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210+ Good Paranoia Questions Keeping You Thrilled | Updated in 2023

210+ Good Paranoia Questions Keeping You Thrilled | Updated in 2023

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Astrid Tran 18 Oct 2023 10 min read

Suppose you’re planning a game night with your friends or family; why not spice things up with some freaking paranoia party game?

Best Paranoia Questions are excellent ways to get to know everyone and keep them on their toes all the time. Check out these heart-racing prompts that are bound to get your adrenaline rush!

Paranoia questions
Paranoia drinking game | Source: Shutterstock

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30+ Best Paranoia Questions in 2023

1. Who is the bathroom singer?

2. Who would be a dark thinker?

3. Who can sleep with their eyes open?

4. Who can sleep more than 24 hours without eating or drinking?

5. Who is likely to stay up late until morning?

6. Who is likely to pick their nose?

7. Who has the potential to be a billionaire?

8. Who hates coconut worms?

9. Who would like to keep silent in a relationship?

10. Who hates making jokes?

11. Who hates to be ridiculed?

12. Who is still obsessed with cartoons?

13. Who can’t live without a social network?

14. Who is likely to be broke at the end of the month?

15. Who has done something they are not proud of?

16. Who has said the biggest lie?

17. Who can’t stay if someone says bad words?

18. Who is the pickiest person in the group?

19. Who is likely to be an animal trainer?

20. Who do you think is an Internet stalker?

21. Who has done an illegal thing (not too serious)?

22. Who is most likely to watch a Fantasy movie?

23. Who is most likely to cry while watching a Romantic movie?

24. Who is most likely to write a movie script?

25. Who would apply to be on Survivor?

26. Who has earned the greatest grades in school?

27. Who is most likely to binge-watch a TV show all day long?

28. Who will be likely a couch potato?

29. Who loves to complain about everyone and everything in the world?

30. Who can sleep anywhere?

What is a Paranoia Party Game?

If you are looking for a drinking party game, try Paranoia, where everyone tries to make others suspicious or mistrustful. Try to find a comfortable and cozy place where everyone can sit around. The game starts with a player whispering a question to the ear of the player next to them, often of a personal or embarrassing nature. And this person has to answer this question, which has to be related to somebody playing the game.

