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Collaborative Word Cloud | 15+ Free Tools | 2024 Reveal


Quynh Anh Vu 18 Dec 2023 10 min read

Today, you’ll see a standard tool in classrooms, meeting rooms and beyond the humble, beautiful, collaborative word cloud. Why? Because it’s an attention winner. It perks up any audience by allowing them to submit their opinions and contribute to a discussion based on your questions.

Any of these 12 best live word cloud generator tools can earn you total engagement (including WordItOut, and Free Wordle Tools…), wherever you need it. Let’s dive into these free word cloud generators for groups

Pricing Overview

Word Cloud Tools From …Staring Pricing (Monthly, Billed Annually)
AhaSlides Word CloudUSD7.95
BeekastUSD41.76 (EUR39)
Slides With FriendsUSD8
Slido Word CloudUSD12.5
MonkeyLearn WordCloud GeneratorUSD10
WooClapUSD10.98 (EUR9.99)
PollEverywhere Word CloudUSD10
Mentimeter Word CloudUSD11.99
Pricing Overview – Other Tools Compared with AhaSlides Collaborative Word Cloud

Tips for Better Engagement

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Table of Contents

Collaborative Word Cloud – Difference with Word Cloud?

Let’s clear something up before we begin. What’s the difference between a word cloud and a collaborative word cloud?

  • Word Cloud – A real time word cloud tool with which the user inputs a group of words, and those words are displayed in a visual ‘cloud’. Usually, the more frequent the inputted words are, the larger and more centrally they appear in the cloud.
  • Collaborative Word Cloud – Essentially the same tool, but the word inputs are made by a group rather than a single person. Usually, someone will present the word cloud with a question, and an audience will input their answers by joining the word cloud on their phones.

In general, a collaborative word cloud not only displays the frequency of words but is also great for making a presentation or lesson super interesting and transparent.

Check out these collaborative word cloud examples… And learn how to use AhaSlides live word cloud generator

Ice Breakers

Get the conversation flowing with an ice breaker. A question like ‘where are you from?’ is always engaging for a crowd and is a great way to loosen people up before the presentation begins.

A collaborative word cloud showing names of UK cities
Collaborative Slides


Display the views in the room by asking a question and seeing which answers loom largest. Something like who’s going to win the World Cup?’ could really get people talking!

A collaborative word cloud showing country names
collaborative word cloud generator


Reveal some telling insights with a quick test. Ask a question, like ‘what’s the most obscure French word ending in “ette”?’ and see which answers are the most (and least) popular.

A collaborative word cloud showing french words ending in 'ette'.
collaborative word cloud maker

You’ve probably figured this out yourself, but these examples are simply impossible on a one-way static word cloud. On a collaborative word cloud, however, they can delight any audience and pool focus where it should be – on you and your message.

💡 You can download a free template for each of these use cases here!

15 Updated Collaborative Word Cloud Tools (2024 Reveal)

Given the engagement that a collaborative word cloud can drive, it’s no wonder the amount of word cloud tools has exploded in recent years. Interaction is becoming key in all walks of life, and collaborative word clouds are a massive leg-up.

Here are 15 of the best…

1. AhaSlides


AhaSlides is free software that gives users the tools to make interactive presentations using an arsenal of slide types. Multiple choice, rating scale, brainstorm, Q&A and quiz slides to name just a few.

One of its most popular slide types is the word cloud, and it’s not difficult to see why. It’s possibly the most simple slide type amongst the many on offer; it requires, at minimum, a single question for the audience to answer.

Yet, if you want to spice up your word cloud with background images, preset themes and various colours, AhaSlides happily obliges. In terms of customisation, it’s one of the best-looking and most flexible collaborative word cloud tools out there.

👏 Outstanding feature: You can even embed audio into your word cloud. The audio plays from the presenter’s laptop and each audience member’s phone, though this requires a paid plan from $1.95 a month.

AhaSlides - best collaborative word cloud
Words being submitted by a live audience on AhaSlides, collaborative word cloud tool

Settings Options

  • Add image prompt
  • Multiple entries per participant
  • Hide words until submissions have finished
  • Allow audience to submit more than once
  • Profanity filter
  • Time limit
  • Manually delete entries
  • Allow audience to send reaction emojis
  • Allow audience to submit without a presenter

Appearance Options

  • 6 preset themes to choose from
  • Choose base colour
  • Add background image or GIF
  • Choose background opacity

Make the Best Word Cloud

Beautiful, attention-grabbing word clouds, for free! Make one in minutes with AhaSlides.

