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13 Simple Memory Games for Adults | Updated in 2023

13 Simple Memory Games for Adults | Updated in 2023

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Leah Nguyen 24 Jul 2023 6 min read

Your brain is like your muscles – they also need regular work out to be healthy and stay in shape! 🧠💪

A great thing is that there are fun and exciting memory games for adults out there to keep you miles away from boredom.

Let’s get to it.

Why are memory games good for seniors?Memory games improve cognitive function, reduce the risk of dementia, and increase focus and concentration for seniors.
Do memory games help improve memory?Yes, playing memory games can help improve your memory in several ways.
Do memory games really work?Memory games can work to improve memory function – especially when played regularly, with the right level of challenge, variety, and real-world application.
Overview about Memory Games for Adults

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Memory Games for Adults Benefits

Playing memory games regularly could help:

Improved cognitive function – Memory games exercise the brain in ways that can improve overall cognitive abilities like thinking speed, problem-solving skills, and mental processing. This keeps your mind sharp as you age.

Strengthened memory – Different memory games target different types of memory like visual memory, auditory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. Playing these games regularly can improve the specific memory skills they work on.

Increased focus and concentration – Many memory games require intense focus and concentration in order to remember and recall information quickly and accurately. This can improve these important cognitive skills.

Stress relief – Playing memory games can provide a mental break from everyday stresses. They occupy your mind in an enjoyable way and release “feel good” chemicals in the brain. This can relieve stress and anxiety.

Stimulated neuroplasticity – The brain’s ability to form new connections in response to new challenges or information. Memory games encourage this by requiring the formation of new associations and neural pathways.

Delayed cognitive decline – Regularly challenging your cognitive abilities through activities like memory games may help delay or reduce the risk of conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Though more research is needed.

Social benefits – Many popular memory games are played with others which can provide cognitive stimulation as well as the social benefits of interacting with family and friends. This can boost mood and well-being.

Memory Games for Adults
Memory Games for Adults

Best Memory Games for Adults

Which game harnesses the superpower to gear up your brain? Check it out below👇

#1. Concentration

Concentration - Memory Games for Adults
Concentration – Memory Games for Adults

Also known as Memory, this classic game involves flipping over pairs of matching cards.

It challenges both visual and associative memory while being easy to learn.

Perfect for a quick game that exercises the brain.

#2. Match The Memory

Like Concentration but with more cards to remember.

Challenging your associative memory as you search for matches among dozens of cards laid face down.

As the game progresses, the number of attempted retrievals without an error increases making it tough to keep all those matches straight!

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Memory Games for Adults

#3. Memory Lane

In Memory Lane, players try to memorise the location of various items on a board representing an old-fashioned street scene.

Recalling where items were “stored” in this virtual “memory palace” requires focus and calls on associative memory skills.

#4. Name That Tune

Name That Tune - Memory Games for Adults
Name That Tune – Memory Games for Adults

Players take turns humming or singing part of a song for others to guess.

Tests auditory memory and the ability to remember melodies and lyrics.

This is a great party game that will have you reminiscing about your favourite tunes.

#5. Speed

A fast-paced challenge that tests how many image-back card combinations players can remember in a short time.

As cards are correctly matched, the speed increases punishing.

An intense and fun workout for your visual memory.

#6. Set

A game of visual processing and pattern recognition.

Players must spot groups of 3 cards that match in specific ways among various shapes and shadings.

Using your “working memory” to keep potential matches in mind while reviewing new cards.

#7. Dominoes

Dominoes - Memory Games for Adults
Dominoes – Memory Games for Adults

Linking identical ends of dominoes requires noticing patterns and remembering which tiles have been played.

Strategising your next several moves exercises working and long-term memory.

Tile laying and taking turns make this a great social memory game.

#8. Sequence

Players lay out numbered cards from lowest to highest as quickly as they can.

As cards are drawn, they must be instantly placed in proper sequential order.

As the deck gets sorted, less margin for error remains adding challenge.

The game will test your visuospatial short-term memory and coordination.

#9. Simon Says

Simon Says Memory Games for Adults

A classic game that tests visual short-term memory and reflexes.

Players must remember and repeat a sequence of lights and sound that becomes longer after each round.

Simon memory game is a frantic and fun game where one mistake means you’re “out”.

#10. Sudoku

The goal is simple in Sudoku: fill in the grid with numbers such that each row, column and box contains the numbers 1-9 without repeating.

But keeping the rules and possible placements in your active memory becomes a challenging game of calculated elimination.

As you solve more and more squares, you’ll need to juggle increasingly complex options in your mind, training your working memory like a cognitive athlete!

#11. Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle - Memory Games for Adults
Crossword Puzzle Memory Games for Adults

Crossword Puzzle is a classic game where the goal is to figure out the word that fits each clue and fits into the word grid.

But holding the clues, letter placements and possibilities in mind takes mental multitasking!

As you solve more answers, you’ll need to remember across various sections of the puzzle, training your working and long-term memory through recall and recollection.

#12. Chess

In Chess, you’ll have to checkmate the opponent’s king.

But in practice, there are countless possible paths and permutations requiring immense concentration and calculation.

As the game progresses, you’ll need to juggle multiple threats, defences and opportunities in your mind, strengthening your working memory and long-term memory of strategic patterns.

#13. Nonograms

Nonograms - Memory Games for Adults
Nonograms – Memory Games for Adults

Prepare to crack the code within nonograms – logic puzzle picross games!

Here’s how they work:

・A grid with number clues along the sides
・Clues indicate how many filled cells are in a row/column
・You fill in cells to match clues

To solve you must deduce which cells to fill from clues, evaluate possibilities & eliminate wrong options, notice overlapping patterns and remember solved sections.

If you are familiar with Sudoku, then Nonograms is a memory game you can’t walk away from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What games can improve my memory?

Some examples of games that help improve your memory are:

• Sudoku – Filling in the numbers while following the rules requires you to hold information in working memory as you solve the puzzle.

• Go Fish – Remembering which cards your opponent has helps you ask for matches while not revealing your own hand, exercising memory and strategy.

• Sequence – Arranging numbered cards from lowest to highest requires you to remember the value of each card as you build the sequence, exercising number memory and working memory.

•Quiz Games – Trivia and general knowledge games exercise long-term recall memory as you remember facts and information.

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What is the online memory activity for adults?

Need to strengthen your memory skills? Try these online memory activities:

• Play memory games – Websites/apps offer a variety of memory games to choose from.

• Learn memorisation techniques – You can find guides and courses online that teach methods for improving your memory, like the memory palace technique or chunking information. Then you can practice those methods.

• Download Mindfulness apps – Practicing mindfulness can improve your memory and attention.

• Use online flashcards – Flashcard apps like Anki and Quizlet allow you to make virtual flashcards to test yourself on the information you need to recall.