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Can't decide what's for dinner? The Food Spinner Wheel - Food Generator will help you choose in seconds! 🍕🍟🍜

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What should I drink for breakfast?Tea, Coffee and Hot Milk
What to avoid for dinner?Fat, fried foods, starchy foods. spicy foods, high protein and carbohydrates
Why am I craving bread and butter?deficient in nitrogen
Overview of Food Spinner Wheel

What to Eat Wheel

What to Eat Today for Lunch

Dinner Wheel - Dinner Picker

Fastfood Spinner Wheel - Fastfood Wheel

Random Ingredient Generator

Tips: How to Pick What to Eat?

  1. Consider your cravings: Think about what you're in the mood for. Are you craving something specific like pizza, pasta, or a burger? Listening to your cravings to narrow down your options.
  2. Assess your dietary preferences: Take into account any dietary restrictions or preferences you have. If you're vegetarian, you may want to explore plant-based options. If you're trying to eat healthily, look for lighter or low-calorie options.
  3. Variety and balance: Aim for a balanced meal with a combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables. Try to incorporate a variety of flavours, textures, and colours to make your meal more satisfying.
  4. Explore different cuisines: Consider trying something new. Explore different cuisines such as Mexican, Thai, Indian, or Mediterranean.
  5. Check online reviews or recommendations: If you're unsure where to eat, you can check online reviews or ask friends and family for recommendations. This can help you discover new restaurants or dishes that you may enjoy.
  6. Plan ahead: If you find it challenging to decide on the spot, plan your meals in advance. Create a weekly meal plan or have a list of go-to restaurants or recipes you can refer to when you're indecisive.

How to Use the Food Spinner Wheel

So many delicious possibilities with the food wheel picker by using the spinner wheel. Here's how to use it...

  1. Press the 'Play' button on the wheel above.
  2. The wheel will start to spin.
  3. It will stop at random on one of the entries
  4. A pop-up will announce the winning entry.

In the table on the left you can add or remove your own entries.

  • Type your entry into the box on the left to add an entry. Add your own favourite food options to give them a fighting chance at being your dinner!
  • To delete an entry - In the list of entries below the box, you can hover over any entry you want to delete and click the bin icon.

There's also this 👇

  1. New - Press this to reset the wheel's default setting with no entries. If you want a wheel to build from scratch, you can use AhaSlides spinner wheel.
  2. Save this wheel for future use and let an audience add their own entries. You'll need a free AhaSlides account for this.
  3. Share - Get a URL for your link, though please be aware that the link will point to the main spinner wheel page, where you will have to create your entries again. Learn more on How to Make a Spinning Wheel with AhaSlides.

Spin for your Audience.

On AhaSlides, players can join your spin, enter their own entries into the wheel and watch the magic unfold live! Perfect for a quiz, lesson, meeting or workshop.

Take it for a (free) spin!

Food Spinner Wheel
So, What should I get for dinner - a meal randomizer? - Random Restaurant Generator

Why Use the Food Wheel?

This is the best what should I eat for dinner tonight quiz, as:

A: What will we have for lunch?

B: Not sure, everything's fine.

A: Pasta, then?

B: Nah, just had that on Monday.

A: Burger?

B: Too greasy for me. Let's try something else.

Does this conversation ring a bell for you?

I bet we've all been there, sometimes as the one suggesting food and sometimes as the annoyingly picky ones making life difficult for anyone with hunger pains.

We make these decisions day after day, but occasionally, you can't arrive at the right one. Now, it only takes you a spin to choose what to eat with AhaSlides' food spinner wheel (as long as you don't get too fussy and spin again and again 😅).

Check out: What's for lunch today? Or, Idk what to eat for dinner. Or, you can even use this spinner wheel to create 'What Should I Bake' Quiz?

When to Use the Food Spinner Wheel

Let's pick a random food! The Food Spinner Wheel shines when you need to pick something for your meals, but you can do much more. Check out some of the use cases for this wheel below...

  • Class reward - What to give your students instead of some good marks? Give them a delicious surprise with the wheel.
  • Team names - 10 points for Gummy Bears! Who says you can't name the teams with foods in your class activities?
  • Picnic preparation - Okay, Anne will bring sandwiches, Stefan will buy juice, and what about the apples, cake, and cheese? 🤯 Let the wheel decide who brings what and forget nothing!
  • Food theme - Hosting a family or friends gathering? Use the wheel to choose a set of foods or cuisine to treat your guests.

Wanna Make it Interactive?

Let your participants add their own entries to the wheel for free! Find out how...

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Frequently Asked Questions

When to Use the Food Spinner Wheel?

The Food Spinner Wheel shines when you need to pick something for your meals, but you can do much more, including class rewards, team names, picnic preparation and during food themes.

Why Use the Food Wheel?

Food Wheel is the best way to decide what to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner without having to think!

How to use the Food Spinner Wheel?

Simply, you just have to start spinning on the wheels that we have provided. Then, if the wheel of the food is suitable for you, then you can sign up for a free account, and use it directly along with other features in your presentation!