A word cloud showing responses to the question 'how do I make lessons and meetings more fun?'

2. Beekast


If big bold words and colour are your thing, then Beekast is a great option for a collaborative word cloud. Its standard white background and huge fonts bring the words into focus, and all are neatly arranged and easy to see.

The drawback here is that Beekast is not the easiest to use. Once you’re thrust into the interface, you’ll have to navigate the overwhelming amount of options yourself, and it can take a while to set up the word cloud you want.

Another downside is that you can only have 3 live participants (or ‘sessions’) on the free plan. That’s a pretty strict limit.

👏 Outstanding feature: You can moderate the submitted words from your audience. Change the text slightly or simply refuse the whole submission.

A screenshot of Beekast's word cloud
collaborative word cloud generator

Settings Options

  • Multiple entries per participant
  • Hide words until submissions have finished
  • Allow audience to submit more than once
  • Manual moderation
  • Time limit

Appearance Options

Beekast doesn’t come with appearance customisation options

3. ClassPoint


ClassPoint is one of the most unique and best word cloud generators in the list because of one thing. It’s not a standalone bit of software, but a plug-in that works directly with PowerPoint.

The upshot of this is that it’s a seamless transition from your presentation directly to your word cloud. You simply pose a question on a slide, open a word cloud on that slide, then invite everyone to join and submit words using their phones.

The downshot of this is that it’s a fairly simple tool without much customisation in terms of settings or appearance. But in terms of ease of use, it’s pretty unmatched in this list.

👏 Outstanding feature: You can even add background music to fill in the silence while people are submitting their answers!

A collection of words showing Malaysian food on ClassPoint

Settings Options

  • Multiple entries per participant
  • Hide words until submissions have finished
  • Time limit
  • Background music

Appearance Options

ClassPoint doesn’t come with appearance customisation options. You can change the appearance of the PowerPoint slides, but your word cloud will appear as a blank pop-up.

Need a Word Cloud Fast?

Check this video to see how to go from free signup to audience responses in under 5 minutes!

4. Slides With Friends


Slides With Friends is a startup with a penchant for gamifying remote meetings. It’s got a friendly interface and doesn’t take long to figure out what you’re doing.

Likewise, you can set up your word cloud in seconds by just writing the prompt question directly on the slide. Once you present that slide, you can click it again to reveal the responses from your audience.

The downside is that the word cloud itself lacks a bit of colour and space. It’s all black lettering and super close together, meaning it’s not easy to tell submissions apart when there are many.

👏 Outstanding feature: The question slide will show the avatars of all participants. When the participant submits their word, their avatar goes from faded to bold, meaning you know exactly who’s offered and who hasn’t!

A GIF of a collaborative word cloud showing responses to the question 'what languages are you currently learning?'

Settings Options

  • Add image prompt
  • Hide words until submissions have finished
  • Time limit

Appearance Options

  • Add background image
  • Choose background opacity
  • Dozens of preset themes
  • Choose colour scheme

5. Vevox


Much like Beekast, Vevox operates more in ‘activities’ than ‘slides’. It’s not a presentation tool like AhaSlides, but more like a series of different activities that need to be manually turned off and on. It also offers one of the best free word cloud generators.

If you’re after a word cloud with a severe air to it, then Vevox might be the one for you. The blocky structure and muted colour scheme are a good fit for cold, hard business, and while you can change the theme to get something more colourful, the palette of the words remains similar, meaning they can be a little tough to tell apart from each other.

A tag cloud on Vevox showing responses to the question 'what's your favourite breakfast?'

Settings Options

  • Multiple entries per participant
  • Add image prompt (paid plan only)
  • Allow the audience to submit without a presenter
  • Show or hide results

Appearance Options

  • 23 preset themes to choose from



Sometimes, all you want in life is a no-frills collaborative word cloud. Nothing fancy, nothing customisable – just a big white space where your participants can submit their words from their phones. ticks all of those boxes. It requires no signup – just head to the site, send the link to your participants and you’re off.

Naturally, being as no-frills as it is, the design isn’t up to much. It’s sometimes hard to tell the words apart because all of them are the same colour, and most are the same size.

👏 Outstanding feature: You can save and open previously used word clouds, though that involves signing up for free.

A live word cloud on

Settings Options

  • Export completed cloud to a collaborative whiteboard

Appearance Options doesn’t come with appearance customisation options.

