sit alongside several other tools for grabbing attention and creating a fun dialogue with students, colleagues, trainees, customers, and beyond.

As a live online quiz maker, AhaSlides puts a lot of effort into electrifying the quizzing experience. It's a free online multiple choice quiz maker, sure, but it also has cool templates, themes, animations, music, backgrounds and live chat. It gives players a lot of reasons to get excited for a quiz.

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The straight-forward interface and a full template library means you can go from free sign-up to completed quiz in a matter of minutes.

A GIF question made on one of the top online quiz makers, AhaSlides.
AhaSlides - Best Create Quiz Website -Top Free online quiz creator

Top 6 Online Quiz Makers Features

Here are 6 reasons AhaSlides is one of the best free online quiz makers!

Many Question Types

Multiple choice, image choice, checkbox, true or false, type answer, match pairs and correct order.

Quiz Library

Use ready-made quizzes with a bunch of different topics.

Live Quiz Chat

Let players chat with each other while waiting for everyone to join the quiz.

Audio Embed
(paid only)

Place audio directly within a question to play on your device and players' phones.

Player-Paced Quizzes

Allow players to complete the quiz in their own time, without the host.

Top Support

Free live chat, email, knowledge base and video support for all users.

Other Free Features

  • Teamplay
  • Background music
  • Player report
  • Live reactions
  • Full background customisation
  • Manually add or deduct points
  • Integrated image and GIF libraries
  • Collaborative editing
  • Request player info
  • Show results on phone

Highlights from AhaSlides features

Cons of AhaSlides

  • No preview mode - Hosts will have to test their quiz by joining it themselves on their own phone; there's no direct preview mode to see how your quiz will look.


Free? up to 7 players
Monthly plans from...$1.95
Annual plans from...$23.40


Quiz FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueOverall

Live Quizzes to Lift the Room

Players playing a live quiz on AhaSlides over Zoom
AhaSlides - Quiz Maker Software

Choose from dozens of pre-made quizzes or create your own with AhaSlides. The joy of engagement, wherever you need it.

#2 - GimKit Live

As well as being one of the top alternatives to Kahoot!, one of the best online quiz makers, GimKit Live is a great free online quiz maker for teachers, made better by its modest stature in a field of giants. The entire service is operated by 3 full-time staff who earn their living through nothing but plan subscriptions.

Because of the small team, GimKit's quiz features are very focused. It's not a platform swimming in features, but the ones that it does have are well-made and perfectly tailored to the classroom, both on Zoom and in the physical space.

It works differently to AhaSlides in that quiz players proceed through the quiz solo, rather than as a whole group doing each question together. This allows for students to set their own pace for the quiz, but also makes cheating quite easy.

A question from a music quiz on GimKit Live.
Online Quiz Makers

Top 6 Quiz Maker Features

Here are 6 reasons why GimKit Live is one of the best free online quiz makers!

Many Game Modes

Over a dozen game modes, as the quiz game maker, including classic, team quiz, and the Floor is Lava.


Short burst quiz questions in a flashcard format. Great for schools and even self-learning.

Money System

Players earn money for each question and can buy power-ups, which do wonders for motivation.

Quiz Music

Background music with a beat that keeps players engaged for longer.

Assign as Homework
(paid only)

Send a link for players to complete the quiz in their own time

Question Import

Take other questions from other quizzes within your niche.

Cons of GimKit

  • Limited question types - Just the two, really - multiple choice and text input. Not as many varieties as other free online quiz makers.
  • Tough to stick - If you're using GimKit in the classroom, you may find that students lose interest with it after a while. Questions can get repetitive and the allure of earning money from correct questions soon wanes.
  • Limited support - Email and a knowledge base. Having 3 members of staff means barely any time for talking with customers.


Free? up to 3 game modes
Monthly plans from...$9.99
Annual plans from...$59.88


Quiz FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueOverall

#3 - Quizizz

In the last few years, Quizizz has really established itself as one of the top free online quiz makers out there. It's got a lovely blend of features and pre-made quizzes to ensure that you'll have the quiz you want without too much work.

For younger players, Quizizz is especially appealing. Bright colours and animations can liven up your quizzes, while a thorough report system is helpful for teachers to figure out how to craft the perfect quiz for students.

One of the best free online quiz makers, Quizizz, showing how interaction works between presenter and player.
Free Online Trivia Games

Top 6 Quiz Maker Features

Here are 6 reasons why Quizizz is one of the best free online quiz maker, especially for multiple choice for friends.

Great animations

Keep engagement high with animated leaderboards and celebrations

Printable Quizzes

Turn quizzes into worksheets for solo work or homework.


Get slick and detailed reports after quizzes. Great for teachers.

Equation Editor

Add equations directly into questions and answer options.

Answer Explanation

Explain why an answer is correct, shown directly after the question.

