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True or False Quiz: How to Make + 40 Questions to Use

True or False Quiz: How to Make + 40 Questions to Use

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Leah Nguyen 14 Dec 2022 5 min read

If you’re a quiz master, then you should know the recipe to a mind-blowing, sensational gathering is a batch of cinnamon rolls AND a good dose of quiz questions. All hand-made and freshly baked from the oven. 

And out of all the types of quiz out there, true or false quiz questions are one of the most-sought after amongst quiz players. It’s not surprising since they’re fast and you’ve got a 50/50 chance of winning big. The constant adrenaline rush from each round lures people in just like the sweet glamour glaze drizzled on each cinnamon bun that makes you think “yummm!” (We’ve really got a thing for cinnamon buns here 😋)

To share the joy of hosting, and answering true or false questions with your friends, family or colleagues, we’ve got 40 true or false questions to get you started. 

You can jump right in and start creating your own quiz questions or check out how to make one for both online and offline hangouts.

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40 True or False Questions and Answers List

From history, trivia, geography, to fun and weird true or false questions, we got them all. Mind-blowing answers are included for all quiz masters.

  1. The construction of the Eiffel tower was completed on March 31, 1887
    • False. It was completed on March 31, 1889
  2. Lightning is seen before it’s heard because light travels faster than sound.
    • True
  3. Vatican City is a country.
    • True
  4. Melbourne is the capital of Australia.
    • False. It is Canberra.
  5. Penicillin was discovered in Vietnam to treat malaria.
    • False. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin at St. Mary’s Hospital, London, UK in 1928.
  6. Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.
    • True.
  7. Broccoli contains more vitamin C than lemons.
    • True. Broccoli contains 89 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams, while lemons contain only 77 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams.
  8. The skull is the strongest bone in the human body.
    • False. It is the femur or the thighbone.
  9. Light bulbs were the invention of Thomas Edison.
    • False. He only developed the first practical one.
  10. Google was initially called BackRub.
    • True.
  11. The black box in a plane is black.
    • False. It is actually orange.
  12. Tomatoes are fruit.
    • True.
  13. Mercury’s atmosphere is made up of Carbon Dioxide.
    • False. It has no atmosphere at all.
  14. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.
    • True.
  15. Cleopatra was of Egyptian descent.
    • False. She was actually Greek.
  16. The skull is the strongest bone in the human body. 
    • False. It is the femur (thighbone).
  17. You can sneeze while asleep.
    • False. When you’re in REM sleep, the nerves that help you sneeze are at rest too.
  18. It’s impossible to sneeze while you open your eyes.
    • True.
  19. Bananas are berries.
    • True.
  20. If you add the two numbers on the opposite sides of the dice together, the answer is always 7.
    • True.
  21. Scallops can’t see.
    • False. Scallops have 200 eyes that function like a telescope.
  22. A snail can sleep up to 1 month.
    • False. It’s actually three years.
  23. Your nose produces almost one litre of mucus a day.
    • True.
  24. Mucus is healthy for your body.
    • True. That’s why when you’re sick, your mucus increases nearly double.
  25. Coca Cola exists in every country around the world.
    • False. Cuba and North Korea don’t have Coke.
  26. Spider silk was once used to make guitar strings.
    • False. Spider silk was used to make violin strings.
  27. A coconut is a nut.
    • False. It’s actually a one-seeded drupe like peaches.
  28. A chicken can live without a head long after it’s chopped off.
    • True.
  29. Humans share 95 percent of their DNA with bananas.
    • False. It’s 60 percent. 
  30. Giraffes say “moo”.
    • True.
  31. In Arizona, USA, you can get sentenced for cutting down a cactus
    • True.
  32. In Ohio, USA, it is illegal to get a fish drunk.
    • False.
  33. In Tuszyn Poland, Winnie the Pooh is banned from children’s playgrounds.
    • True. The authority is concerned about him not wearing pants and having non-gender-specific genitalia.
  34. In California, USA, you cannot wear cowboy boots unless you own at least two cows.
    • True.
  35. All mammals live on land.
    • False. Dolphins are mammals but they live under the sea.
  36. It takes nine months for an elephant to be born.
    • False. Elephant babies are born after 22 months.
  37. Coffee is made from berries.
    • True.
  38. Pigs are dumb.
    • False. Pigs are considered the fifth most intelligent animal in the world.
  39. Being scared of clouds is called Coulrophobia.
    • False. It’s the scare of clowns.
  40. Einstein failed his math class in university.
    • False. He failed his first university exam.

How to Create a free True or False Quiz

Everybody knows how to create a True or False quiz. Still, if you want to make one on live quizzing software that’s fully interactive and full of visuals and audio, we’ve got you covered!

Step #1 – Sign up to free quiz-maker online software

For the true or false quiz, we’ll use AhaSlides to make quizzes faster.

If you don’t have an AhaSlides account, sign up here for free. Or, visit our public template library

Step #2 – Create a quiz slide

In AhaSlides’ dashboard, click New then choose New Presentation.

how to start creating a true or false quiz presentation using AhaSlides
True or False Answers

In the Quiz and games section, choose Pick Answer

6 types of quiz and games from AhaSlides presentation software

Type in your quiz question then fill the answers to be “True” and “False” (Be sure to tick the correct one in the box next to it).

Make a true or false quiz question using AhaSlides
True or False Quiz Templates

In the slide toolbar on the left, right-click on the Pick Answer slide and click Duplicate to make more true or false quiz slides.

AhaSlides has the duplicate option to make your quiz slides quicker
Questions to answer true or false

Step #3 – Host your True or False quiz

  • If you want to host the quiz right at the moment: 

Click Present from the toolbar, and hover to the top to see the invitation code. 

Click the banner at the top of the slide to reveal both the link and the QR code to share with your players.

Invitation QR code and link to join AhaSlides quiz
  • If you want to share your quiz for players to play at their own pace:

Click Settings -> Who takes the lead and choose Audience (Self-paced).

The Self-paced option on AhaSlides allows the participants to join and play the quiz anytime, anywhere

Click Share then copy the link to share with your audience. They can play it through their phones anywhere, anytime.

Presenters can share the quiz link with the participants in the Share menu in AhaSlides

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