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70 Fun Trivia Questions for Tweens (Update 2023)

70 Fun Trivia Questions for Tweens (Update 2023)

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Astrid Tran 31 Oct 2023 6 min read

What are the best Trivia Questions for Tweens to play in 2023?

Are you concerned about your children’s leisure time? What tweens can do when outdoor physical activities might not be suitable during a rainy day, or on a long car ride? Playing video games on a computer or mobile phone often appears as a top solution, but not really ultimate. Understanding parent’s concerns, we suggest an innovative way that is inspired by gamification-based trivia questions for tweens to help parents better control their children’s leisure activities.

In this article, there are a total of 70+ fun trivia questions and the answers for 12+ years old, and free templates that you can use to create a challenging yet fun trivia time. The concept includes easy and tricky questions and covers many fun topics that surely keep your tweens engaged all day. Enjoy these 70+ trivia questions for tweens, and you will be surprised that the answer is sometimes not what you think.

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How to create Trivia Questions for Tween with AhaSlides?

40 Easy Trivia Questions for Tweens

You can create a quiz challenge with many rounds along with an increase in the level of difficulty. Let’s start with the easy trivia questions for tweens first.

1. What is the largest species of shark?

Answer: The whale shark

2. How do bats navigate?

Answer: They use echolocation.

3. What is Sleeping Beauty’s name?

Answer: Princess Aurora

4. What is Tiana’s dream in The Princess and the Frog?

Answer: To own a restaurant

5. What is the name of the Grinch’s dog?

Answer: Max

Fun trivia questions for 12-year-olds with pictures

6. What planet is closest to the sun?

Answer: Mercury

7. What river flows through London?

Answer: The Thames

8. What mountain range includes Mount Everest?

Answer: The Himalayas

9. What is Batman’s real name?

Answer: Bruce Wayne

10. Which big cat is the largest? 

Answer: Tiger

11. Are worker bees male or female? 

Answer: Female

12. Which is the world’s largest ocean? 

Answer: Pacific Ocean

13. How many colours are there in a rainbow? 

Answer: Seven

14. Which animal is Baloo in the Jungle Book? 

Answer: A Bear

15. What is the colour of the school bus? 

Answer: Yellow

16. What do the pandas eat? 

Answer: Bamboo

17. In how many years will the Olympics be held? 

Answer: Four 

18. Which is the closest star to the Earth?

Answer: The Sun

19. How many players are there in a netball game? 

Answer: Seven

20. What do you get if you boil water? 

Answer: Steam.

21. Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables?

Answer:  Fruits

22. Name the coldest place in the world. 

Answer: Antarctica

23. Which is the largest bone in the human body? 

Answer: Thigh Bone

24. Name the bird which can mimic humans. 

Answer: Parrot

25. Who painted this picture?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci.

26. Why do things fall if you drop them? 

Answer: Gravity.

27. Who was the first president of the United States?

Answer: George Washington.

28. What kind of tree has acorns? 

Answer: An oak tree.

29. Why do sea otters hold hands? 

Answer: So they do not drift apart while sleeping.

30. What is the fastest animal? 

Answer: Cheetah

31. What was the first animal to be cloned? 

Answer: A sheep.

32. What is a century? 

Answer: 100 years

33. What is the fastest aquatic animal?

Answer: The Sailfish

34. How many legs does a lobster have?

Answer: Ten

35. How many days in the month of April?

Answer: 30

36. What animal became Shrek’s offsider/best friend?

Answer: Donkey

37. Name 3 things you would take camping.

38. Name your 5 senses.

39. In the solar system, which planet is known for its rings?

Answer: Saturn

40. In which country would you find the famous pyramids?

Answer: Egypt

10 Math Trivia Questions for Tweens

Life can be boring without math! You can create the second round with Math Trivia Questions for Tweens. It is a good way to get them to have more interest in math rather than being scared of this subject.

41. What is the smallest perfect number?

Answer: A perfect number is a positive integer whose sum is equal to its appropriate divisors. Because the sum of 1, 2, and 3 equals 6, the number ‘6’ is the smallest perfect number.

42. Which number has the most synonyms?

Answer: ‘Zero,’ is also known as nil, nada, zilch, zip, nought, and many more versions. 

43. When was the equal sign invented?

Answer: Robert Recorde invented the equal sign in 1557.

44. What mathematical theory explains the randomness of nature?

Answer: The butterfly effect, which was discovered by meteorologist Edward Lorenz.

45. Is Pi a rational or irrational number?

Answer: Pi is irrational. It cannot be written as a fraction.

46. What is the perimeter of a circle called?

Answer: The circumference.

47. Which prime number comes after 3?

Answer: Five.

48. What is the square root of 144?

Answer: Twelve.

49. What is the least common multiple of 6, 8, and 12?

Answer: Twenty-four.

50. What is bigger, 100, or 10 squared?

Answer: They’re the same

10 Tricky Trivia Questions for Tweens

Need something more thrilling and mind-blowing? You can create a special round with some tricky questions like riddles, puzzles or open-ended questions to get them to think critically.

51. Someone gives you a penguin. You can’t sell it or give it away. What do you do with it?

52. Do you have a favourite way of laughing

53. Can you describe the colour blue to someone they’re blind?

54. If you had to give up lunch or dinner, which would you choose? Why?

55. What makes a person a good friend?

56. Describe the time you were the happiest in your life. Why did this make you happy?

57. Can you describe your favourite colour without naming it?

58. How many hot dogs do you think you could eat in one sitting?

59. What do you think was the turning point?

60. When you think about solving a problem, where do you like to start?

10 Fun Trivia Questions for Teens and Family

Surveys stated that tweens need parents to take care of them and spend time with them more than anything. There are many ways to connect parents with their kids, and playing trivia quizzes can be a great idea. Parents can explain the answer to them which encourages family connection and understanding.

Trivia Questions for Tweens and Family
Trivia Questions for Tweens and Family

61. Of all our family, who has a personality that is similar to mine?

62. Who is your favourite cousin?

63.  Did our family have any traditions?

64. What is my favourite toy?

65. What is my favourite song?

66. What is my favourite flower?

67. Who’s my favourite artist or band?

68. What’s my biggest fear?

69. What’s my favourite flavour of ice cream?

70. What’s my least favourite chore?

Key Takeaways

There are countless interesting quizzes that stimulate learning because effective learning does not have to be in a traditional classroom. Play fun quizzes through AhaSlides with your kids, encourage their curious minds while getting to know each other and strengthen family bonding, why not?

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Trivia Questions for Tweens – FAQs

Want to know more? Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers!

What are some fun trivia questions?

Fun trivia questions cover a variety of topics, such as math, science, and space,… and can be delivered in exciting ways rather than through traditional tests. Actually, the fun questions are sometimes simple but easy to get confused.

What are good trivia questions for middle schoolers?

Good trivia questions for middle schoolers cover a range of topics, from geography and history to science and literature. It is not only testing knowledge but also helps create a fun learning activity. 

What are good family trivia questions?

Good family trivia questions should not only reference societal knowledge but also assist you in better understanding each other.  It is the true foundation for your child’s intellectual development as well as enhancing family togetherness. 

What are some hard questions for kids?

Hard trivia questions encourage children to reason, learn, and comprehend their surroundings. It does not simply require a straightforward answer but also needs them to communicate their own growing-up perspective.

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