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14 Fun Picture Round Quiz Ideas To Make Your Trivia Unique | 2024 Reveals


Anh Vu 16 April, 2024 10 min read

After a couple of years of virtual pub-quizzing and many different types of trivia tried, many quiz hosts have exhausted the usual picture rounds quiz ideas.

  • 'Who's that celebrity?' - check.
  • 'Name the animal' - check.
  • "Have you guys played Catchphrase before?" - YES.

There are so many other fun and unique trivia round ideas for a quiz picture round out there. We’ve put together a list of new picture round quiz ideas that you can try to get your players' brains working and keep the weekly quiz firmly penned in your diary.

Struggling to engage your students? Look no further! We've compiled a list of resources to help you create a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Here's what you'll find:

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Overview of Picture Round Quiz Ideas

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How to Host a Killer Picture Round

So, are you looking for a fun picture quiz? A picture round trivia is a key part of any good quiz, and for it to be enjoyable to both host and player, the execution of the round must be just right. To this, we say – make the most of the technology!

There are many reasons to try free online quizzing software for your picture round 👇

  • No printing costs or hassle
  • No ink or paper waste
  • Automatic scoring
  • Higher quality images
  • In-built image library
  • GIFs
  • Different formats (not just open-ended questions!)

All quizzers need in order to play is their smartphones. They just join the quiz (either live or over Zoom) on their browser and start playing along as you host.

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14 Quiz Picture Round Ideas

#1 - An Interesting Sports Picture Round

Of course, you could do the traditional “Who are these celebrities?” quiz round, but why not mix it up a bit? Use images of famous sports stars, and ask your quizzers what sports do they play? You can make this round as easy or difficult as you need to by choosing more obscure sports or sportspeople.

Example sports round questions:

  • Picture of: Tom Brady
  • Answer: American Football
  • Picture of: Johan Cruyff
  • Answer: Football/Soccer
  • Picture of: Billie Jean King
  • Answer: Tennis

#2 - Pop Music Image Quiz Round

A music round is another staple for any quiz, and it's not just limited to naming the artist from an audio clip. Here are a few ways to use pictures to create a pop music image round that your quizzers will love!

  • Who’s the missing band member?
  • Which of these albums was made first?
  • Which country is this Eurovision act representing?
  • Which pop star is singing the National Anthem?
  • Order these artists from the most to the fewest Grammy wins

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Grab all of those and more with AhaSlides' interactive pop music image quiz! Free to host and play visual trivia questions with anyone.

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#3 - Cartoon Categories

This one is an excellent picture round to use while waiting for your quiz to start. Your teams will have the time to work together to find the answers, and they can be surprisingly tricky – especially when the quizmaster has purposely picked from a variety of decades.

Give your quizzers a sheet (or slide) of 12-20 characters from a particular cartoon category for this simple picture round. For example, you could have cartoon dogs, cartoon dads, or cartoon cars. You’ll be able to add in some more obscure options to put your quizzers' knowledge to the test!

#4 - Child Stars

This pub quiz picture picture round idea is a classic always goes down well with the crowd. Get hold of some pictures of well-known celebrities as children, and ask your quizzers to name them!

You could go for child actors that have made it in the industry as adults too, or dig out some childhood photos of well-known faces to see how many your quizzers can spot.

#5 - Movie Posters Quiz Round

An image of 3 of the best movie posters of 2012 - one of many fantastic picture round quiz ideas.
Getting players to guess movies from posters is a great picture round quiz idea. Image credit: Mubi

Want to check your quizzers' knowledge of the big screen? Try testing them on some famous movie posters.

You could stick to a particular genre like superhero movies or horror films, or you can test how wide their knowledge is. You could ask them to arrange the posters for films in one franchise in chronological order to mix it up! (Maybe a well-known series like Harry Potter, Scream or Fast and Furious)

If you’re handy with an editing tool, you could alter the images to include some faces they might recognise - like some other quizzers. (This one is always a hit in any picture round for a family quiz!)

#6 - Incorrect Logos Quiz Round

Again, if you’re happy to do a bit of picture editing, incorrect logos can be fun.

Choose a few well-known logos and manipulate the images. Change the colours, warp the shape, or photoshop in a funny image, and ask your teams to tell you which brand the logo belonged to originally.

This logo quiz picture round with a twist will leave a few of your quizzers scratching their heads.

You could also try adding a few different versions of the same logo and asking your quizzers which is the real deal. If the Google letters’ colours were all switched around, would you know which is the original?

#7 - Guess the Country

Geography is another quizmaster favourite, but it's often a bit one-dimensional. If you’re looking to make things a bit more unique, or looking for a hard picture round to test your quizzers, try one of these...

