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Creating Word Cloud Excel | 2024 Ultimate Guide

Creating Word Cloud Excel | 2024 Ultimate Guide


Astrid Tran 19 Mar 2024 6 min read

What is the best way to create Word Cloud Excel in 2024?

Excel is a super helpful software that can help optimise works related to numbers or require quick calculations, sorting out huge data sources, analyzing survey results, and beyond.

You have used Excel for a long time, but have you ever realized that Excel can generate Word Cloud in Brainstorm and other icebreaker activities with some simple steps? Let’s get ready to learn about Word Cloud Excel to boost your and your team’s performance and productivity.


Is word cloud free?Yes, you can create for free on AhaSlides
Who invented Word cloud?Stanley Milgram
Who invented Excel? Charles Simonyi (Microsoft Employee)
When was word cloud created? 1976
Creating a spreadsheet in word and excel?Yes
Overview of Word Cloud Excel

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Tips for Better Engagement

So how to make a word cloud in Excel? Check out this article below!

Brainstorm Techniques – Check out Guide to Use Word Cloud Better!

What is Word Cloud Excel?

When it comes to Word Cloud, also called Tag Cloud, is a feature for collecting and displaying ideas that are come up with by each participant to answer a specific topic question in a brainstorming session.

More than that, it is a kind of visual representation used to envisage significant keywords and tags used in text data. Tags are usually single words, but sometimes are short phrases, and the significance of each word is displayed with different font colors and sizes.

There are many clever ways of creating Word Cloud and using Excel can be a good option as it is free and doesn’t require sign-up. You can simply understand that Word Cloud Excel is leveraging available functions in Excel to generate keywords in the most visual and appreciable way.

word cloud excel
What is word cloud excel? Learn how to generate word cloud from excel

What are the benefits of using Word Cloud Excel?

By using Word Cloud, you can earn new insight into how your audience, students or employees, really think about and soon recognize good ideas that might lead to breakthroughs and innovation.

  • The participants feel that they are parts of the presentation and feel their value in contributing ideas and solutions
  • Get to know how well your participants feel about and understanda topic or situation
  • Your audience can sum up their opinions of a topic
  • Encourage you to identify what is essential to your audience
  • Brainstorm out of the box concepts or ideas
  • A innovative way to train people’s brain and come up with noble concepts
  • Keep track of keywords within your context
  • Determine audience feedback in their own choice of words
  • Facilitate peer to peer feedback

How to create Word Cloud Excel? 7 simple steps

So what is the easiest way to create Word Cloud Excel? You can follow these steps to customize Word Cloud Excel without using other external software:

  • Step 1: Go to the Excel File, then open a sheet for creating Word Cloud
  • Step 2: Make a keyword list in one column, (for example D column) one word per row without a line border, and you can freely edit the word size, font, and color of each word based on your preference and priorities.

Tips: To delete the gridlines in Excel, go to View, and uncheck the Gridlines box.

Word Cloud Excel
How to create Word Cloud Excel
  • Step 3: Copy the word in the word list and paste it into the next columns (for example F column) following the option: Paste as Linked Picture under Paste Special.
Word Cloud Excel
How to create Word Cloud Excel

Tips: You can drag the word image directly to adjust its size

  • Step 4: In the rest of the excel sheet, find a space to insert a shape. To do this, go to Insert, under Shapes, choose the shape that suitable for your choice.
  • Step 5: After the rounded shape is formed, change the color if you want
  • Step 6: Drag or Copy and past the picture of the word into the created shapes in any kind of alignment such as vertical or horizontal, and more

Tips: You can edit the word in the word list and they will be automatically updated in the word cloud.

Thanks to your patience and effort, it is how the result might look in the below image:

How to generate Word Cloud Excel

Alternative Way to Generate Word Cloud Excel

However, another option exists to customize a Word Cloud Excel by using online Word Cloud software. There are many Word Cloud apps integrated into Excel, like AhaSlides Word Cloud. You can either use add-ins to add Word Cloud or simply paste the picture of a well-designed Word Cloud via an online app into the Excel sheet.

There are some limitations of Word Cloud being created via Excel in comparison with other online Word Cloud apps. Some can be mentioned such as a lack of interactive, real-time updates, attractive, and time-consuming sometimes.

Unlikely normal Word Cloud, AhaSlides Word Cloud is an interactive and collaborative software with which all invited participants can share their ideas in real-time updates. It is also a free Word Cloud that allows you to customize with many handy functions and an easy-to-use interface. There are numerous impressive functions of AhaSlides listed below for your quick glance before deciding to work on it. Here they are:

  • Easy Use – Works on PowerPoint Slides
  • Set a time limit
  • Set limited numbers of participants
  • Hide results
  • Lock submissions
  • Allow participants to submit more than once
  • Profanity filter
  • Change Background
  • Add audio
  • Preview before exporting or publishing
  • Edit and updates after exporting or publishing
AhaSlides Word Cloud – Preview function

You can refer to the following steps to add interactive Word Cloud Excel via AhaSlides in your upcoming activities.

  • Step 1: Look for AhaSlides Word Cloud, you can either use the live Word Cloud on the landing page or with the sign-up account.

The 1st option: If you use the one on the landing page, simply input the keywords and capture the screen, and insert the image into Excel

The 2nd option: If you use the version in the registered account, you can save and update your work at any time.

  • Step 2: In the case of the second option, you can open the Word Cloud template, and edit the questions, background, etc…
  • Step 3: After completing your Word Cloud customization, you can forward the link to your participants so that they can insert their answers and ideas.
  • Step 4: After ending time for collecting the ideas, you can share the result with your audiences and discuss more detail. Go to the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, and under the Insert tab, click on Illustrations >> Pictures > > Picture from file option to insert the Word Cloud image into the Excel sheet.
AhaSlides Word Cloud – Best Word Cloud app – word cloud generator excel

The Bottom Line

To sum up, it is undeniable that Word Cloud Excel is an acceptable tool to convert ideas into the most informative ones for free. However, there are still some limitations that Excel cannot cover when compared to other online presentation software. Depending on your purpose and budget, you can leverage many free Word Clouds to serve you best regarding idea-generating, collaboration, and time-saving.

If you are looking for a new way to generate ideas effectively and inspiringly, you can try AhaSlides Word Cloud. It is a fantastic app you can combine into your activities and meetings in learning and working contexts to engage your participants and enhance productivity. Besides, many quiz and game templates are waiting for you to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Word Cloud Excel?

Word Cloud in Excel refers to a visual representation of text data where words are displayed in different sizes based on their frequency or importance. It is a graphical representation that provides a quick overview of the most commonly used words in a given text or dataset. You can now create word cloud in Excel.

How do students use word cloud?

Students can use word clouds as a creative and interactive tool for various educational purposes. As they can use word cloud for visualizing textual data, vocabulary enhancement, pre-writing or brainstorming, to summarize the concepts, also word cloud is very useful in collaborative projects.