Paranoia question game
Paranoia questions game | Source: Shutterstock


Funny Paranoia Questions

31. Who can spend hours in the bathroom

32. Who is the most likely to be afraid of cockroaches?

33. Who can’t survive without shopping?

34. Who do you think will hate taking shower every day?

35. Who likes to stay naked in their home?

36. Who is most likely to play a bad guy role in a movie?

37. Who easily be the first to get drunk?

38. Who can’t sleep without their teddy bear?

39. Who is most likely to listen to Pop music?

40. Who is most likely to dance in public?

41. Who is most likely to attend Coachella?

42. Who loves nightlife?

43. Who can’t get up early?

44. Who’s ever thought that someone was stalking them?

45. Who is most likely to hide the truth?

46. Who has the most lucid dreams?

47. Who’s the most paranoid person?

48. Who is most likely to go clubbing on a weekday?

49. Who is most likely to play a nude scene in a movie?

50. Who is most likely to go swimming when it’s raining?

51. Who is still a mama’s boy or girl?

52. Who is most likely to have a beautiful voice?

53. Who believes they look the most like Angelina Jolie/Ryan Reynolds/Other Actor?

54. Who would change their name, if they could?

55. Who would have the most unusual talent?

56. Who’s ever worn the most ridiculous outfit?

57. Who’s ever pulled the funniest prank on someone?

58. Who embarrassed themselves the most in front of someone they admire?

59. Who is likely a gambler?

60. Who is the most likely to buy ridiculous things?


Easy Paranoia Questions for Kids

61. Who do you think is secretly a superhero in your school?

62. Who do you think is a time traveler from the future?

63. Who do you think is secretly a prince or princess from a foreign country?

64. Who is likely to become an animal activist?

65. Who would love to take a trip to Disneyland right now?

66. Who do you think is an alien from another planet?

67. Who can mimic animal sounds?

68. Who loves wearing black all the time?

69. Who is likely a Queen bee?

70. Who is sniffing socks?

71. Who makes the worst food in the home?

72. Who can’t win in chess?

73. Who wants to fly a parachute the most?

74. Who has a chance to be a scientist?

75. Who watches YouTube videos all day?

76. Who has the most beautiful hair?

77. Who gets the best grade in a study?

78. Who best describes your feelings?

79. Who eats fast?

80. Who is a bookworm?

81. Who always says thank you?

82. Who apologizes for not doing wrong?

83. Who do you think is most likely to start a sibling feud?

84. Who always wears headphones?

85. Who is most likely scared of staying alone in the dark?

86. Who is capable of getting an award?

87. Who is a victim of skin allergies?

88. Who can play multiple musical instruments?

89. Who is most likely to become a singer?

90. Who is the artist in the group?

Dirty Paranoia Questions (PG 16+)

