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10+ Must-Try Dorm Room Games To Spice Up Your College Life


Jane Ng 15 June, 2024 5 min read

Are you looking for the best dorm room games? Don't worry! This blog post will provide the top 10 captivating dorm room games perfect for your dormitory. Whether you're a fan of classic board games, fast-paced card battles, or drinking games, you will have unforgettable gaming nights. 

So, grab your favourite snacks, rally your roommates, and let the games begin!


What does 'dorm' mean?dormitory
How many people are in a dorm room?2-6
Can you cook in a dorm room?No, the kitchen's separate
Overview of Dorm Room Games

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Dorm Room Games
Dorm Room Games. Image: freepik

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Fun Dorm Room Games

#1 - Never Have I Ever: 

Want to know your friends' secrets, try Never Have I Ever! It's a well-liked party game where participants alternately talk about experiences they've never had. If someone has done the mentioned activity, they lose a point. 

It's a fun and revealing game that sparks interesting conversations and allows players to learn more about each other's experiences.

#2 - Would You Rather:

With Would You Rather, players present two options, and others must choose which one they would instead do or prefer. 

It's a fun and thought-provoking game that leads to lively discussions and reveals players' preferences and priorities. Get ready for some tough choices and friendly debates!

#3 - Flip Cup:

Flip Cup is a fast-paced and exciting drinking game where players compete in teams. 

Each player starts with a cup filled with a beverage, and they must drink it as quickly as possible before attempting to flip the cup upside down by flicking it with their fingers. The first team to successfully flip all their cups wins. It's a thrilling and hilarious game that guarantees laughter and friendly competition.

Image: Thrillist

#4 - Spin The Bottle: 

It is a classic party game where players gather in a circle and take turns spinning a bottle placed in the centre. When the bottle stops spinning, the person it points to must perform a predetermined action with the spinner, such as a kiss or a dare. 

#5 - Heads Up!:

Heads Up! is an engaging mobile app game where players hold their phones to their forehead, revealing a word. The other players provide clues without saying the word directly, aiming to help the person holding the phone guess it correctly. 

Image: Warner Bros

Board Games - Dorm Room Games

#6 - Cards Against Humanity:

Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious party game. Players take turns as the Card Czar, drawing question cards and selecting the funniest response from their hand of answer cards.

It's a game that embraces dark humor and encourages outrageous combinations for lots of laughs.

#7 - Exploding Kittens:

Exploding Kittens is a fast-paced and strategic card game where players aim to avoid drawing an exploding kitten card from the deck. With the help of tactical cards, players can skip turns, peek at the deck, or force opponents to draw cards. 

It's a suspenseful and amusing game that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

#8 - Super Mario Party:

A virtual board game called Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch brings the excitement of the Super Mario series to life. 

Players compete in a range of exciting and interactive minigames, utilizing the unique abilities of their chosen characters. It's a lively and enjoyable game that combines strategy, luck, and friendly competition.

Drinking Games - Dorm Room Games

It is crucial to ensure that players are of legal drinking age and that everyone drinks responsibly, taking into account their tolerance and limits. 

#9 - Chardee MacDennis:

Chardee MacDennis is a fictional game featured in the TV show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." It combines physical, intellectual, and drinking challenges into a unique and intense competition. Players face a series of tasks, test their wits, endurance, and alcohol tolerance. It's a game that pushes boundaries and guarantees wild and memorable experiences.

#10 - Most Likely:

In Most Likely, players take turns asking questions beginning with "most likely." Everyone then points to the person they think is most likely to do the action described. Those who receive the most points take a drink, leading to lively debates and laughter.

Image: freepik

Key Takeaways 

Dorm room games are the perfect way to bring entertainment and laughter to your living space. These games provide a break from the daily routine, allowing you to relax and connect with your friends.

In addition, with AhaSlides, your experience is elevated to new heights. Our interactive quizzes, spinner wheel, and other games bring entertainment and encourage collaboration and friendly competition. Whether hosting a study break or simply looking for fun, AhaSlides will bring joy and connection to your living space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What games are like a Party in My Dorm? 

If you enjoy the virtual socializing aspect of Party in My Dorm, you might also enjoy games like Avakin Life, IMVU, or The Sims. 

How can I make my dorm room awesome?

To make your dorm room awesome, consider (1) personalizing your space with posters, photos, and decorations that reflect your personality, (2) investing in functional and stylish storage solutions to keep your room organized, (3) adding cozy elements like throw pillows and blankets and (4) create a comfortable seating area for socializing with friends.

What can you do in a dorm room?

Activities you can do in a dorm room include hosting a PowerPoint night, playing board games or card games, hosting small gatherings or parties with dorm room games and simply enjoying hobbies, including playing musical instruments, video games, practicing yoga or exercise routines.