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Which Type of Intelligence Are You? 2024 Reveal


Astrid Tran 05 January, 2024 8 min read

What type of intelligence do I have? Check out the features of the type of intelligence you possess with this article!

Until now, intelligence has been widely misunderstood. You may have undertaken an IQ test, got the results, and were upset about your low score. However, almost all IQ tests don’t measure what type of intelligence, they just check your logic and knowledge.

There are various types of intelligence. While some types of intelligence are more widely known, and sometimes get more appreciated, the fact is that no intelligence is superior to another. A person may have one or many intelligences. It is critical to understand what intelligence you possess, which not only helps you understand your potential but also assists you in making appropriate decisions in choosing your career.

This article will discuss the nine most frequent categories of intelligence. Also suggests how to know what type of intelligence you have. At the same time, pointing out signals helps you understand your intellect and guides how to enhance it.

type of intelligence
9 types of intelligence in MI theory

Table of Contents

  1. Mathematical-Logical Intelligence 
  2. Linguistics Intelligence 
  3. Spatial Intelligence
  4. Musical Intelligence
  5. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence 
  6. Intrapersonal Intelligence 
  7. Interpersonal Intelligence 
  8. Naturalistic Intelligence 
  9. Existential Intelligence
  10. Conclusion
  11. Frequently Asked Questions

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Mathematical-Logical Intelligence 

Mathematical-Logical Intelligence is well-known as the most common type of intelligence. People own this ability to think conceptually and abstractly, and the capacity to discern logical or numerical patterns.

Ways for advancement:

  • Solve Brain Puzzles
  • Play Board Games
  • Write Stories
  • Do Scientific Experiments
  • Learn Coding

Examples of famous people who have this type of intelligence: Albert Einstein

Featured Skills:  Working with numbers, scientific investigations,  problem-solving, performing experiments

Job Fields: Mathematicians, scientists, engineers, accountants

Linguistics Intelligence

Linguistics intelligence is the ability of sensitivity to spoken and written language, the ability to learn languages, and the capacity to use language to accomplish certain goals;’, according to Modern Cartography Series, 2014.

Ways for advancement:

  • Reading books, magazines, newspapers, and even jokes
  • Practice writing (journal, diary, story,..)
  • Playing word games
  • Learning a few new words

Examples of famous people who have this type of intelligence: William Shakespeare,  J.K. Rowling

Featured Skills:  Listening, speaking, writing, teaching.

Job Fields: Teacher, poet, journalist, writer, lawyer, politician, translator, interpreter

Spatial Intelligence

Spatial intelligence, or visuospatial ability, has been defined as “the ability to generate, retain, retrieve, and transform well-structured visual images” (Lohman 1996).

Ways for advancement:

  • Use Descriptive Spatial Language
  • Play Tangrams or Legos.
  • Participate in Spatial Sports
  • Play a game of chess
  • Create a Memory Palace

Famous people with spatial intelligence: Leonardo da Vinci, and Vincent van Gogh 

Featured Skills:  Puzzle building, drawing, constructing, fixing, and designing objects

Job Fields: Architecture, Designer, Artist, Sculptor,  Art Director, Cartography, Math,…

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Leonardo da Vinci – visual spatial intelligence famous people

Musical Intelligence

Musical type of intelligence is the capacity to understand and produce songs such as rhythm, lyrics, and patterns. It is also known as musical-rhythmic intelligence. 

Ways for advancement:

  • Learn to play a musical instrument
  • Discover the lives of notable composers.
  • Listen to music in various styles than you are accustomed to
  • Learning a language

Famous people with musical intelligence: Beethoven, Michael Jackson

Featured Skills:  Singing, playing instruments, composing music, dancing, and thinking musically.

Job Fields: Music Teacher, Songwriter, Music Producer, Singer, DJ,…

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence 

Having the capacity to manage one’s body movements and handle objects skillfully is referred to as bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. It is believed that people with high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are adept at controlling their body movements, behaviors, and physical intelligence.

