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30 Best Word to Start Wordle | 2024 Reveal | Tips and Tricks Updated


Astrid Tran 18 December, 2023 10 min read

What is the Best Word To Start Wordle effectively?

Since New York Times bought Wordle in 2022, it has suddenly risen in popularity and become one of the must-play daily word games, with about 30,000 players every day. 

When was Wordle found?October, 2021
Who invented Wordle?Josh Wardle
How many 5 letter words are there?>150.000 words
Best Word to Start Wordle

There are no specific rules to play Wordle, simply guess a five-letter word within six attempts by receiving feedback on your guesses. Each letter in the word is represented by a gray square, and as you guess different notes, the squares will turn yellow to indicate the correct letters in the correct positions and green to indicate the correct letters in the wrong positions. There are no penalties or time limits, and you can play the game at your own pace.

There are a total of 12478 words that contain five letters, so it can take you hours to find a correct answer without tricks. It is the reason why some players and experts summarize the best word to start Wordle to optimize a chance of winning. Let’s check out what it is and some excellent tips and tricks to succeed at every Wordle challenge.

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Best word to start Wordle
How to play Wordle from New York Times – Best wordle starting words

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30 Best Word to Start Wordle

Having a strong starting word is important to win over Wordle. And, here are the 30 best Wordle starting words that are collected by numerous players and experts around the world. It is also the best word to start Wordle in normal mode, and some of them are suggested by WordleBot.

Best Word to Start Wordle
Best word to start Wordle
The best word to start Wordle

Best ‘Tips and Tricks’ to Win Wordle

It is a good strategy to begin the game with a list of the Best words to start Wordle, and don’t be afraid to use WordleBot to help analyze your answers and give you advice for future Wordles. And here are some techniques that help you increase your score on Wordle.

#1. Start with the same word every time

Starting with the same best word to start Wordle every time can indeed provide a baseline strategy for each game. While it doesn’t guarantee success, it allows you to establish a consistent approach and build familiarity with the feedback system.

#2. Choose a new word every time

Mixing it up and trying something new every day can be an enjoyable strategy in Wordle. Every daily Wordle answer is available for you to check so whenever you start your Wordle game, find some new words. Or simply choose the positive word to start at random to lift your spirits. 

#3. Use different letters for the second and third word

The first word and Second word are important. For some instances, Crane can be the best word to start Wordle, then, the second best word can be a totally different word like Sloth that does not contain any letters from Crane. It can be a best practice to eliminate the overlapping letter and narrow down other possibilities between these two words. 

Or for an increase in winning possibility, the best word to start Wordle is Hates, followed by Round and Climb, as starting words to use for Wordle. This combination of 15 different letters, 5 vowels, and 10 consonants can help you solve it 97% of the time.

#4. Pay attention to repeated letters

Bear in mind that for some instances, letters can repeat, so give some double letters words like Never or Happy a try. When a letter appears in multiple positions, it suggests that it is part of the target word. It’s a valuable tactic to use in conjunction with other strategies, enhancing your overall gameplay and increasing your chances of winning in Wordle.

#5. Select a word that has a lot of vowels or consonants

In contrast to the previous tip, this one recommends picking a word with different vowels and consonants each time. By selecting words with varied vowels and consonants, you maximize your options for finding the right letter positions. For example, the best word to start Wordle can be Audio which has 4 vowels (‘A’, ‘U’, ‘I’, ‘O’), or Frost Which has 4 consonants (‘F’, ‘R’, ‘S’, ‘T’). 

#5. Use word containing “popular” letters in the first guess 

Popular letters such as ‘E’, ‘A’, ‘T’, ‘O’, ‘I’, and ‘N’ often appear in many words, so incorporating them in your initial guess improves your chances of making accurate deductions. It is recorded that “E” is the letter that is most frequently used (1,233 times in total). 

Using common consonants strategically can be a helpful tip in Wordle. Common consonants, such as ‘S’, ‘T’, ‘N’, ‘R’, and ‘L’, are frequently used in English words.

For example, In Hard Mode, Least has become the new best word to start Wordle. It contains common letters like ‘L’, ‘E’, ‘A’, ‘S’, and ‘T.’

#6. Use the clues from previous words in the Puzzle

Pay close attention to the feedback provided after each guess. If a letter is consistently incorrect in multiple guesses, you can eliminate it from consideration for future words. This helps you avoid wasting guesses on letters that are unlikely to be part of the target word.

#7. Check out the ultimate List of all 5-letter words

If there is nothing left for you to come up with, check out the list of all 5-letter words in search engines. There are 12478 words that contain 5 letters, so if you already have some correct guesses with the best word to start Wordle, then look up the words that have some similarities and put them into the word. 

Where to play Wordle?

While the official Wordle game on The New York Times website is a popular and widely recognized platform for playing Wordle, there are some awesome alternative options available for those who want to experience the game in different ways.

Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl app typically follows the same basic rules as the original Wordle game, where you have few guesses to decipher the target word. The app may include features such as different difficulty levels, time challenges, and leaderboards to add competitiveness and enhance the gameplay experience.

Seven Wordles

If the classic Wordle with 6 guesses might be hard to start, why not try Seven Wordles. As one of the variants of classic Wordle, there is nothing changed except you have to guess seven Wordles in a row. This is also a time tracker that makes both your heart and brain work hard at a fast pace.

Seven Wordles


What is the difference between Wordle and Absurdle? In Absurdle, it could be 6, 7, 8, or more letters, depending on the specific game version or settings and you are given 8 tries for guessing a longer target word. Absurdle is also called “an adversarial version” of Wordle, according to the creator Sam Hughes, by dueling with players in a push-and-pull style.


Byrdle has a similar rule as Wordle, such as limiting the number of guesses to six, asking one Wordle per day within a twenty-four-hour period, and revealing the answer in social media. Nonetheless, the key difference between Wordle and Byrdle is that Byrdle is a choral word guessing game, which includes terms used in the field of music. For music lovers, it will be a paradise. 

Tips for Better Engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best first word in Wordle?

Bill Gates used to say that AUDIO is the best word to start Wordle. However, MIT research didn’t agree, they discovered that SALET (which means a 15th-century helmet) is an optimal starting word. Meanwhile, the New York Times did indicate CRANE is the best Wordle starting word. 

What are the best 3 words in a row for Wordle?

The top three words you should pick to win over Wordle at a fast pace are “adept,” “clamp” and “plaid”. It is estimated that these three words indeed yield an average success rate in winning the game of 98.79%, 98.75%, and 98.75%, respectively. 

What are the top 3 least used letters in Wordle?

While there are common letters that can make up for the best word to start Wordle, which can get you to target the word easily, there are some least used letters in Wordle that you can avoid in the first guess like Q, Z, and X.

Key Takeaways

A word game like Wordle brings certain benefits for your mental stimulation along with training your patience and perseverance. It is not best to add some joyfulness and excitement to your day with a Wordle. Don’t forget to try out different strategies for a good Wordle start.

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