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Lawrence Haywood 31 May, 2024 5 min read

Welcome to the AhaSlides Template Library!

This space is where we keep all of the ready-to-use templates on AhaSlides. Every template is 100% free to download, change and use in whatever way you want.

Hello AhaSlides community, 👋

A quick update for everyone. Our new template library page is on to make it easier for you to search and select templates by theme. Every template 100% free to download and can be changed according to your creativity only by 3 following steps:

  • Visit Templates section on the AhaSlides website
  • Choose any template that you like to use
  • Click on the Get Template button to use it right away

Create a free AhaSlides account if you want to see your work later on.

Try the newest templates sorted by: 

  • Business & Work: Not only make your meetings more interactive than ever but also help your team work more efficiently and easily.
  • Education: Templates of polls, word clouds, open-ended questions, and quiz questions to up the student participation in your class.
  • Quizzes: Where the most interesting and funny games are born, suitable for all ways from online to offline.
  • Or All 💯💯

Need more specific instructions? Get started on the Ahaslides Template Library!

More on quiz with AhaSlides

AhaSlides Template Library - Fun Quizzes

General Knowledge

Test your general knowledge with 4 rounds and 40 questions.

ahaslides template library

Best Friend

See how well your besties know you!

AhaSlides Template Library - Best Friend Quiz

Pub Quizzes

The 5 quizzes below are from the AhaSlides on Tap series - a weekly series of pub quizzes with ever-changing rounds. The quizzes here feature questions from others in this library, but are packaged together into 4-round, 40-question quizzes.

You can either download a quiz (to edit and host it), or play the quiz and compete on a global leaderboard!

AhaSlides on Tap Week 1 feature image

AhaSlides on Tap - Week 1

The first in the series. This week's 4 rounds are Flags, Music, Sports and the Animal Kingdom.

▶️ Play - ⏬ Download

AhaSlides on Tap - Week 2

The second in the series. This week's 4 rounds are Films, Harry Potter Beasts, Geography and General Knowledge.

▶️ Play - ⏬ Download

AhaSlides on Tap - Week 3

The third in the series. This week's 4 rounds are Food of the World, Star Wars, the Arts and Music.

▶️ Play - ⏬ Download

AhaSlides on Tap - Week 4

The fourth in the series. This week's 4 rounds are Space, Friends (TV show), Flags and General Knowledge.

▶️ Play - ⏬ Download

AhaSlides on Tap - Week 5

The final in the series. This week's 4 rounds are The Euros, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fashion and General Knowledge.

▶️ Play - ⏬ Download

Film and TV Quizzes

Attack on Titan

A colossal challenge, even for a Colossal Titan.

AhaSlides Template Library - Attack on Titan Quiz

Harry Potter

The ultimate knowledge test about everyone's favourite bespectacled Scarface.


I'll be there for... who?

Marvel Universe

The highest grossing quiz of all time...

AhaSlides Template Library - Marvel Quiz

Star Wars

I find your lack of Star Wars knowledge disturbing...

AhaSlides Template Library - Star War Quiz

Music Quizzes

Name that Song!

25-question audio quiz. No multiple choice - just name the song!

AhaSlides Template Library - Name that Song quiz

Pop Music Images

25 questions of classic pop music imagery from the '80s til the '10s. No text clues!

AhaSlides Template Library - Pop Music Quiz

Holiday Quizzes

Easter Quiz

Everything about Easter traditions, imagery and h-easter-y! (20 questions)

AhaSlides Template Library - Easter Quiz

Family Christmas Quiz

Family-friendly Christmas quiz (40 questions).

AhaSlides Template Library - Family Christmas Quiz

Work Christmas Quiz

Christmas quiz for colleagues and overly festive bosses (40 questions).

Christmas Picture Quiz

All that beautiful cosy imagery of Christmas in one place (40 questions).

Christmas Music Quiz

Christmas carols and movie soundtracks from the holidays (40 questions).

Christmas Movie Quiz

The ultimate for festive film lovers (50 questions).

Thanksgiving Quiz

Serving up a wildly oversized portion of gorge-worthy Thanksgiving goodness (28 questions).

Word Cloud Templates

Ice Breakers

A collection of word cloud questions to use as quick ice breakers at the start of the meeting.


A collection of word cloud slides that can be used to vote on a certain subject. The most popular vote among participants will appear largest at the centre of the cloud.

Quick Tests

A collection of word cloud slides that can be used to check understanding of a class or workshop. Great for assessing collective knowledge and figuring out what needs improvement.

Educational Templates

Student Debate

Help your students find a topic for in-class debate. Poll them on their opinions with a variety of questions.

Student Engagement

A template of polls, word clouds, open-ended questions and quiz questions to up the student participation in your class.

Learning Style Assessment

A 25-question assessment for teachers to use with their students. Students' answers help teachers discover their learning styles.

Virtual School Book Club

Some example questions for teachers looking to start a virtual book club for their school.

  1. A pre-club survey to determine what students want to read.
  1. An engagement template to get the most participation out of students during the book club.