  • Guess the country from its outline.
  • Guess the country from its currency.
  • Guess the country from its most visited site.
  • Guess the country from its national dish.
  • Guess the country from its leader.
  • Guess the country from its written language.

Again, you could really make this as simple or tricky as you want. If it's super tricky, you can give hints in the form of another picture - like presenting the national dish if guessing the country just from the currency is hard.

#8 - They've All Played...

Want to test your quizzers with a film and TV picture round? How about they name actors who have all played the same role? Just use pictures of them all, either in the role or outside of it, and your teams will have to work out who’s who!

TV and Film Picture Round Ideas:

  • They’ve all played… Batman! (Potential actors: Robert Pattinson, Christian Bale, Will Arnett, Adam West, George Clooney)
  • They’ve all played… Doctor Who! (Potential actors: David Tennant, Jodie Whittaker, Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy)
  • They’ve all played… TV Detectives! (Benedict Cumberbatch, Angela Lansbury, Kenneth Branagh, Kristen Bell)

#9 - Super Zoom!

This fun quiz picture round can be as tough or as easy as you make it. Show your quizzers zoomed-in images of objects, and they have to guess what it’s a picture of.

You can make this easier by having a theme for your zoomed-in images, such as 'Christmas' or 'Breakfast'. On the other hand, you can make it harder by having no theme whatsoever and getting players to guess off eyesight alone.

A zoomed-in image quiz on AhaSlides with a robin as the answer.
Playing a zoomed-in image quiz on AhaSlides.

To get some 'oohs', 'aahs' and 'no ways' from your audience, be sure to reveal the full image for each question at the end!

#10 - Emoji Picture Round

Emojis are everywhere, but have you ever considered using them in a quiz picture round? You could spell out the name of a film with emojis or give hints based on the plot to help your quizzers guess it.

The emoji quiz round is a great way to challenge your quizzers to think outside of the box. It’s easy to copy emojis from websites like Get Emoji and paste them straight into your quiz.

Emoji quiz picture round questions with answers

  • 🐺🗽💰
  • 🧙‍♂️⚡
  • 🤫🐑🐑
  • Wolf of Wall Street
  • Harry Potter
  • Silence of the Lambs

You can find more questions over at Cosmopolitan.

#11 - Where's the Ball?

Rooney doing what Rooney does. Image credit: Joe

Beside name the actor picture quiz with answers, you definitely could play 'Where's the Ball?', as this could be fun for sports fans whilst also being accessible to those who don’t have great sports knowledge. Your quizzers will be tasked with working out exactly where the football is on the image; the only problem is that you’ve either covered it or removed it completely.

Here’s how you can set it up (without any advanced editing skills):

  • Find a sporting image where the ball is in the frame.
  • Place 4 boxes on the image in places that the ball could be – including one covering the ball.
  • Label the boxes A, B, C and D.
  • Ask your quizzers to choose which box is covering the ball!

You can branch this out into other sports as well, but if you're sticking to football, your mate Joe has you covered.

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#12 - Celebrity Picture Round

Okay, sometimes celebrities are okay for a picture round, but with only with a twist. Try these more diverse celebrity rounds...

Celebrity Picture Round Examples

  • 2000s red carpet.
  • Celebs at the Met Gala.
  • Celebs on Halloween.
  • Celebs sitting courtside.
  • Celebs eating pizza.
  • Celebs dressed as other celebs.
  • Other celebs dressed as celebs.
  • Celebs dressed as other celebs dressed as other celebs.
  • Celebs.

#13 - DIFFERENT World Flags

A quiz classic! Flags of the world! Of course, you could ask your quizzers to name the countries or, if you want to test their knowledge, the capitals, but we’re looking for some new ways to make your quiz exciting.

Here are some alternative flag picture rounds for your quiz!

  • A-Z of flags. 26 flags, each corresponding to the letter. Can you name them all?
  • Match the celebrity to their country's flag. Celebs!
  • Give your quizzers a flag pattern (1 cross, 3 vertical stripes etc.) and ask them to name the countries that use this pattern.
  • What's the missing colour in this flag?
  • Guess the country by the emblem in its flag.

Or, get more quiz ideas with AhaSlides

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We love Flags! 🎌

... and so do quiz players.

Pub quiz #1 thumbnail on AhaSlides

#14 - Ingredients

If your quizzers are foodies, why not put their culinary knowledge to the test by asking them to name ingredients in some recognisable meals (or cocktails). You could ask for all of the ingredients or provide a list and ask them which key ingredient is missing!

Picture Round-Up

With these exciting (and slightly unusual) picture rounds, your next quiz will surely be a hit. Still, there's plenty of other formats you can use to make your quizzes even more dynamic. Why not try a...

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