Ways for advancement:

  • Work while standing up.
  • Include physical activity in your workday.
  • Make use of flashcards and a highlighter.
  • Take a unique approach to subjects.
  • Employ role-playing
  • Think about simulations.

Examples of famous people who have this type of intelligence: are Michael Jordan, and Bruce Lee.

Featured Skills:  skilled at dancing and sports, creating things with hands, physical coordination

Job Fields: Actors, craftspeople, athletes, inventors, dancers, surgeons, firefighters, Sculptor

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Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence can comprehend oneself and how one feels and thinks, and use such knowledge in planning and directing one’s life.

Ways for advancement

  • Keep a record of your thoughts. 
  • Take The breaks for Thinking 
  • Think About All Intelligence Types Participating in Personal Development Activities or Study books

Examples of famous people who have this type of intelligence, check out few famous intrapersonal people: Mark Twain, Dalai Lama

Featured Skills:  Aware of inner feelings, emotion control, self-knowledge, Coordinating and planning

Job Fields: Researchers, theorists, philosophers, program planner

type of intelligence in psychology
Howard Gardner – Father of ‘type of intelligence’ in psychology – Famous Intrapersonal Person

Interpersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal type of intelligence is a willingness to identify complicated interior sensations and use them to guide behavior. They are good at understanding people’s feelings and intentions, allowing them to skillfully handle problems and develop harmonious relationships.

Ways for advancement:

  • Teach someone something
  • Practice asking questions
  • Practice active listening
  • Cultivate a positive outlook

Examples of famous people who have this type of intelligence: are Mahatma Gandhi, Oprah Winfrey

Featured Skills: Conflict Management, Teamwork, Public Speaking, 

Job Fields:  Psychologist, consultant, coach, sales-person, politician

Naturalistic Intelligence

Naturalistic intelligence is having the knack to identify, classify, and manipulate elements of the environment, objects, animals, or plants. They take care of the environment and understand the relationships between plants, animals, humans, and the environment. 

Ways for advancement:

  • Practice observation
  • Playing Brain Training Games
  • Going On Nature Walks
  • Watching Nature-Related Documentaries

Famous person with naturalistic intelligence: David Suzuki, Rachel Carson

Featured Skills: Acknowledge one’s connection to nature, and apply science theory to one’s daily life.

Job Fields:  Landscape architect, scientist, naturalist, biologist

Existential Intelligence

People with existential intelligence think abstractly and philosophically. They can utilize metacognition to investigate the unknown. Sensitivity and the ability to confront profound concerns regarding human existence, such as the meaning of life, why we die, and how we got here.

Ways for advancement:

  • Play the Big Questions Game
  • Read Books in Different Languages
  • Spend Time in Nature
  • Think outside the box

Examples of famous people who have this type of intelligence: Socrates, Jesus Christ

Featured Skills:  Reflective and deep thinking, design abstract theories

Job Fields: Scientist, philosopher, theologian


There are numerous definitions and classifications of intelligence based on expert viewpoints. Such as 8 types of intelligence Gardner, 7 types of intelligence, 4 types of intelligence, and more.

The above classification is inspired from the theory of mutilple intelligence. We hope that our article can provides you with a broader comprehension of each specific type of intelligence. You might realize that there is an array of potential and ability for your career growth that you have yet to completely know. Make the most of your skills, stand out in your field, and get rid of self-deprecation on your way to success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 types of intelligence?

  • Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Social Quotient (SQ) and Adversity Quotient (AQ)
  • What are the 7 types of intelligence?

    Psychologist Howard Gardner distinguished the following types of intelligence. They are included here in terms of gifted/talented children: Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Spatial, Musical, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal.

    What are the 11 types of intelligence?

    Gardner initially proposed the concept of seven categories of intelligence but later added two more types of intelligence, and by that time other intelligence had also been added. In addition to the mentioned 9 types of intelligence above, here are 2 more: emotional intelligence, and creative intelligence.

    Ref: Tophat