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AhaSlides Product Updates in June 2022


Ellie Tran 30 June, 2022 3 min read

This month, our team has been really busy behind the scenes, improving features to bring you more engagement, wherever you need it.

Everything we’ve just released, whether it’s a new feature or an improvement, is to help you make your presentations more fun, more easily.

New Slide Type

  1. Content slide: The brand new 'Content' slide lets you make your non-interactive slides exactly how you want. You can add and edit text, formatting, images, links, colours and more directly on the slide! Alongside that, you can drag, drop and resize all text blocks with ease.
AhaSlides' new content slide.

New Template Features

  1. Question bank: You can search and pull a premade slide into your presentation in no time ⏰ Click the '+ New Slide' button to find yours from over 155,000 ready-made slides in our slide library.
AhaSlides' question bank.
  1. Publish your presentation to the template library: You can upload any presentation you're proud of to our template library and share it with 700,000 AhaSlides users. All users, including you, can download real presentations from others to use whenever! You can publish them either directly in the template library or via the share button on the editor of your presentation.
Publish your template to AhaSlides' template library.
Publishing a presentation in the template library.
Publish your template to AhaSlides' template library.
Publishing a presentation from the presentation editor.
  1. Template library homepage: The template library’s had a make-over! It’s now much easier to find your template with the less cluttered interface and new search bar. You’ll find all templates made by the AhaSlides team on top and all user-made templates in the ‘Newly added’ section below.
AhaSlides' template library.

New Quiz Features

  1. Manually reveal correct answers: Click a button to show the correct quiz answers yourself, rather than let it happen automatically after the time is up. Head to Settings > General quiz settings > Manually reveal correct answers.
Manually reveal correct answers in a quiz on AhaSlides.
  1. End question: Hover over the timer during a quiz question and press the ‘End now’ button to end that question right there.
Gif of end question button on AhaSlides.
  1. Paste images: Copy an image online and press Ctrl + V (Cmd + V for Mac) to paste it directly into an image upload box on the editor.
  1. Hide individual leaderboard in a team quiz: Don’t want your players to see everyone’s individual ranking? Select Hide individual leaderboard in the team quiz settings. You can still manually reveal the individual scores if you want.
Hide individual leaderboard settings on AhaSlides.
  1. Undo & Redo: Made a mistake? Use the arrows to undo and redo your last few actions on: 

🎯 Slide titles, headings & subheadings.

🎯 Descriptions.

🎯 Answer options, bullet points & statements.

You can also press Ctrl + Z (Cmd + Z for Mac) to undo and Ctrl + Shift + Z (Cmd + Shift + Z for Mac) to redo.

Undo/redo arrows on AhaSlides.

🌟 Are there any updates that you're after? Feel free to share with us in our community!