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Effective meeting management – 5 Methods to Refresh your Team Meetings with AhaSlides!

Effective meeting management – 5 Methods to Refresh your Team Meetings with AhaSlides!


Lindsie Nguyen 16 Aug 2022 4 min read

You probably have always associated Team Meetings with being super stagnant and time-consuming. While they should bring about creative ideas, informative in-time reports and solve problems, ironically there have been barely any creative changes in the concept of Team Meetings. So how to implement an effective meeting management?

Yet instead of finding yourself wasting your valuable time on such an ineffective activity, why not make a change and turn it into a wonderful collaboration time with colleagues during Team Meetings with these small suggestions?

Start off with an ice-breaker game

Best way to break awkward moments of silence in the start of a team meeting is having some creative meeting icebreakers! A light-hearted debate, a bit of chit-chatting or a little Q&A session with other teammates would spice up the atmosphere and tone their spirits throughout the meeting. However, interactive icebreakers should be taking the place of old silly games now! No one shows any interest in uncomfortable, awkward bonding games anymore! Within only 5 minutes you can create super creative and competitive topic-focused quizzes on AhaSlides with any internet-connected devices available.

effective meeting management
Break the barriers with fun Ice-breaker games!

Make it a time for discussing and choosing ideas

Team members should not waste this valuable teamwork time trying to come up with brand new ideas and solutions. Instead, members of the team had better propose prepared reports and their perspectives, so that the whole team can spell out a most rational final decision. A thorough preparation also prevents many stuck-in-a-rut situations which are mentally and intellectually exhausting. You may well have encountered countless weird moments of blank stares with no feasible ideas and initiatives proposed. This tension can drain all members’ energy, which could be avoided in the first place with a sense of responsibility and a better preparation from everyone.

For effective meeting management, team Meetings are a golden time for discussions!

Do a live survey/ get live feed-backs

Spending a huge amount of time on mundane updates and reports is not a good option for a time-limited team meeting. Participants could otherwise submit them in real-time via an interactive software such as AhaSlides. Create multiple choice or open-ended questions, have your teammates scan a QR code or access a customizable link for an instant connection to the survey panel and get live results on the screen! In this way, there is no longer time-consuming note-taking and missing out of key points.

For instance, a company recently managed to hold an engaging team meeting for trainees to gather their authentic reflection and feed-backs on the training programme using these functions on AhaSlides. In this way, their managers can make effective amendments in the scheme.

Run a live survey in Team Meetings for live reviews! – Effective meeting management

Organize an online “roundtable”

Everyone loves feeling valued, so you can create an engaging atmosphere by letting your teammates express their personal opinions. However, it is likely that some of your them are too shy to raise their voice, so you’d better get them all on board through submitting anonymous Text Q&A via AhaSlides. Another way to make sure no participants are left out is to have their voice conveyed to all audience with Voice Q&A tool on AhaSlides. Choose from the virtual queue of speakers on screen and let everyone’s voice heard. No more awkward waits for the mic to be passed around!

Time for everyone to be heard in Team Meetings!

Allow some room for spontaneity

A team meeting with an exciting and indulging atmosphere is where spontaneous and original ideas are likely to pop up. Leave some room in the agenda for a discussion, so that your team may openly come up with new proposals. Your teammates can also have time for valuable moments of reflection for more in-depth understanding of the situation and decisions made during this time. Encourage them to think creatively and submit their initiatives to a Word Cloud slide on AhaSlides and get instant reviews from other teammates.

Creativity and engagement are spontaneous – Effective meeting management

Wish your Team Meetings were no longer “nightmares”, to be effective meeting management. Turn them into “daydreams” using our suggestions with free public template library from AhaSlides now!

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