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7 Ideas for Best Entertaining Guess The Picture Game Party in 2024


Jane Ng 15 April, 2024 9 min read

You are looking for a game that meets all the elements of fun, excitement, ease of play, and does not take too much effort to set up, whether it is in the office or for the whole party on the occasion of Christmas, Halloween, or New Year’s Eve? Guess the picture game is the one that meets all the above requirements. Let’s find out ideas for this game, examples, and tips to play!

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What is the Guess the Picture Game?

The simplest definition of guess the picture game is right in its name: look at the picture and guess. However, despite its simple meaning, it has many versions with many creative ways to play (The most outstanding version of these games is Pictionary). In the next section, we will introduce you to 6 different ideas to build your own guess-the-picture game!

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Ideas for Guess The Picture Game Party 

Round 1: Hidden Picture – Guess the picture game 

If you’re new to guessing Hidden Photos, it’s effortless. In contrast to Pictionary, you will not have to draw a picture to describe the word given. In this game, you will get a big picture covered by some small squares. Your task is to flip the small squares, and guess what the overall picture is.

Whoever guesses the hidden picture the fastest with the least number of available tiles will be the winner.

Can you guess the picture? – Ideas for guessing games. Image: Wordwall

You can use PowerPoint to play this game or try it at Wordwall

Round 2: Zoomed-In Picture – Guess the picture game 

In contrast to the game above, with the Zoomed-In Picture game, participants will be provided with a close-up image or part of the object. Make sure the photo is zoomed in close enough that the player can’t see the entire subject but not so close that the image is blurred. Next, based on the provided picture, the player guesses what the object is. 

A zoomed-in picture

Round 3: Chase pictures catch letters – Guess the picture game 

To put it simply, chasing the word is a game that gives players different images that will have different meanings. So, the player will have to rely on that content to answer that is a meaningful phrase. 

Guess the picture games. Image: freepik

Note! The provided images may be related to proverbs, meaningful sayings, maybe even songs, etc. The difficulty level is easily divided into rounds, each round will have a limited time duration. Players will have to answer the question within the time given. The faster they answer correctly, the more likely they are to be the winner.

Round 4: Baby Photos – Guess the picture game 

This is definitely a game that brings lots of laughs to the party. Before you proceed, ask everyone in the party to contribute a photo of their childhood self, preferably between the ages of 1 and 10. Then the players will take turns guessing who is in the picture.

Guess the Picture game is one of the best guessing games. Photo: rawpixel

Round 5: Brand Logo – Guess the picture game 

Just give a picture of the brand logos below and let the gamer guess which logo belongs to which brand. In this game, whoever answers the most wins.

Guess the image. Image: wordsup

Brand Logo Answers: 

  • Row 1: BMW, Unilever, National Broadcasting Company, Google, Apple, Adobe.
  • Row 2: McDonalds, GlaxoSmithKline, AT&T, Nike, Lacoste, Nestlé.
  • Row 3: Pringles, Android, Vodafone, Spotify, United States Postal Service, Audi.
  • Row 4: Heinz, Nando’s, Twitter, Bank of America, PayPal, Holiday Inn
  • Row 5: Michelin, HSBC, Pepsi, Kodak, Walmart, Burger King.
  • Row 6: Wilson, DreamWorks, United Nations, PetroChina, Amazon, Domino’s Pizza. 

Round 6: Emoji Pictionary – Guess the picture game 

Similar to Pictionary, emoji Pictionary is to use symbols to replace what you draw by hand. First, select Choose a theme, such as Christmas, or famous landmarks, and use emojis to “spell” clues to their names.

Here is a Disney Movie themed Pictionary emoji game you can refer to.

Guess the Picture quiz – Guess game for adults.


  1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves 
  2. Pinocchio 
  3. Fantasia 
  4. Beauty and the Beast 
  5. Cinderella 
  6. Dumbo 
  7. Bambi 
  8. The Three Caballeros 
  9. Alice in Wonderland 
  10. Treasure Planet 
  11. Pocahontas 
  12. Peter Pan 
  13. Lady and the Tramp 
  14. 1Sleeping Beauty 
  15. Sword and the Stone 
  16. Moana 
  17. The Jungle Book 
  18. Robin Hood 
  19. The Aristocats 
  20. The Fox and the Hound 
  21. The Rescuers Down Under 
  22. The Black Cauldron 
  23. The Great Mouse Detective

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Round 7: Album Covers – Guess the picture game 

This is a challenging game. Because it requires you not only to have a good memory of images but also requires you to regularly update information about new music albums and artists.

The game’s rules are based on a music album cover, you have to guess what this album is called and by which artist. You can try this game here.

 Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973)
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Frequently Asked Question

What is the Guess The Picture Game?

The Guess The Picture Game, or also Pictionary, is a guessing game in which players have to look at a picture or image and guess something related to them, guess what the picture is or what it presents, for example.

Can the Guess The Picture Game be played with teams?

Of course. In the Guess The Picture Game, participants can be divided into many teams, and they take turns guessing images and answering questions about the picture. This game can enhance their teamwork skills and collaboration among individuals.