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AhaSlides x Zoom Integration: The Dynamic Duo You Need for Fun Interactive Presentations


Leah Nguyen 28 June, 2024 5 min read

Want some quick and easy icebreakers for Zoom meetings but don’t know how? AhaSlides is here to help you with our newest Zoom integration - which doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to set up and is completely FREE!

With dozens of interactive activities: quizzes, polls, spinner wheel, word cloud,…you can customise our app for any Zoom gatherings, small or large. Let’s jump right in to see how to set us up…

How to Use the AhaSlides Zoom Integration

Our baby lets you blend interactive slides with ease into your Zoom meetings. No more shuffling between apps - your viewers can vote, comment and discuss straight from their video call. Here's how:

Step 1: Log into your Zoom account, search for 'AhaSlides' in the 'Apps' section, and click 'Get'.

how to use the ahaslides zoom integration

Step 2: Once installed, hosting is simple. Launch the app during your meeting and log into your AhaSlides account. Pick a deck, share your screen, and invite everyone to participate from within the call. They won't need separate login details or devices - just the Zoom app open on their end.

Step 3: Run your presentation normally and watch the responses roll in on your shared slideshow.

💡Not hosting but attending? There are many ways to attend an AhaSlides session on Zoom: 1 - By adding the AhaSlides app from the Zoom app marketplace. You will be inside AhaSlides automatically when the host starts their presentation (if that doesn't work, select 'Join as a Participant' and input the access code). 2 - By opening the invitation link when a host invites you.

What You Can Do with AhaSlides Zoom Integration

Icebreakers for Zoom meeting

A short, quick round of Zoom icebreakers will surely get everyone in the mood. Here are some ideas to organise it with AhaSlides Zoom integration:

#1. Two truths, one lie

Have participants share 3 short "facts" about themselves, 2 true and 1 false. Others vote on the lie.

💭 Here you need: AhaSlides' multiple-choice poll slide.

#2. Finish the sentence

Present an unfinished statement for people to complete in 1-2 words in real-time polls. Great for sharing perspectives.

💭 Here you need: AhaSlides' word cloud slide.

#3. Werewolves

The Werewolves game, also known as Mafia or Werewolf, is a super popular large-group game that excels in breaking the ice and makes meetings a whole lot better.

Game overview:

  • Players are secretly assigned roles: Werewolves (minority) and Villagers (majority).
  • The game alternates between the "night" and "day" phases.
  • Werewolves try to eliminate Villagers without being detected.
  • Villagers try to identify and eliminate Werewolves.
  • The game continues until either all Werewolves are eliminated (Villagers win) or Werewolves outnumber Villagers (Werewolves win).

💭 Here you need:

  • A moderator to run the game.
  • Zoom's private chat feature to assign roles to players.
  • AhaSlides' brainstorm slide. This slide lets everyone submit their ideas on who might be the werewolf and vote for the player they want to eliminate.
AhaSlides Zoom add-in | Zoom integration | Werewolf game on Zoom
1. Players can submit ideas on who they think is the werewolf
AhaSlides Zoom add-in | Zoom integration | Werewolf game on Zoom
2. For the voting round, players can vote on who's the most suspicious
AhaSlides Zoom add-in | Zoom integration | Werewolf game on Zoom
3. The final result is out - the player who's voted the most will get eliminated

Zoom Meeting Activities

With AhaSlides, your Zoom meetings aren't just meetings - they're experiences! Whether you want to run a knowledge check, an all-hands meeting, or those big, hybrid conference events, AhaSlides Zoom integration lets you do all without ever leaving the app.

Spark lively Q&A

Get the conversation flowing! Let your Zoom crowd fire away questions - incognito or loud and proud. No more awkward silences!

Keep everyone in the loop

"You still with us?" becomes a thing of the past. Quick polls ensure your Zoom squad is all on the same page.

Quiz 'em up

Use our AI-powered quiz generator to create edge-of-your-seat quizzes in 30 seconds. Watch those Zoom tiles light up as folks race to compete!

Instant feedback, no sweat

"How'd we do?" Just a click away! Toss out a speedy poll slide and get the real scoop on your Zoom shindig. Easy peasy!

Brainstorm effectively

Stuck for ideas? Not anymore! Get those creative juices flowing with virtual brainstorms that'll have great ideas popping up.

Training with ease

Boring training sessions? Not on our watch! Test them with quizzes and get meaningful participant reports that improve your future training sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AhaSlides Zoom integration?

The AhaSlides Zoom integration allows you to seamlessly use AhaSlides interactive presentations directly within your Zoom meetings. This means you can engage your audience with polls, quizzes, Q&A sessions, word clouds, videos, and more, all without leaving the Zoom platform.

Do I need to download any additional software?

No. AhaSlides is a cloud-based platform, so you don't need to download any additional software to use the Zoom integration.

Can multiple presenters use AhaSlides in the same Zoom meeting?

Multiple presenters can collaborate, edit and access an AhaSlides presentation, but only one person can share the screen at a time.

Do I need a paid AhaSlides account to use the Zoom integration?

The basic AhaSlides Zoom integration is free to use.

Where can I see the results after my Zoom session?

The participant report will be available to see and download in your AhaSlides account after you end the meeting.