91. Who had lost their virginity first?

92. Who would keep tabs on their ex?

93. Who is more likely to yell out a friend’s name in a busy area?

94. Who is most likely to play threesomes?

95. Who is most likely to have a sex tape?

96. Who is most likely to have had public sex?

97. Who is most likely to have been treated for STDs before?

98. Who is most likely to kiss a stranger?

99. Who would fall in love with a one-night stand?

100. Who is most likely to cheat his/her partner?

101. Who likes to talk dirty words?

102. Who has the most sex dreams?

103. Who is most likely to be a perfect kisser?

104. Who is most likely to be in an open relationship?

105. Who is most likely to marry someone twice their age?

106. Who is most likely to be a heartbreaker?

107. Who is most likely to kiss an ex?

108. Who is most likely to send love messages to their secret crush?

109. Who is desperate to hook up with someone?

110. Who is terrible in bed?

111. Who is still crazy about their ex?

112. Who enjoys making love in cars?

113. Who would change themselves for their partner?

114. Who initiates and arouses first every time?

115. Who is probably a bi-sexual?

116. Who is likely to blackmail someone?

117. Who has the worst sexual experience?

118. Who could do the best striptease?

119. Who would have sex with someone of the same sex?

120. Who would pick sex when drunk?


Spicy Paranoia Questions

121. Who is most likely to get a tattoo of their partner’s name?

122. Who is most likely to have the biggest closet? 

123. Who eats the most garbage food?

124. Who has the most unusual talent?

125. Who has the habit of nail-biting when nervous?

126. Who is most likely to become a digital nomad?

127. Who will die first in the group?

128. Who loves books more than a guy?

129. Have you ever driven while you were drunk?

130. Who wears the same pants the entire week?

131. Who is tampering with the toilet seat?

132. Who will sing at the wedding?

133. Who doesn’t want people to ignore you?

134. Who has too many spices?

135. Who always makes a plan for traveling?

136. Who peed their pants the most as kids?

137. Who is the most easily noticed in the group?

138. Who has an unusual childhood nickname?

139. Who listens to sad songs after a breakup?

140. Who is most likely to love sad songs?

141. Who is most likely to move into a van?

142. Who believes in luck the most?

143. Who is most likely not to have a Netflix Account?

144. Who is most likely to be dumped in a few months?

145. Who usually wears high heels every day of the week?

146. Who has the most beautiful smile?

147. Who is most likely to leave ratings of anything?

148. Who is worst at telling jokes

149. Who is most likely to be a horrible driver?

150. Who would have a sugar daddy/mummy?

Relax and enjoy paranoia party games | Source: Shutterstock

Dark Paranoia Questions

151. Who is most likely to hide a dead body?

152. Who is most likely to threaten a co-worker?

153. Who is most likely to download movies illegally?

154. Who do you think is a fortune-teller with the ability to see the future?

155. Who is most likely to stalk an ex/ a crush?

156. Who is most likely to be a hypocrite in the group?

157. Who is most likely to own a very creepy statue?

158. Who is most likely to break into a house?

159. Who is most likely to kidnap a crush?

160. Who is most likely to know drug peddlers?

161. Who is most likely to have a body buried in their backyard?

162. Who is most likely to betray their friends during exams?

163. Who can read their friends’ faces?

164. Who treats their pets like their own babies?

165. Who do you think is secretly a ghost hunter, investigating paranormal activity in your town?

166. Who would be most likely to torture people for money?

167. Who has beaten someone up?

168. Who is most likely to post a hate speech online?

169. Who can commit suicide?

170. Who is most likely to be a pickpocket?

171. Who do you think is a mad scientist conducting dangerous experiments in secret?

172. Who do you think is an undercover cop, infiltrating a dangerous criminal organization?

173. Who is the most likely to get punched in the face?

174. Who is most likely to go to a nudist beach and strip off?

175. Who likes to wear make-up while sleeping?

176. Who is likely to go to jail?

177. Who is the most likely to have a dark past?

178. Who deserves to be caged in a zoo?

179. Who is most likely to live in a haunted home?

180. Who is most likely to die first in a zombie apocalypse?

Deep Paranoia Questions

191. Who cares the most about changing the world?

192. Who’s learned the hardest lessons in life so far?

193. Who seems to have the key to happiness?

194. Who had to make the most difficult decision in their life?

195. Who is terrible at handling failures?

196. Who is most likely to get a Ph.D.?

197. Who is likely to believe in heaven or hell?

198. Who remains reserved about personal things?

199. Who will most likely change?

200. Who gives good relationship advice?

201. Who often feeds the beggars & stray animals?

202. Who will be richer in a year?

203. Who forgets and forgives past grievances?

204. Who hates a 9-5 job?

205. Who is most likely to have the most scars?

206. Who is most likely to adopt a child?

207. Most likely to get offered a job for how they look?

208. Who is most likely to do the meanest things to another person?

209. Who is most likely to fake a smile even if he or she is angry?

210. Who would flirt their way out of a problem?

More Fun Game Nights with a Quiz Platform

As any seasoned host knows, keeping the games fresh is key to keeping the crowd engaged. Besides the Paranoia game, take your get-togethers to the next fun level with an interactive quiz platform such as AhaSlides!

Start by registering an AhaSlides account for free (that means no hidden fee included!) and create a new presentation. Then spice up your game night with these game options:

Quiz Idea #1 – Most likely to…

Best Paranoia questions

This simple game calls for an open-ended slide.

  1. Choose the ‘Open-Ended’ slide type so everyone can write their answers.
  2. Write the question in the heading, for example ‘Who is most likely to dine and dash?’
  3. Press ‘Present’ and let everyone snitch out the name.

Quiz idea #2 – Would you rather…?

Would you rather AhaSlides
Best Paranoia questions

For this game, use the multiple-choice slide.

  1. Choose the ‘Poll’ slide type and fill out the question, plus the two choices in the ‘Options’.
  2. You can have a time limit, and choose how the poll looks.
  3. Let people vote for either the choices and their reasons for it.

Key Takeaways

After a long working week, a social game like Paranoia is an excellent chance for everyone to bond, laugh and share their thoughts freely. But if the paranoia becomes too much for anyone, it’s crucial to consider calling a quit. So, take the game quickly and always prioritize comfort and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Paranoia questions game virtually?

Nothing can prevent you from playing paranoia games with your friends or family even if you are far away. Use any online webinar platforms convenient to you, add AhaSlides to present and deliver live quizzes, and record the results and penalty better.

What are the rules of the Paranoia game?

There are no specific rules for the game, but if you want to make the game much more exciting, paranoia questions should be a bit weird, juicy, and not too easy, or the addition of physical punishment and drinking or dares for players who fail to guess correctly.

What is a common way to play a Paranoia game?

The Paranoia question game is famous for its drinking version, but you can play it with kids, teens, and family. You can replace a penalty drink with non-alcoholic or extreme tastes like bittermelon, lemonade, or bitter tea. 

Is paranoia a horror game?

No. The goal of the paranoia game is to learn more about people around you in a more relaxing atmosphere. You might find out some interesting secrets or deeper thoughts that they have never mentioned before.

What do you need to play paranoia?

All you need Rulebook, Character sheets, Dice, and markers for a Paranoia game with role-playing. If it is drinking games for adults, prepare some alcoholic drinks and beers to make the game fun and juicy. 

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