7. Kahoot

Not Free

One of the top classroom quiz tools added a word cloud feature in 2019, letting students contribute to a live word cloud with their classmates.

Like everything Kahoot-ish, their word cloud takes on vibrant colours and easily readable text. Different coloured backgrounds for words keep them separate and clear, and each response is slowly revealed, building from the least to the most popular one.

However, like most other things Kahoot-ish, the word cloud is hidden behind a paywall. Also, there are minimal options for any customisation.

👏 Outstanding feature: You can preview your word cloud to understand how it will look when you try for real.

Responses to a question on Kahoot.
Collaborative Word Cloud

8. Tagxedo

This tool helps you create tag clouds from URLs, blogs, tweets, and more. It also allows the user to import their fonts and shapes to be used in the word cloud! Please note that you must download Microsoft Silverlight, which is only supported by Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, to use Tagxedo’s Word Cloud generator.

Tagxedo Word Cloud
Tagxedo Word Cloud

9. Slido Word Cloud

Flash a discussion with your crowd by allowing them to create a live word cloud. With Slido Word Cloud, you can also create quizzes & games, live polls, live surveys and to host Q&A Sessions.

However, with Slido Word Cloud, you cannot interact directly by dropping icons or leave comments to the presenters!

Slido Word Cloud
Slido Word Cloud

10. MonkeyLearn WordCloud Generator

A free word cloud tool, MonkeyLearn WordCloud Generator, stands apart in the way it reduces words to their root form (i.e., stemming) and identifies the popular words by analysing how rare, descriptive, and long they are, as compared to just looking at the frequency.

monkeylearn word cloud
monkeylearn word cloud – Collaborative Word Cloud


This is a user-friendly tool that offers a wide variety of customization as well as formatting options. It is also a great tool for using MS Excel.

12. WordItOut

It is a simple and effective wordcloud creator that recognizes emojis and symbols. It also allows you to edit your wordcloud to filter out any words you don’t want to be included.

WordItOut – Collaborative Word Cloud

13. WooClap


WooClap Word Cloud is simply easy to use, even for rockies. With its free plan, WooClap already allows the audience to host up to 1.000 participants, with unlimited number of events. However, with the free plan, you could only use maximum 2 questions with a Real-time vote, and can choose only one type of quiz. Basic Plan Starts from 9.99EUR

Check out WooClap Pricing:

Woo Clap Word Cloud
Woo Clap Word Cloud

14. PollEverywhere Word Cloud


A PollEveryWhere Intro Plan allows presenters to host event with up to 25 people, with limited access to their questions. For Word Cloud, you as a participant are welcome to add as many queries as you’d like to a Word Cloud, then of course, you could remove your items if needed, all in your phone. The PollEveryWhere team has also produced a mobile PollEv app, which helps the audience to navigate better, with so many more features once you’ve downloaded the app.

The Present Plan starts from $10 per month, with an addition of $120 to add more users for 1 year.

PollEverywhere Word Cloud
PollEverywhere Word Cloud

15. Mentimeter Word Cloud


Mentimeter has the standard pricing structure, as you could host an unlimited audience in the free plan, however, you could add up to 2 question slides and 5 quiz slides. The Basic Plan starts from $11.99 per month (billed yearly), highlighted with the report available to view and download.

For all plans, the number of contents slides is unlimited, with Q&A function and export of images and PDF files to save the presentation.

Mentimeter Word Cloud
Mentimeter Word Cloud

About Collaborative Word Cloud

Who invented word cloud? Stanley Milgram
When was word cloud invented?1976
When was the ‘online word cloud idea’ invented?2006, by a photo from Flickr
How do I set up AhaSlides Word Cloud Properly?Check out AhaSlides Live Word Cloud Generator
About Collaborative Word Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between Word Cloud and Collaborative Word Cloud?

Word Cloud is a tool with which the user inputs a group of words, and those words are displayed in a visual ‘cloud’. The more frequent the words are, the larger and more centrally they appear in the cloud. Collaborative Word Cloud has the same function, but a group of people can input words rather than one person, as they all can access the word cloud games on their phones.

What ‘word cloud’ originally means?

The term “cloud” originates in the Old English words cloud or clod, meaning a hill, a mass of stone.

Is Microsoft word a collaboration program?

Yes, Microsoft does, as people can create, co-edit, or view your version history to together work on that together, no matter where you are, with different Saas products like Powerpoint, Word, Excel… However, there are no word cloud tools released yet, as you can use AhaSlides Word Cloud to gain public opinions instead.