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What Is My Purpose Quiz? How To Find Your True Life Purpose in 2024


Jane Ng 14 December, 2023 10 min read

‘What is My Purpose Quiz? We tend to define our ideal life as being successful in our careers, having a loving family, or being in the elite class of society. However, even when meeting all of the above factors, many people still feel “missing” something – in other words, they have not found and satisfied their life purpose.

So, what is the purpose of life? How do you know your life purpose? Let’s find out with our What is My Purpose quiz!

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What Is Life Purpose?

‘What is My Purpose Quiz’? Really necessary? The concept of life purpose is defined as setting a system of goals and direction for life. Thanks to this system, you have a reason and motivation to wake up every morning, a “guide” in every decision and behavior, thereby giving meaning to life.

How to find my purpose in life test – What Is My Purpose Quiz? Image: freepik

Life purpose is essential in achieving a state of contentment and happiness. A sense of purpose in life gives you a sense of satisfaction and connection with those around you, making life happier and more meaningful.

What Is My Purpose Quiz

I. Multiple Choice Questions – What Is My Purpose Quiz? 

1/ Which factor do you think is the most important?

  • A. Family
  • B. Money
  • C. Success
  • D. Happiness

2/ What do you want to achieve in the next 5-10 years?

  • A. Travel around the world with family
  • B. Become a rich person, living comfortably
  • C. Run a global corporation
  • D. Always feel happy and peaceful

3/ What do you usually do on weekends?

  • A. A romantic date with boyfriend/girlfriend
  • B. Do another interesting job
  • C. Learn one more skill
  • D. Hang out with friends
What Is My Purpose Quiz – What’s my purpose quiz

4/ When you were in school, you spent a lot of time…

  • A. Look for a lover
  • B. Daydream and entertain
  • C. Study hard
  • D. Gather with a group of friends

5/ Which of the following makes you feel satisfied?

  • A. Have a happy family
  • B. Have a lot of money
  • C. Success in career
  • D. Join a lot of fun parties

6/ What do you want the next generation to inherit from you?

  • A. Health and excellence
  • B. Wealth and Inspiration
  • C. Admiration and influence in career
  • D. Satisfied because you have lived to the fullest

7/ The ideal trip for you is…

  • A. A family trip to a new land
  • B. Adventure in Las Vegas Casinos
  • C. An Archaeological Tour
  • D. Carry a backpack on the road with close friends
What Is My Purpose Quiz? Image: freepik


For each answer:

  • A – plus 1 point
  • B – plus 2 points
  • C – plus 3 points
  • D – plus 4 points

Less than 7 points: Your life purpose is to build a happy family. Spending time with your loved one is the most precious moment in your life. Therefore, family always occupies a central place in your heart, and nothing can replace it.

8–14 points: Make money and enjoy life. You like to enjoy a rich, luxurious life and not have to worry about finances. You don’t care how or what profession you make money in, as long as you can earn enough to live the life of your dreams.

15–21 points: Outstanding career success. If you have chosen to pursue and dedicate, no matter what field of work, you will invest all your efforts in it. You work hard to get what you want and are not afraid to face difficulties.

22–28 points: Your purpose in life is to live for yourself. You choose to live a happy and simple life. People around you love you for your optimism and for always thinking positively. For you, life is a big party, and why not enjoy it?

II. Self-question list – What is My Purpose Quiz 

What is my purpose quiz. Image: freepik

Grab a pen and paper, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, then write down each answer to the 15 questions below.

(You should write down the first ideas that come to mind without thinking too much. So only take 30 – 60 seconds per answer. It is important that you answer honestly, without editing and without putting pressure on yourself)

  1. What makes you laugh? (What activities, who, what events, hobbies, projects, etc.)
  2. What things did you enjoy doing in the past? Now what?
  3. What makes you interested in learning to forget all the time?
  4. What makes you feel great about yourself?
  5. What are you good at?
  6. Who inspires you the most? What is it about them that inspires you?
  7. What do people often ask for your help?
  8. If you had to teach something, what would it be?
  9. What do you regret that you have done, are doing, or have not done in your life?
  10. Suppose you are now 90 years old, sitting on a stone bench in front of your house, feeling each gentle spring breeze caressing your cheeks. You are happy, delighted, and content with what life has to offer. Looking back on the journey you have come across, what you’ve achieved, all the relationships you’ve had, what means the most to you? List down!
  11. Which of your self-worth do you most value? Choose 3 – 5 and put them in order from highest to lowest. (Hint: Freedom, beauty, health, money, career, education, leadership, love, family, friendship, achievement, etc.)
  12. What difficulties or challenges have you been or are trying to overcome? How did you get over it?
  13. What are your strong beliefs? What is involved (What people, organizations, values)?
  14. f you could send a message to one section of society, who would it be? And what is your message?
  15. If gifted with talent and material. How will you use those resources to help people, protect the environment, serve and contribute to the development of society and the world?

Connect the answers above, and you will know your life purpose:

“What do I want to do?

Who do I want to help?

How was the result?

What value will I create?”

Exercises to Find Your Life Purpose

Do I have a life quiz? – What Is My Purpose Quiz? Image: freepik

If you find the ‘what is my purpose quiz’ above is not suitable for you, you can practice the ways below to find out your life purpose.

Write A Journal

What is My Purpose Quiz? You have to deal with a lot of things every day. So, if you just keep your goals in mind, you may forget about them. On the contrary, writing a journal helps you self-observe, reflect, remind and motivate yourself to quickly achieve your goals.


As you begin to evaluate your purpose in life, you need to reflect on what you love to do, what you are doing, and what needs to change for you to live a more purposeful life. Here are some questions you need to consider:

  • What are the happiest moments in your life?
  • What makes you really proud of yourself?
  • If you only had one more week to live, what would you do?
  • What “should” overwhelm what you “want to do”?
  • What change could make your life happier?

Pay Attention To What You Have

Open your eyes to life, and you will see the beauty and all the good things around you.

When you focus on what you have and not what you lack/want, fear disappears, and joy emerges. You will stop thinking that you are wasting your life and start “living in the moment”. Finding your purpose becomes an enjoyable journey instead of a stressful one.

Put Purpose Above Goal

If you only focus on achieving short-term goals, you will never find your true passion or learn to find your purpose.

Your life goals should always be based on finding your purpose. Otherwise, you will only feel a fleeting sense of accomplishment and will soon be looking for something bigger. 

As you set goals, ask yourself: “How do I feel more accomplished? How does this relate to my purpose?” Use a journal or a system to make sure you keep your purpose in mind.

Make a What Is My Purpose quiz using AhaSlides and send it to your friends who are confused about their direction.

Key Takeaways 

So, that’s how to find your purpose quiz! In addition to what is my purpose quiz, and the exercises AhaSlides suggests above, there are many other ways for you to find your life purpose. 

Each of us has only one life. Therefore, life will be more meaningful when you know how to appreciate and enjoy every moment. Take every opportunity, even the smallest to cherish and have no regrets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of “What is my purpose quiz”?

Doing “What is my purpose quiz” should help you think about what you enjoy doing, what makes you feel fulfilled, and who or what in this world matters the most to you. Through self-exploration, you will develop a better understanding of yourself and your goals, leading to more clarity and direction.

Are “What Is My Purpose Quizzes” accurate in determining one’s life purpose?

“What is my purpose quizzes” may give helpful suggestions for contemplation, but they cannot be viewed as totally accurate statements. The aim of these quizzes is to provide a view of personal reflection that gives you direction. Finding out about your true purpose can be much more like an extended inward journey than just taking a test.