Question Import

Import single questions from other quizzes on the same subject.

Cons of Quizizz

  • Expensive - If you're using an online quiz maker for a group of more than 25, then Quizizz may not be for you. Pricing starts at $59 per month and ends at $99 per month, which quite frankly isn't worth it unless you're using it 24/7.
  • Lacking in variety - Quizizz has a surprising lack of different quiz question types. While many hosts are okay with multiple choice and typed answer questions, there is a lot of potential for other slide types like matching pairs and correct order.
  • Limited support - No way to chat live with support. You'll have to send an email or reach out on Twitter.


Free? up to 25 players
Monthly plans from...$59
Annual plans from...$228


Quiz FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueOverall

#4 - TriviaMaker

If it's game modes you're after, both GimKit and TriviaMaker are two of the best free online quiz makers out there. TriviaMaker is a step up from GimKit in terms of variety, but it will take users quite a bit more time to get used to how it all works.

TriviaMaker is more of a game show than an online quiz maker. It takes formats like Jeopardy, Family Fortunes, Wheel of Fortune and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and makes them playable for hangouts with friends or as an exciting subject review in school.

Unlike other virtual trivia platforms like AhaSlides and Quizizz, TriviaMaker doesn't usually allow players to play on their phones. The presenter merely displays the quiz questions on their screen, assigns a question to a person or team, who then guess the answer.

Jeopardy style game on TriviaMaker.
Online Quiz Program - Online Quiz Makers

Top 6 Quiz Maker Features

Here are 6 reasons why TriviaMaker is one of the best free online quiz makers!

Exciting Games

5 game types, all from famous TV game shows. Some are only for paying users.

Quiz Library

Take pre-made quizzes from others and edit them to your liking.

Buzz Mode

Live quizzing mode, currently in Beta, allows players to answer live with their phones.

(paid only)

Change the colour of different elements, background image, music and logo.

Player-Paced Quizzes

Send your quiz to anyone to complete in solo mode.

Cast to TV

Download the TriviaMaker app on a smart TV and display your quiz from there.

Cons of TriviaMaker

  • Live quiz in development - Much of the excitement of a live quiz is lost when players can't answer questions themselves. At the moment, they must be called upon to answer by the host, but the fix for this is currently in the works.
  • Poor interface - You'll have a big job on your hand if you want to create quizzes, as the interface can be quite confusing. Even editing an existing quiz is not very intuitive.
  • Two team maximum for free - On the free plan, you're only allowed a max of two teams, as opposed to 50 on all paid plans. So unless you want to get the wallet out, you'll have to make do with two enormous teams.


Free? up to 2 teams
Monthly plans from...$8.99
Yearly plans from...$29


Quiz FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueOverall

#5 - ProProfs

Known as the best online test maker, and even if you're looking for an online quiz maker for work, or even a fun alternative to Google Forms, ProProfs could be the one for you. It has a big library of surveys and feedback forms for employees, trainees and customers.

For teachers, ProProfs Quiz Maker is a little tougher to use. It brands itself as 'the world's simplest way to create online quizzes', but for the classroom, the interface is not too friendly and ready-made templates are seriously lacking in quality.

Question variety is good and reports are detailed, but ProProfs has some big aesthetic problems which may put off a lot of younger students and employees from playing.

ProProfs, one of the best online quiz makers around.
One of The Best Online Quiz Makers for Teachers - free online quiz maker for education!

Top 6 Quiz Maker Features

Here are 6 reasons why ProProfs is one of the best free online quiz makers!

Personality Quizzes

A separate type of quiz that gives a final result based on options chosen in the quiz.

Question Import
(paid only)

Take some of 100k+ questions across the quiz back catalogue.


Change fonts, size, brand icons, buttons and much more.

Multiple Instructors
(premium only)

Allow more than one person to collaborate on making a quiz at the same time.


Track the top and bottom players to see how they answered.

Live Chat Support

Speak to a real human if you get lost making or hosting your quiz.

Cons of ProProfs

  • Low quality templates - Most quiz templates are only a few questions long, are simple multiple choice and are pretty questionable in their quality. Take this question, for example: How long do Latvian residents receive Christmas presents for? Does anyone outside of Latvia know that?
  • Poor interface - Very text-heavy interface with haphazard arrangement. Navigation is painful and has the look of something that hasn't been updated since the 90s.
  • Aesthetically challenging - This is a polite way to say that questions just don't look that good on the host's or players' screens.
  • Confusing pricing - Plans are based on how many quiz takers you will have, rather than by standard monthly or annual plans. Once you have hosted more than 10 quiz takers, you will need a new plan.


Free? up to 10 quiz takers
Plans per quiz taker per month$0.25


Quiz FeaturesFree Plan ValuePaid Plan ValueOverall